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Samuel 'Sam' Freed, Food Industry Sales Professional
  1. Eddie FreedAbt 1906 - Bef 2014
  2. Samuel 'Sam' Freed, Food Industry Sales Professional1912 - 1990
  • HSamuel 'Sam' Freed, Food Industry Sales Professional1912 - 1990
  • WIda Schlafer1913 - 2007
Facts and Events
Name Samuel 'Sam' Freed, Food Industry Sales Professional
Gender Male
Birth[1] 6 Aug 1912 Youngstown, Mahoning County, Ohio
Marriage to Ida Schlafer
Death[1] 29 Sep 1990 Orange County, California

About Samuel Freed

Samuel "Sam" Freed was born 6 August 1912 in Youngstown, Ohio, son of Henry Freed (b. abt. 1885) and his wife Rose (b. abt. 1881), both immigrants from Czechoslovania [according to 1940 Census Records, but the 1920 & 1930 Census Records state they were from Hungary].

Sam's first experience in the food industry started with his father who was a chef. Sam went to work in the family restaurant business after he graduated from high school, but at an early age he decided that he wanted to be a salesman. He went to Cleveland in 1931 and started out as a surgical supply salesman, then switched jobs, selling shoes at a local May Co. Department Store before returning to the family business in 1933. After an attempt of going into the night club business did not pan out, Sam left Youngstown and decided to start over again in Los Angeles, California.
Sam tried his hand at managing shoe stores for Greater Shoe Co., Reeves Shoes and later Kirby Shoes before entering military service at the beginning of World War II. Sam served with the United States Army in the 35th division artillery in Europe and returned to Los Angeles after the war.
Sam then decided to start his own home delivery meat service called "Butcher Boy" with an improvised refrigerated truck equipped with a six-foot deli case and had grand visions of becoming the "Helms [bakery] of the meat business", but that venture never reached his expectations.
Faced with the reality that he had to survive and make a living, he went to work as a salesman for Grand Taste Packing in 1947. In those years Grand Taste had four driver-salesmen and most of their products were sold in the Riverside-San Bernardino area selling fresh meat and bulk sausages to butcher shops and supermarkets, but later Grand Taste became one of the premier hot dog and lunchmeat suppliers during the 1950's and 1960's. Grand Taste later manufactured the "Ol' Virginia" brand of hot dogs and lunchmeat, then one of the market leaders. Sam was promoted to Sales Manager at Grand Taste the following year in 1948 and with Sam's urging, Grand Taste followed other meat company's leads in the producing pre-packaged products, a trend that continued to grow and develop under his supervision.
Sam provided early leadership with a local trade association, the Southern California Deli Council (now known as the Dairy/Deli/Bakery Council of Southern California (DDBC), was one of the original founding members and served as its third President in 1962, an organization which still exists in 2014.
Sam was present in the early days of the Deli Council when the first meetings were held at Syd Fischer's house until the group was large enough to be held in a small dining room at the Roger Young Auditorium in downtown Los Angeles. Sam was honored by the Deli Council in December 1965 with its "Big Cheese" Award for his service to the Council, while working at Grand Taste Packing. He often won industry golf tournaments and was known as one of the best golfers in the business. He also served the Deli Council as Treasurer, Secretary and was on the original cast of "My Fair Deli" and "Guys and Dolls", variety shows that were put on in the early days of the Council.

Sam was also a member of the Food Industry Sales Manager's club and was a 32-degree Mason.

Sam Freed passed away on 29 September 1990 in Orange County, California. He was survived by his wife Ida [nee Schlafer], who had worked as the Personnel Manager for Boys Markets, and two daughters, Wynn and Janice. His dedication, service and contributions to the food industry will be remembered by his co-workers and friends for many years.

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