Person:Samuel Jackson (46)

Samuel Jackson
b.Aug 1684
m. 1668
  1. Elizabeth JacksonABT 1668 - 1758
  2. James Jacksonabt 1670 - 1735
  3. Col John Jackson, IIabt 1673 - abt 1744
  4. Mary Jackson1678 - bef 1724
  5. Martha JacksonAbt 1678 - 1753
  6. Sarah Jackson1681 - BEF 1763
  7. Samuel Jackson1684 - 1728
  8. Hannah Jackson1685 -
m. bef prob 14 Nov 1722
  1. Thomas Jackson1723 - 1750
  2. Samuel Jacksonest 1725 -
  3. Richard Jacksonest 1727 -
  • HSamuel Jackson1684 - 1728
  • WRuth Smith1689 - bef 1722
  1. Ruth Jackson1709 - aft 1757
  2. Jemima Jacksonest 1712 -
  3. Jerusha Jacksonest 1715 -
  4. Isaac Jacksonest 1718 - 1750
  5. Abigail Jackson1720 - 1780
Facts and Events
Name Samuel Jackson
Gender Male
Birth[1][2][7] Aug 1684
Marriage bef prob 14 Nov 1722 to Abigail Seaman
Death[3][4] 1728 Hempstead, L.I. Queens Co., New York
Residence? Jerusalem (now Wantagh), Queens (now Nassau) Co., New York

Samuel is mentioned in his father's 1724 will.

Oscar B. Robbins' book states that Samuel inherited "the Homestead, which was situated at Jerusalem, in the Town of Hempstead".

Samuel's 1728 Will which mentions his four sons and four daughters and second wife Abigail, but it gives no clue as to which of these children might have been born to his first wife.

Determining which of his children were from Samuel's first wife Ruth and which were from his second wife Abigail has not been easy and may not be correct even now. Finding the birth dates of these children would help determine who was their mother.

Mary Powell Bunker's book "Long Island Genealogies" says that only Samuel and Richard belonged to Abigail (2nd wife) and the rest were Ruth's children. But if Thomas' 1723 birth year is correct, and Abigail's marriage date by 1722 is correct, then Ms. Bunker was in error saying Thomas was Ruth's child.

Seaman records by Mary Thomas Seaman quoted in O. B. Robbins book, pg 9 lists all eight children but does not indicate the children's mother.

Samuel's 1728 Will divides his property among his four sons but also says "To each of my sons WHEN OF AGE, 2 horses, oxen, and cows. It appears Samuel's sons were all minors when they inherited this property. If Thomas' birth date is correct, he was only 5 years old when his father died.

Jim Rubins, Quaker researcher, contacted March 2006, has not determined which children belonged to which mother.

Therefore, which of Samuel's wives were the mother of which of his children is unknown for positive. Some may be from Samuel's first wife, Ruth, and some or all could be from his second wife, Abigail. I note that Samuel's son, Thomas, named even the Batty half-siblings as brothers and/or sisters. So Thomas' will is not helpful in determining the mothers. In the abstract of Isaac's Will, he treats only the Batty children as half-siblings; all of Samuel's children he calls brothers and sisters and Abigail his mother. From The Jones Family of Long Island, pg 357: "Isaac's [Samuel's son] will dated 4 Dec., 1750; prob 24 Dec., 1750; Liber 17, p. 291, N.Y.City, reciting legatees as follows: Wife Mary, dau of Thos. Cornell; sisters, Ruth Smith and Abigail Mott; cousin, Mary Jackson, the daughter of my brother Thomas; mother, Abigail Batty; father-in-law, (? step-father?) David Batty, half-brother, John Batty; half sisters, Elizabeth and Abigail Batty; brothers-in-law, Abel Smith and Jac. Mott. Cousins, Samuel, Morris, Sarah and Jennie Smith, children of my sister, Ruth Smith. Cousins, Joseph, Isaac, Miriam, Ruth and Jerusha Mott, children of my sister, Abigail Mott."

It's possible that Abigail is not Isaac's biological mother but that she raised him and was the only 'mother' he ever knew.

(From Rubins' website: "Other genealogies [William Jackson Record and J. Percy Crayon Record] have the children of Abigail Seaman and Samuel Jackson listed differently than Mary Thomas Seaman's record: Richard, Townsend, Ruth, Thomas, Jamimah m. James Hewlett, Letitia m. Solomon Pool, Mary m. John Pratt, Martha m. Samuel Birdsall."
According to Bunker's record these are children of a different Samuel Jackson and his wife Mary Townsend.)

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