Person:Samuel Arrowsmith (1)

Samuel Arrowsmith
d.28 MAR 1826 , Ross, Ohio
Facts and Events
Name Samuel Arrowsmith
Gender Male
Birth? 28 DEC 1742 Baltimore (City), Maryland
Death? 28 MAR 1826 , Ross, Ohio
Other? Notes

!NOTES: In the late 1790's, Samuel Arrowsmith, Johns father-in-law, and Henry Anno moved from Kentucky to Pickaway Plains East of the Scioto River. The Arrowsmith- Kenton Family Record states that Samuel Arrowsmith moved from Mason County to Ohio about 1798, and to Ross County about 1801. The Scioto river was used to move north into Ross County, Ohio from the Ohio river. This was one of the m ain trails north into Ohio. The obituary of Elisabeth (Arrowsmith) Anno wife of Henry Anno was published in the Western Christian Advocate on December 31, 1847. The article states that Elizabeth moved to Kentucky with her parents in 1788, to Ohio with her husband in 1798, and to Illinois in 1835. There is a strong probability that John Anno and family also moved to Ohio in 1798. John Anno of Ross County purchased 85 acres of land in section 27 of Green Townshi p from Samuel Arrowsmith of Champaign County, Ohio on April 11, 1810 for $200. On the same date, Henry Anno purchased 115 acres for $200 from Samuel Arrows mith of Champaign County, Ohio. On August 28, 1834 John Anno of Ross County s old 85 acres to Thomas Anno, Henry Anno's son, for $950. This looks like th e same farm that John purchased 24 years earlier. The History of Ross and High land Counties, Ohio published by the William Brothers in 1880 contain the foll owing excerpts. In the year 1804, Rev. James Quinn, a minister of the Methodi st Episcopal church, was by his own consent, transferred from the Baltimore c onference to the Western conference, and stationed on the Hocking circuit. Gr een Township, Ross County, Ohio was included in this circuit. In that year, h e gathered the people in the southeastern quarters of the township, together w ith others in the townships adjoining on the east and south, and formed the o rganization known as Bethel Methodist Episcopal church. Meetings were held in a log cabin on the Arrowsmith property, section twenty-seven for the first fe w years, than in a schoolhouse, and than a log cabin was built. The log cabin was used until 1827, when it was torn down and a brick building erected in i ts place. Among the early members of the church were the Delays, Crouches, An no's, Arrowsmiths, Ritters, Hugh, Andrew Little, Samuel Little, Timothy Brown, John Beattie, the Bunns, Senffs, and others, who contributed to the formation and perpetuation of the society by their spiritual and temporal influence. In the graveyard adjoining the church repose the ashes of many of the early me mbers. In Ross County, Ohio, section thirty-five was settled by Samuel Little , who came about 1800, the Barnhart family, Thomas Wheeler, and Mr. Pyle, all of whom were early in Ross County. John Anno settled on the southwest corner o f section twenty-seven, about 1810, and improved a lot, which he afterwards s old, and with his family removed north (Wyandot County). Wyandot County is ab out 100 miles north of Ross County. Henry Anno settled next north of John Ann o , where he made a clearing, which he afterwards sold and removed to Illinoi s with his family. Samuel Arrowsmith joined Henry Anno on the east. He remai ned on this property until about 1840, when he sold and went to Illinois. Joh n Ritter came at the same time, and located on the southeast corner of section twenty-seven. He remained on the farm until an old man, and died there. Hi s son Richard bought the land, and also died there. Sarah Anno married Richar d Ritter in Mason County, Kentucky. John and Richard Ritter were probably bro thers. Hannah Anno died June 26, 1832 at 57 years of age, 6 months, 20 days. This puts her birth in January 1775. She is buried in the Bethel Cemetery, R oss County, Ohio. Also, buried in this cemetery is Samuel Arrowsmith 1741-182 6, John Arrowsmith, Sr. 1782-1806, Mary Millard Arrowsmith 1806-1824, daughter of John and Rebecca, Richard Anno 1799-1817 son of Henry and Elizabeth, Nanc y Bunn 1817-1838 daughter of Ezekial and Mary, Ez WILL: (I have a copy of the handwritten will of Samuel Arrowsmith.) Following is an abstract of his will as it was written and recorded in Ross County Court House, Chillicothe, Ohio:No 184 - p 223 "Samuel Arrowsmith of Ross County, Ohio, weak in body my grandson John Arrowsmith, son of John, dec'd. 166½ acres divided by the Marietta Pike, Andrew Jones has leased said land. Sons Samuel and Ezekiel. To Hannah, Ann, Elizabeth, Anna, Mary Beakum, To Katy Harbor, to Ann Harbor my daughters. Exec. Son Samuel Mar 6, 1824. Present Samuel Sage. Richard Ritte and Andrew Irwin. Proved May term 1826." ("The Richard Ritte would have been Richard Ritter.") "You will notice that there was very little punctuation and the spelling was not correct. Samuel, himself, could not write as his name was signed with an X. The deed to the church was also signed in this manner." RESIDENCE: [The following is copied from "The Arrowsmith-Kenton Family Record Book, with data of allied families: Anno, Bayles, Cleland, Clemens, Cone, Darbyshire, Haller, Harbor (Harbour), Jarboe, Patterson (Paterson), Potter, Rose, Stewart, Talbott and Wilson" compiled for Mrs. Corinne S. Cherry, Regent of the Washington Chapter, Washington, Iowa, October 1927] "Samuel Arrowsmith came from England about 1740 prior to that period married Elizabeth Fishpaw near Baltimore, Maryland, died the latter part of the year 1742." "Samuel Arrowsmith, only son of Saml. and Elizth. Arrowsmith, born Dec 28th 1742 near Baltimore Md. Married Mary Millard. He died March 28th 1826 in Ross County, Ohio." "Mary Arrowsmith, wife of Saml. Died October 10, 1794 in Mason County, Ky. He moved from Baltimore to Red Stone (Now Brownsville, Pa.) about 1778, thence to Mason County, Ky 1788; thence to Pickaway Plains, east of the Scioto River about 1801; thence to Ross County six miles east of Chillicothe, Ohio, one or two years later."


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