Person:Samuel Wardwell (2)

m. 9 Jan 1672/73
  1. Mercy Wardwell1673 - 1754
  2. Elizabeth Wardwell1675 - 1675
  3. Samuel Wardwell, II1676/77 - 1756
  4. William Wardwell1679 - 1751
  5. Elizabeth WardwellAbt 1680 - Aft 1710/11
  6. Eliakim Wardwell1687 - 1753
  7. Rebecca Wardwell1691 - 1736/37
m. 20 DEC 1716
  1. Samuel Wardwell1717 - BEF 1722
  2. Return Wardwell1718/19 - 1792
  3. Mary Wardwell1720 -
  4. Samuel Wardwell1722/23 - 1762
  5. David Wardwell1723/24 - 1803
  6. Benjamin Wardwell1725/26 -
  7. Abigail Wardwell1727/28 -
  8. Martha Wardwell1727/28 -
  9. Ralph Wardwell1729 - 1763
  10. Ebenezer Wardwell1731 -
Facts and Events
Name Samuel Wardwell, II
Gender Male
Birth[1] 24 Feb 1676/77 Andover, Essex, Massachusetts, United States
Marriage 20 DEC 1716 Beverly, Essex, MAto Return Ellenwood
Death[2] 15 Mar 1756 Somers, Tolland, Connecticut, United States

Samuel, Jr. was the oldest of the boys and was 14 when his father was executed. He was placed with his uncle (by marriage), John Ballard.

"On April 5, 1734, Lieutenant Joseph Parker, yeoman of Andover, purchased from Samuel Wardwell II, for £456 in bills of credit, 2 tracts of land in Andover, the homeplace and barn and orchard on the west side of the Boston Road; also 30 acres at the northwest corner at the highway, bounded on William Wardwell and Abraham Foster; also 7 acres near pine swamp and Andrew Allen's meadow and land of Thomas Johnson.

Late in 1734, Samuel Wardwell, Junior, now 57, with nine children (of whom five were sons needing land of their own) left Andover to settle westward in Hampshire County, Massachusetts Province (now Somers, Windham County, Connecticut)."

-William Wardwell of Andover, Massachusetts with an Informal Collection of His Descendants through the 8th Generation. Marjorie Wardwell Otten

This deed was recorded in Somers: "George Wood to Samuel Wardwell of Andover, both husbandmen. 170 acres in the east being part of the farm laid out to Capt. Samuel Terry. Witnesses James Killam, Edmond Evens and James Wood. 21 March 1734. Recorded 16 May 1738

Somers Church Record: "May 2, 1736 admitted to full communion Saml Wardwell and his wife."

"On the memorial of Samuel Wardwell, David Wardwell, Rafe Wardwell, Return Powers (widow), Ebenezer Rockwell, junr. and Martha his wife, and Zebulon Cross and Mary his wife, and Abigail Wardwell, the only children and heirs of Samuel Wardwell late of the town of Somers in the county of Hartford, deceased, representing that the said Samuel, deceased, just before his death, viz: on the 12th of March 1756 made and executed three certain deeds of gift to his said sons Samuel, David and Rafe, of certain pieces of land in said deeds mentioned and described, for their advancement and by way of settlement of his estate, which deeds were dated the same 12th day of March 1756, and were well executed by said deceased and attested by three witnesses thereunto subscribing, but that it so happened that no opportunity was had to acknowledge said deeds before the death of the said grantor. there being no authority then in said town; praying that said deeds may nevertheless be recorded in the town clerk's office in said Somers, and thereupon be severally deemed and accounted full and compleat evidence of the transfer of title of said lands therein severally granted &c, the same being made bona fide and all parties concern'd agreeing thereunto, as by said memorial on file appears : Resolved by this Assembly, that the said several deeds in said memorial mentioned and referred to shall and may (with a copy of this act) be recorded in the town-clerk's book in said Somers, and that the same, or the exemplification thereof, shall and may severally be deemed and accounted full and compleat evidence of the transfer and conveying the title to said lands therein severally described, granted and conveyed and in the same manner to all intents and purposes as if the same had been dully acknowledged according to law."

-The Public Records of the Colony of Connecticut, from April 1636 to October 1776, Volume 11

"Samuel married at 40 Return Gile, a widow daughter of Ralph Ellinwood of Beverly, whose family history and migrations all range with the Wardwell movements. Samuel is over on Carmel Hill, then Pine Hill, sells the swamp east of John Wight he owned with William, "laid out to the right of our honored father, Samuel, deceased." The long-lived Wardwells sell and swap land together and with the neighbors. They had great discernment in choice of wives, marrying widows, as a rule, with dowry of land, and much in promise, end the quit-claims all over Essex Co. give the migrations, while the deeds recorded years after they are made, seem to be a guide to the final end of buying and selling, for our town records leave the time of departure to the imagination, in many Wardwell families. In 1716, young Susanna Corneille, perhaps a visitor, maybe a helper in the Wardwell spinning and brewing, witnesses as deed with Ben Lovejoy, and the next year they have been published, and to this day, we have never lacked a Corneille to gather apple blossoms on Carmel slopes. Samuel parts with land on the road from Ingalls to Farringtons at Pudden Bridge, to the Fryes on one side of Boston Hill, while William sells to them on the other "the Carlton Path and the way over Boston Hill" well laid out, bringing in their friends Wm. Fiske and Robt. Pevey, whose children are just choosing Andover wives.

In 1723, Wm. deeds to Ben and Sam Abott, the brothers west of the Shawshin, his meadow over there, one bound going down, "the brook belonging to me, William" maybe Barker's or the Red Spring. In some papers, come glimpses of the Boston cousin, William, the coachmaker, and his widowed sisters who are cousins of a generous John Edwards of Ipswich. About this time, 1735, Sam and Return sell the homeplace, and its improvements, to JosephParker, the aged inn-keeper over on the North Parish borders and with their band of eight, follow the Holts and Farnums to Somers, Ct. then Hampshire Co. Joseph Parkers daughter Martha, wife of Joseph Luck or Locke,has a portion containing the buildings conveyed to her heirs forever, and I have often wondered if the Locke estate was not the nearest of the name to the acres that went to the sister Lydia, wife of Thomas Head of Woburn. Quit-claims from Sam down to 1743 and from Return till 1777, concerning Beverly lands indicate the 1ength of life and give Andover Ingalls and other valuable hints about their new home." -Some Wardwell Tax-Payers Charlotte Abbott Andover Townsman 07 May 1897

  1. Births, in Andover, Essex, Massachusetts, United States. Vital Records of Andover, Massachusetts, to the End of the Year 1849. (Topsfield, Massachusetts: Topsfield Historical Society, 1912), p.375.

    WARDWELL, Samuell, s. Samuell and Sarah, [born] Feb. 24, 1676.

  2. Somers Vital Records, in Connecticut, United States. The Barbour Collection of Connecticut Town Vital Records.