Person:Salah Barnard (1)

m. 29 Sep 1715
  1. Joseph Barnard1717/18 -
  2. Ebenezer Barnard1719/20 - 1736/37
  3. Samuel Barnard1721 -
  4. Abner Barnard1723/24 - 1797
  5. Major Salah Barnard1725/26 - 1795
  6. Rebecca Barnard1728 -
  7. Elizabeth Barnard1730 -
  8. Anna Foster Barnard1733 - 1744
  9. Dr. Lemuel Barnard1735 - 1817
m. 30 May 1765
  1. Ebenezer Barnard1766 - 1843
  2. Elizabeth Barnard1767 - 1851
  3. Erastus Barnard1769 - 1852
  4. Electa Barnard1769 - 1857
  5. Elihu Barnard1772 - 1775
  6. Eunice Barnard1774 - 1857
  7. Experience Barnard1779 - 1857
  8. Elihu Barnard1781 - 1782
  9. Salah Barnard1783 - 1855
Facts and Events
Name Major Salah Barnard
Gender Male
Birth[1] 27 Jan 1725/26 Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts, United States
Marriage 30 May 1765 to Elizabeth Nims
Death[2] 22 Dec 1795 Deerfield, Franklin, Massachusetts, United States
Burial? Laurel Hill Cemetery, Deerfield, Franklin, Massachusetts, United States

Military Service

From: The New England Historical and Genealogical Register 169 (Spring 2015): 131-39

Salah served in the French and Indian Wars [King George's War, 1744-1748 and the French and Indian War, 1754-1763]. In 1746 he served as a private at Fort Massachusetts [in present-day North Adams, Massachusetts]. In 1748=49, he served at the Fort at Plantation No. 4 [in present-day Charlestown, New Hampshire]. By 1755, now as a lieutenant, he served again at Fort Massachusetts until 1756. By early 1757 he was at Fort William Henry [at present-day Lake George, New York]. Following the fall of the latter fort to the French on August 9 of that year, and under the terms of surrender, Salah, together with about 2300 other soldiers serving under Lieutenant Colonel George Monro, marched under French escort toward Fort Edward [in present-day Fort Edward, New York]. On the march, the soldiers were attacked by French-allied Indians and Salah was captured by two of them. It was reported that Salah managed to escape because he "swung the heads of the Indians together with such force as to stun them both." After escaping he made his way to Fort Edward. On 22 August 1757, Salah, as a lieutenant, was assigned a marching company of fifty men to be employed in the defense of the "Western Frontiers" [New York] under command of Captain John Catlin, and he continued to serve in this region until October of that year. For most of 1758, he served in the Canada expedition, now in the capacity of captain, and during that year served again at the western frontiers. From 1759 to 1761, Salah again served at the "Westward" [New York. An orderly book kept by Salah for the year 1759 documents his orders during the Campaign of 1759 at Ticonderoga and Crown Point [New York], under the command of General Jeffrey Amherst and Brigadier General Timothy Ruggles. Salah participated in one of the last campaigns of the war in 1760 to capture Montreal. In April 1761, Salah, as a major, was assigned a "Regiment of Foot" under Colonel Richard Saltonstall, and he served in this capacity until the end of his service that year.

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    v.1 p.26.

    BERNARD, Salah, s. Ebenezer and Elizabeth, (born) Jan. 27, 1725-6

  2. Baldwin, Thomas W. Vital records of Deerfield, Massachusetts, to the year 1850. (Boston: Wright & Potter, 1920)

    BARNARD, Salah, Maj., [died] Dec. 22, 1795 (a. 70y. G.R.2 = Laurel Hill Cemetery) Head of family.