Person:Rosy Alexander (1)

Rosy B. Alexander
b.21 Aug 1873
m. 14 Apr 1859
  1. William Alfred Rudicel1860 - 1930
  2. George Caleb Rudicel1862 - 1936
  3. Florence Viola Rudicel1866 - 1960
  4. Winfield Scott Rudicel1867 - 1924
  5. John Winchester Rudicel1871 - 1955
  6. Rosy B. Alexander1873 -
Facts and Events
Name Rosy B. Alexander
Gender Female
Birth? 21 Aug 1873

Shortly after John Milton Rudicel's death he wife Abigail, left with a farm and 5 children of her own, got wind of a baby girl who was being neglected. She took her from her family and raised her as her own. Abigails picture shows a tight-drawn face that never seemed to smile. I suppose it was because of her hard life, but she must have been some tough and yet caring woman to adapt another child with all the problems she had!