Person:Sarah Wilson (126)

Sarah Wilson
b.Bef. 1723
m. Bef. 1719
  1. Margaret Wilson1719 -
  2. John Wilson, Shoemaker, of Beverley ManorEst 1722-1727 - Bef 1757
  3. Sarah WilsonBef 1723 -
  4. James Wilson, of Beverley Manorbef 1725 - bef 1768
  5. Robert Wilson, Sr., of Beverley Manorest 1725 - Bef 1788
m. Bef. 1740
  1. John Brownlee1740 - bef 1800
  2. Margaret Brownlee1741 - Abt 1800
  3. Alexander Brownlee1743 -
  4. James Brownlee1743/44 - 1826
  5. William Brownlee1746 - 1831
  6. Isabella Brownlee1748 -
  7. Susanna Brownlee1749 - Aft 1834
  8. Rachel Brownleeest 1750-1760 -
Facts and Events
Name Sarah Wilson
Gender Female
Birth? Bef. 1723
Marriage Bef. 1740 Prob. Augusta County, Virginiato John Brownlee, of Beverley Manor, Augusta County, VA

Parentage of Sarah Wilson

Sarah Wilson is identified as the daughter of Rebecca, who was married 1st to a Mr. Wilson, and 2nd to James Moody, in the following Chalkley's reference:

  • Vol. 1 - John Frazier, Ann Frazier vs. Rebecca Ledgerwood, Rebecca Berry and Esther Corruthers, infant.--Spa. Chancery, 16th April, 1787. Oratrix and orator are children of Isabella Frazier. Isabella was sister to Robert Moody, now deceased, who took John Frazier and kept him until Robert's death, when John was forty years old. Robert died December, 1776 (1786?). Robert's nuncupative will 15th December, 1786. James and Robert Moody's father died intestate. Isabella Moody was their mother and administered on their father's estate. The Moodys came from Pennsylvania. John Frazier was brother-in-law of Robert Moody and they came to Virginia shortly afterwards. John Frazier died leaving five small children and a widow. Three of the children took all the land and left nothing for John and Anne, whom Robert Moody took care of. James Moody's wife died and his daughters being all married and he being an old man, he took in his son-in-law, William, and Rebecca Ledgerwood, and shortly afterwards James sold his land to his step son, Robert Willson. Then William and Rebecca took James as long as his money lasted, when they sent him back to Robert naked and destitute. Robert prepared to make a will because he found that his brother James' heirs and the Ledgerwood family in particular would come from Kentucky and take everything he had. James Frazier. 19th July, 1790. Anne Frazier's deposition to same effect, 19th July, 1790. Isabella Frazier's deposition to same effect, 19th July, 1790. Elizabeth Hill's deposition to same effect, 19th July, 1790. Samuel Frazier's deposition to same effect, 19th July, 1790. Rebecca Berry's deposition taken in Fayette County, October, 1789. Zachariah Johnston deposes 5th October, 1790: was born within one mile of Robert Moody's; John Frazier was accidentally killed. Rachel Wilson deposes that her husband bought a plantation from James Moody. Mrs. Mary Wilson went to Kentucky. John Brownlee deposes that he knew old Robert Moody, father of James and Robert Moody and continued intimate with the two sons after their father's death. Sarah Brownlee deposes that when she was a girl James Moody was married to her mother, a widow; James's father died and Robert and his mother kept all the estate and James never received any of the estate. John Frazier died when plaintiffs were very young, intestate, and the oldest son, Samuel, took the land. Rebecca was wife of William Ledgerwood.