Person:Rodney Warner (1)

m. 20 Jun 1906
  1. Rodney Otto Warner1909 - 1990
  2. Glen Rudolph Warner1913 - 2000
m. 21 Mar 1937
Facts and Events
Name[1] Rodney Otto Warner
Gender Male
Birth[1][2] 1 Nov 1909 Larned, Pawnee, Kansas, United States
Marriage 21 Mar 1937 Augusta, Butler, Kansas, United Statesto Agnes Marie Kirpatrick
Death[1][2] 9 Jan 1990 Larned, Pawnee, Kansas, United States
Burial[2] Larned Cemetery, Larned, Pawnee, Kansas, United StatesPlot: SW 822
Reference Number? 5850

Subject: Re: Curiosity Date: Sun, 16 Aug 1998 21:59:54 -0500 From: "WILLIAM WARNER" <> To:"Darrell Warner" <>


          After reviewing your materials, I have the following comments.

New mystery people: Mary Elizabeth Warner (m. Fenton Pieratt), Mary or Ollie Cannon Warner (with other names), John J. and wife Alice (possible son of William,Jonas (2nd wife), or James, and Belle Warner. Do you have a clue?

Did you receive the surface mail tree? If so, these are additions and changes I have made: Page 1 - Elizabeth Coleman (I think - a granddaughter of Zarilda, daughter unknown had teen pregnancy and died, grandmother too ill to care for her, went to great-grandparents), page 2 - add data on Reuban Young and children, added data on Charles William Warner and James R. Warner, page 4 - data on Rosa May Runnells, Critola Colye, and Addie Mae Pieratt, page 5 - add huband of Elizabeth Williamson, page 6 - added data on George Junior Sorrell, Lizzie Warner, page 9 - Pieratt sister married Warner brothers - Jonathan Schultz W., William W. and 3rd sister married Jesse Reynolds (page 4), page 14 - revised names of Montjoy children, added data to Elizabeth H. family, and page 15 - changed Bill to Wiiliam Warner, added wife data, added wife to Steve (plus his data) and added info to Sarah (Sally) . If you have a chance to go through my pages you will find several additions to your most recent E-mail - just hope it all fits.

Also, Charles Odd served in two different units - first and longest was with Company B of Kentucky 10th where he was scout/courier and taught to read by captain, then joined 9th because of resentments in Bath Co.

Let me know if we agree (I hope!). Bill

From: Darrell Warner <> To: Subject: Re: Curiosity Date: Sunday, August 16, 1998 3:20 PM

Hi Bill,

         All those names in the list are descendants of Jacob in one way or another.  I am going to send you the most current generation report I have  attached to this.

Thanks, Darrell



          One more note (for today!?).  I notice you have quite a list on your mailings.  Do these all connect  to your charts?  I know the Stancliff line, but have somehow missed the others.  Would it be possible to know these connections.

The cemetery I visited this summer in Sparta, Illinois had been refurbished. They had taken all broken stones, laid them flat with cement bed (slightly elevated and at an angle. If you succeed in the cemetery project, I would assist in placing ads in Bath County newspapers for locals (related) to join in. Perhaps Mt. Sterling (pop. 5000+) or Owingsville would have a motel or community building reservable for information exchange gathering. I will try to check some sources (a former student of mine works for Univ. of Kentucky in agriculture and is very familiar with Bath County). However, my time may be limited since a relative of my wife wants to organize a reunions (long distance from east coast) in Kansas for her family. I agreed to help (dumb? - this family has 2000+ known living descendants in Kansas). Will try to track some info within next two weeks.


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    Husband of Agnes Kirkpatrick. Son of Kern Warner and Meda Huling.