Person:Samuel Welles (9)

m. 28 Sep 1615
  1. Mary Wellesest 1618 - 1647
  2. Ann Wellesest 1620 - bef 1680
  3. John Wellesest 1622 - bet 1659
  4. Robert Wellesest 1624 - bef 1635
  5. Assistant Governor Thomas Wellesest 1625 - bef 1668
  6. Captain Samuel Wellesest 1628 - bef 1675
  7. Sarah Welles1631 - 1698
  8. Joseph Wellesaft 1636 - bef 1648
m. bef 1660
  1. Samuel Welles1660 - 1731
  2. Captain Thomas Welles1662 - 1711
  3. Sarah Welles1664 - 1694
  4. Mary Welles1666 - 1714/15
  5. Ann Wellesest 1668 - bet 1738/39
  6. Elizabeth Welles1670 - 1747
  • HCaptain Samuel Wellesest 1628 - bef 1675
  • WHannah Lamberton1633 - aft 1699
m. bef 15 Jul 1675
Facts and Events
Name[1][2] Captain Samuel Welles
Gender Male
Birth[1][2] est 1628 Burmington, Warwickshire, England (possibly)
Military[1][3] 1658 Ensign
Marriage bef 1660 Estimate based on date of birth of eldest known child (Samuel)
to Elizabeth Hollister
Military[1][3] 1665 Lieutenant
Military[1][3] 1670 Captain
Death[1][2] bef 15 Jul 1675 Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut, United StatesDrowned in Connecticut River.
Marriage bef 15 Jul 1675 Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut, United StatesDate and place of marriage are unknown.
She was his widow on 15 July 1675.
to Hannah Lamberton
Estate Inventory[2][4] 15 Jul 1675 Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut, United States£1100-00-00. Taken by Samuel Talcott, John Chester and John Deming.
Probate[2][4] 1 Sep 1676 Administration to widow Hannah
Probate[2][4] 3 Nov 1676 Administration to Mr. John Chester and Mrs. Ann Howkins
Probate[2][4] 4 Mar 1696/97 Court order to prevent claims to the widow's third during her lifetime.


Manwaring provides several entries from the Probate Records from 15 July 1675 (date of Inventory) to 21 July 1697 (lands given to Capt. John Allyn, through Mrs. Allyn's widow's third, being recorded. The record includes and order dated 4 March 1696/7 that the widow's third shall be enjoyed by Mrs. Hannah Allyn (formerly Wells) "without Molestation from any person pretending any right hereto during her life."S3 The necessity for such an order and with proceedings spanning over 20 years, seems to indicate that settling Capt. Samuel Welles' estate was not easy and perhaps contentious.

Siemiatkoski and Mathews point out that because Capt. Welles died intestate, there was no provision, as there would almost certainly have been had he executed a will, limiting the second wife's dower thirds to the period of her widowhood and reverting to the estate if she remarried. She did remarry, and the control of her property inherited from her first husband passed to the second husband and out of the hands of the Welles family. There appears to be no further record indicating what finally happened to that property.

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    Welles, Capt. Samuel, Wethersfield. Invt. £1100-00-00. Taken 15 July, 1675, by Samuel Talcott, John Chester, John Deming. The children : Samuel, age 16 years, Thomas 14, Sarah 12, Mary 10, Ann 7, Elizabeth 5 years (at date 15 July, 1675).

    Court Record, Page 155—7 September, 1676: Adms. to Mrs. Hannah Welles, the widow.

    Page 157—3 November, 1676: Mrs. Welles appeared in Court and relinquished the Adms., not being in a capacity to carry it on. This Court appoint Mr. John Chester and Mrs. Ann Howkins Adms., Mr. Samuel Talcott & John Deming sen., Overseers, desireing Mrs. Howkins to take the family under her care and management. Order for Dist. to the widow 1-3 of the Real Estate according to law, and £50 personal Estate, forever; to Samuel Welles, £380; to Thomas, £230; to Mary, considering her lameness, £140; to Sarah, Ann & Elizabeth, to each £100.

    Page 14—(Vol. IV) 24 April, 1679: Mr. Samuel Talcott is desired to assist Capt. John Chester in the Adms. upon Capt. Samuel Welles his Estate.

    Page 37—10 March, 1680-1: The Governor and Magistrates did desire & appoynt Capt. John Chester, Mr. Samuel Talcott and Mr. John Deming sen. to dist. the Estate of Capt. Samuel Wells unto his Children according & in such proportion as the Court formerly granted to them.

    Page 148—4 March, 1696-7: Whereas is entered 1-3 part of all the Real Estate belonging to Capt. Samuel Wells of Wethersfield, Decd, which Land was set out by the persons above named as the Relict's part of the sd. Estate in the year 1681, The Court order it to be recorded and that the Widow, viz., Mrs. Hannah Allyn (formerly Wells) shall enjoy the sd. 1-3 part of the sd. Estate without Molestation from any person pretending any right hereto during her life.

    Page 159—(Vol. VI)—21 July, 1697: The Lands belonging to the Whorshipfull Capt. John Allyn, Assistant, upon Account of Mrs. Allyn's thirds out of the Lands of Capt. Samuel Welles, deed (as recorded)."