Person:Samuel Ramsey (8)

Samuel Ramsey
b.ABT 1750
m. Est 1732-1740
  1. Mary RamseyEst 1741-1765 -
  2. Sarah RamseyEst 1741-1765 -
  3. Elizabeth RamseyEst 1745-1765 -
  4. Frances 'Fanny' RamseyABT 1747 - ABT 1800
  5. Samuel RamseyABT 1750 - 1814
  6. Dr. James Ramsey1753 - 1815
  7. Jane Ramseyest 1754-1764 -
m. BEF 1772
  1. William RamseyABT 1772 - 1843
  2. Jane RamseyABT 1774 - 1848
  3. Nancy Ramsey1775-1798 -
  4. Samuel Ramsey1775-1798 -
  5. Sarah Ramsey1775-1798 -
  6. Mary Ramsey1775-1798 -
  7. Margaret Ramsey1775-1798 -
  8. Asenath Ramsey1775-1798 -
  9. John Ramsey1775-1798 -
  10. Elizabeth Ramsey1775-1795 -
  11. Martha Ramsey1799 - 1876
Facts and Events
Name Samuel Ramsey
Gender Male
Birth? ABT 1750
Marriage BEF 1772 to Elizabeth Lyle
Death? 1814 Rockbridge County, Virginia

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From: "Lee Ramsey" <> Subject: [RAMSEY] Re: Lou Ann's Samuel Ramsey Date: Thu, 4 Mar 2004 16:32:38 -0500 References: <>

Hi Lou Ann,

I have added the following notes for your Ramsey research, which I have taken from an early article in "The New England Historical And Genealogical Register, 1957, Volume CXI." It has been a good while since I have alluded to this article, so there may be others who are not familiar with it. The article was written as researched by Robert H. Montgomery, F.A.S.G. of Cambridge, MA., and is entitled, "Ramsey Families of Augusta And Rockbridge Counties, VA."

Montgomery's research comes from what secondary sources were available at the time, and he deserves much credit for organizing the research and putting these Ramsey families together from the available material.

> My Ramseys. Much of the information on the early Ramseys has been taken from > “The Ancestry and Posterity of the Lyles, Pioneer Settlers in Virginia”.

One of the early sources for your Ramsey/Lyle family is the "Lyle Family" published in New York, 1912, by Oscar K. Lyle. (referenced here as Lyle).

> Samuel Ramsey b ca 1750 (PA or VA?) d 1814 Rockbridge VA m Elizabeth Lyle b ca 1750. death date unknown. Elizabeth and many of her children moved from VA to Highland Co OH after the death of Samuel.

Samuel Ramsey, was a son of William and Jane Ramsey, who are found in the Borden's tract of Augusta (later Rockbridge) Co., VA by 1753. A Mrs. McDanald (Lyle, p. 219) states that Samuel Ramsey lived at Timber Ridge, where he died in 1819, and is buried there; that his wife was Elizabeth Lyle (dau. of John Lyle); and their children were John, William, Samuel, Jane, Sarah, Margaret, Elizabeth and Martha. Lyle, p. 219, adds children: Nancy, Mary and Asenath to this list.

Samuel Ramsey is located in present day Rockbridge County. Morton ("Annals of Bath County", p. 466, Staunton, VA, 1917) stated that in 1800 Samuel Ramsey was opposite the mouth of Whistle Creek, just below Andrew Hall. This is based on the deposition in 1815 (Chalkley II, 202), stating Andrew Hall lived on North River until his death in a large bend of the river opposite the mouth of Whistle Creek.

Montgomery outlines the known children of William and Jane Ramsey of Augusta Co., VA, and provides more research data for them. I can forward this under separate email if you like, but is too much to include here. If my memory serves me, I also have TN research data for the William Ramsey and Lavina Jackson family if you want me to check that. [Note]: I am not related to these Ramsey family, but gather much material while researching my Ramsey's of Augusta (in 1778 Rockingham) Co., VA, Mecklenburg Co., NC and Rutherford Co., TN.

(Ends this response)

Lee Ramsey