Person:Rotrude of the Franks (1)

b.0734 Austria
Facts and Events
Name[1] Rotrude
Alt Name Rotrude of Paris
Alt Name Chrotrude
Alt Name Rotrude Franks
Alt Name Rotrud
Alt Name Rotrou of the Franks
Gender Female
Birth? 0734 Austria
Marriage to Gérard Ier de Paris
Death? 0755
  1. Rotrude, in Baldwin, Stewart, and Todd Farmerie. The Henry Project (King Henry II ): Ancestors of King Henry II.

    Baldwin: "Since Charlemagne had two daughters named Rotrude and Rothilde, Depoin suggested that he and Rotrude were related [Depoin (1912), 89]. However, there is no direct evidence regarding the parentage of Rotrude."