Person:Samuel Roe (2)

Samuel Henry Roe
m. 25 Mar 1841
  1. Lottie Roe
  2. Violet Roe
  3. John RoeAbt 1842 - 1881
  4. Sarah Roe1843 - 1907
  5. Martha Ellen Roe1845 - 1925
  6. Rachael Roe1847 -
  7. James Edward Roe1853 - 1950
  8. William Isom Roe1855 - 1909
  9. Samuel Henry Roe1857 - 1939
  10. George Roe1859 -
  11. Charles Wesley Roe1860 - 1903
  12. Robert Jackson Roe1862 - 1950
  13. Thomas Frelding Roe1864 -
  14. Harrison Gilbert Roe1866 -
m. 12 Apr 1902
  1. Elmer Samuel Roe1903 - 1985
  2. Nora Ellen Roe1904 - 1969
  3. Amil Roe1907 - 1995
  • HSamuel Henry Roe1857 - 1939
  • WMay Akers1892 -
m. Est 1924
  1. James Edward Roe1925 - 2001
Facts and Events
Name Samuel Henry Roe
Gender Male
Birth? 11 Apr 1857 Carter County, Kentucky
Marriage 31 Dec 1877 Lewis County, Kentuckyto Rebecca Jane Lewis
Marriage 12 Apr 1902 Lewis County, Kentuckyto Isadora Dement
Marriage Est 1924 to May Akers
Death? 22 Feb 1939 Dupont, Jefferson County, Indiana
Burial? Pond Creek "Mershon/Swords" Cemetery, Union Twp., Scioto County, Ohio
Reference Number? 5382

Subject: BACON/ROE . 12/15/98. Date: Tue, 15 Dec 1998 14:46:22 -0500 From: "grand.roe" <> To:


        Sunday John E. Donohew sent me his new web page address.  I noticed in his listing of Samuel Henry Roe (son of Isom and Ellen Harrison (Gilbert) Roe.) some errors.  I wrote him and asked his source of information and he refered me to your web page.  So I checked your page on Samuel Henry Roe.

My question is what is your source of information on Samuel's second wife Eldora BACON? Eldora is connected to the Bacon family in some way but that was not her maiden name. Actually Samuel Henry Roe had three wives and twenty children.

Eldora and Samuel Roe was my husband's grandparents and I have researched this family for about 25 or 30 years. Eldora's mother died when she (Eldora ) was about five years of age. Another family supposely raised her but I have no idea who that family was. I have heard of the Bacon name before from different sources but can't seem to "pinpoint" the relationship with the Bacon's and any other family member for that time period.

I will be hoping for a reply soon as I am really curious about the Bacon surname.

Best wishes, Carleene Roe

Subject:SAMUEL HENRY ROE. 1/2/98 Date:Sat, 2 Jan 1999 21:05:51 -0500 From: "grand.roe" <> To: "Carolyn Kessler" <>

Samuel Henry Roe; born "Big Sinking" Carter Co., Kentucky, 11, April 1857 the son of Isom Morris and Ellen (Nellie) (Gilbert) Roe died 22, February 1939 Dupont, Jefferson Co., Indiana; buried Pond Creek (Mershon/Swords) Cemetery Union Twp., Scioto Co., Ohio.

Samuel Henry Roe married first, 31, December 1877 Lewis Co., Kentucky to Rebecca Jane Lewis born October 1863; died 1901; buried Stone Family Cemetery Lewis Co., Kentucky; daughter of James and America (Meck) (Blankenship) Lewis.


1. Mary Alice; died young. 2. Hilda Bell; died young. 3. Anna Jane; died young. 4. Nettie Lee; died young. 5. Bertie F.; born 1, February 1887 Kentucky; died 21 September 1976; buried Pond Creek (Mershon/Swords) Cemetery, Union Twp. Scioto Co., Ohio; married August Piatt (1893-1966) 6. Millard H.; born May 1889 Kentucky. 7. Minta Pearl; born August 1892 Lewis Co., Kentucky; died 2, May 1985 at Scioto Memorial Convalescant Center, Portsmouth, Scioto Co., Ohio; buried Pond Creek (Mershon/Swords) Cemetery. Union Twp., Scioto Co., Ohio; husband Ray Andres. 8. Margaret G. born July 1894 Lewis Co., Kentucky; died 1960; buried Pond Creek (Mershon/Swords) Cemetery Scioto Co., Ohio; married Jackson Edward Schultz (1892-1963). 9. .Morris Bruce; born June 1898 Lewis Co., Kentucky; died 12, January 1972 West Portsmouth, Scioto Co., Ohio; buried Pond Creek (Mershon/Swords) Cemetery, Union Twp., Scioto Co., Ohio; married first, Bertie McClothin; married second, Bessie (Willis) Goodman (daughter of Martha Alice (Mitchell) and Elbert Willis; granddaughter of Ellen (Roe) and Alexander Mitchell ) 10. Emery Lester; 11. Chesley Thomas;

Samuel Henry Roe married second 12, April 1902 in Lewis Co., Kentucky to Isadora (she changed the name to Eldora then to Dora) (have found all three names used) Dement (the surname of Bacon/Beacon has appeared but she lived with a Bacon/Beacon family and used that surname on occasion.) Eldora Dement born 2, July 1864 in Scioto Co., Ohio the daughter of William Smith Dement and his wife Malinda (Thornburg) Dement; died 15, January 1939 at Pond Creek, Union Twp., Scioto Co., Ohio; buried Pond Creek (Mershon/Swords) Cemetery, Pond Creek, Union Twp., Scioto Co., Ohio. Eldora had married first 8, February 1880 to John William Swords (her first cousin) and had eight children by that marriage. They were separated/divorced by 1900 Kentucky Census. Eldora married third Leonard Smith in 1927 and fourth Thomas Edgington in 1933.

ISSUE OF SAMUEL HENRY AND ELDORA (DEMENT) ROE; 1. Elmer Samuel; born 18, Feburary 1903 Maysville, Mason Co., Kentucky; died 13, January 1985 Muncie, Delaware Co., Indiana; buried Beechgrove Cemetery, Muncie, Delaware Co., Indiana; married 24, December 1923 Portsmouth, Scioto Co., Ohio Clara Jesse Matthews (1907-1990): daughter of Reuben Thomas and Maude Elizabeth (Bell) Matthews (my husband's parents). 2. Nora Ellen; born 1904 Scioto Co., Ohio; died May 1969; buried Pond Creek (Mershon/Swords) Cemetery , Union Twp., Scioto Co., Ohio; married first 27, January 1920 Thomas Brown; second Ross Halderman. 3. Amil/Emel; born 2, February 1907 Union Twp., Scioto Co., Ohio; died 15, June 1995 Losantville, Randolph Co., Indiana; married 2, July 1926 Portsmouth, Scioto Co., Ohio Rebecca Vance. 4. Walter;

Samuel Henry Roe married third May/Mae Akers; (date of divorce from Eldora or date of marriage to May not known). This couple always lived in Dupont, Jefferson Co., Indiana.

ISSUE OF SAMUEL HENRY AND MAY (AKERS) ROE; 1. Bernard William; born 11, May 1914; died December 1978 Dupont, Jefferson Co., Indiana; married Mary ____? 2. Jessie Willard; born 8, April 1913; died 6, December 1989. 3. Robert Carl; died young. 4. Virgil; died young. 5. James Edward; Living in North Vernon, Indiana 1972; 1976;1985 according to family obits; married Luella _____?

Note; Pond Creek (Mershon/Swords) Cemetery is one rather small cemetery located on Pond Creek in Union Twp., Scioto Co., Ohio. Originally started by the Mershon and Swords families at a early date. Name changed to Pond Creek Cemetery in some records. (active).