Person:Samuel Ruffenach (30)

Samuel Ruffenach
d.23 JAN 1738 Dabo, Moselle, France
m. About 1647
  1. Samuel Ruffenach1656 - 1738
  2. Jacobus Ruffenach1677 -
m. About 1683
  1. Anne Christine Ruffenach1686 -
  2. Anne-Marie Ruffenach1688 - 1758
  3. Jean Ruffenach1690 - 1750
  4. Samuel Ruffenach1693 - 1753
  5. Joseph Ruffenach1695 -
  6. Andre Ruffenach1696 -
  7. Antoine Ruffenach1700 - 1760
  8. Christine D Ruffenach1704 - 1778
  9. Cristophe Ruffenach1705 - 1728
m. 18 JAN 1707
  1. Jean-Simon Ruffenach1707 - 1708
  2. Christine Ruffenach1709 - 1769
  3. Elisabeth Ruffenach1710 - 1777
  4. Catherine Ruffenach1710 - 1774
  5. Marie-Anne Ruffenach1713 - 1785
  6. Catherine Ruffenach1717 - 1748
  7. Jacques Ruffenach1719 - 1761
  8. Marie Madeleine Ruffenach1722 -
  9. Jean Pierre Ruffenach1723 -
Facts and Events
Name Samuel Ruffenach
Gender Male
Birth? 19 JUN 1656 Obersteigen, Bas-Rhin, France
Marriage About 1683 Dabo, Moselle, Franceto Anne Marie Dillenschneider
Marriage 18 JAN 1707 Dabo, Moselle, Franceto Anne-Christine Anstett
Death? 23 JAN 1738 Dabo, Moselle, France
Occupation? Bûcheron Charpentier / Lumberjack Carpenter

Samuel Ruffenach has a lot of known descendants and as such he appears in many family trees on a number of genealogy sites, particularly

Most trees have minimal detail, particularly in relation to his parents however there are a few bits of information which should be clarified with source records.

It appears that Samuel was born in Obersteigen, Bas-Rhin, France on the 19th June 1656. It has been noted that the Ruffenach family, originally from the canton of Berne, Switzerland arrived in Dabo, during 1686. This makes sense as apparently both his parents were born in Grosshöchstetten, Bern, Switzerland.

The 1686 arrival year conflicts with the estimated marriage of 1683 with Anne Marie Dillenschneider, however Samuel's birth location of Obersteigen and Dabo are only just over seven kilometres apart, making the 1683 marriage still possible. It has also been recorded that Samuel's father was the village pastor in Allenwiller, also within easy walking distnace of both Dabo and Obersteigen.


  • Years ago I found a reference to Samuel having a brother, whose name was unknown, since then I have found a baptism for Jacobus Ruffenach in 1677, however the location for this baptism is halfway back to Berne from Dabo which raises some questions about whether his parents returned to Switzerland at some point or maybe they just left the area due to military conflicts.
  • Other information which points towards Samuel's potential siblings is that there are a few Ruffenach's from Dabo who have been listed in some family trees as being Samuel's children however they were born significantly prior to Samuel and Anne Marie's marriage. Although not impossible that they are Samuel's children based on their estimated birth years, it could also be that the estimates were arrived at to potentially fit into a likely time period which would make them his children.
  • Remembering that many early records only listed the fathers name, Samuel's father was also named Samuel and he was originally from Berne so it seems likely that the Ruffenach family from Berne who arrived in Dabo after the younger Samuel's marriage to a Dabo local was possibly his parents. Along with this information, the other recorded Ruffenach's in Dabo could easily be his father's children.
  1. Elisabeth Ruffenach who is estimated to have been born in 1675
  1. Simon Ruffenach who has been estimated to be born from the years 1670 - 1680, was also born in Obersteigen
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