Person:Samuel Steele (4)

Lieutenant Samuel Steele
m. 10 Oct 1622
  1. John SteeleEst 1624 - 1653
  2. Lieutenant Samuel SteeleCal 1626 - 1685
  3. Daniel SteeleEst 1628 - Bef 1645
  4. Rachel Steele1632 - Aft 1636/37
  5. Lydia SteeleEst 1635 - 1659
  6. Mary SteeleEst 1637 - 1718
  7. Sarah SteeleCal 1639 - 1695
  8. Hannah SteeleEst 1642 - 1655
  9. Daniel Steele1645 - 1646
  • HLieutenant Samuel SteeleCal 1626 - 1685
  • WMary Boosey1635 - 1703/04
m. Bef 1652
  1. Rachel Steele1654 -
  2. Sarah Steele1656 - 1732/33
  3. Samuel Steele1658 -
  4. John Steele1661 -
  5. Captain James Steele1662 - 1713
  6. Hannah Steele1668 -
  7. Ebenezer Boosey Steele1671 - 1722
Facts and Events
Name[1] Lieutenant Samuel Steele
Gender Male
Birth[1] Cal 1626 Fairstead, Essex, England
Marriage Bef 1652 Farmington, Hartford, Connecticut, United States (probably)Estimate based on date of birth of eldest known child.
to Mary Boosey
Will[2] 10 Jun 1685 Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut, United States£725-07-10. Taken by Samuel Talcott, Robert Welles, John Robbins. Invt. in Farmington, £457-05-00. Taken by John Judd & John Woodruffe. Total, £1182-12-10.
Will[2] 5 Jul 1685 Codicil.
Death[2] Bet 5 Jul 1685 and 14 Aug 1685 Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut, United States (probably)Between date of codicil and date of inventory.
Estate Inventory[2] 14 Aug 1685
Probate[2] 3 Sep 1685 Will proved.
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    "Samuel (Steele), b. about 1626 (deposed 6 June 1685 aged about 59 [Goodwin Anc 253 citing Farmington LR 1:43]); …"

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    sometime of Farmington, now of WethersfieldInvt. £725-07-10. Taken 14 August, 1685, by Samuel Talcott, Robert Welles, John Robbins.
    Invt. In Farmington, £457-05-00. Taken by John Judd & John Woodruffe. Total, £1182-12-10. Will dated 10 June, 1685.
    I Samuel Steele of Wethersfield, being very aged, do make this my last Will & Testament: I give to my wife, if she survive me, £80, to be to her proper Estate, also £12 per annum and her firewood brought home ready cut & fit for use, to be paid her during her natural life. If she should marry again, the œ80 being paid and four of the £12 per annum being paid, the rest of the £12, with firewood, etc., shall cease. I give to my daughter Hannah Steele £40. I give to my two sons James and Ebenezer my Houseing and Lands in Wethersfield and Farmington, to one the whole in Wethersfield, the other the whole in Farmington, James takeing his choice; also to these two my share in the saw Mill, in equal proportion. I give to my four daughters £20 to each. I appoint my wife and two sons James and Ebenezer Executors, and request my Kinsman Mr. John Wadsworth of Farmington & Capt. Samuel Talcott of Wethersfield to be Overseers. Samuel Steele. Witness: John Wadsworth, Samuel Hooker, Sen.
    5 July, 1685: A codicil provides for the building of a new barn at Farmington, at the expense of the two Brothers, before Distribution of the Estate. Samuel Steele. Attested by Mr. John Wadsworth & Mrs. Mary Steele: That Lt. Samuel Steele left it within the discretion of the Overseers to alter the length of the Barn.--8 September, 1685. Witness: Eleazer Kimberly, John Welles. Court Record, Page 83--6 March, 1684: Mary Steele and Sarah Standly, daughters of James Boozey, late of Wethersfield, only and Proper Heirs (to certain Lands) given to them by their Father's will, unlawfully detained by Emanuel Buck, a suit in Court to recover. [See James Boosey, on pages 48 and 98 of this volume.]Court Record, Page 112--3 September, 1685: Will Proven. John Wadsworth & Samuel Talcott appointed to Dist. the Estate, and they decide that The Barn shall be forty-two feet in length and no more.