Person:Meda Huling (1)

Meda Mazoe Huling
  1. Alma Huling
  2. Meda Mazoe Huling1882 - 1931
m. 20 Jun 1906
  1. Rodney Otto Warner1909 - 1990
  2. Glen Rudolph Warner1913 - 2000
Facts and Events
Name[1] Meda Mazoe Huling
Gender Female
Birth[2] 5 Nov 1882 Locust Hill, Missouri
Marriage 20 Jun 1906 Vernon, Texasto Kerran Maxey Warner
Death[3] 3 Apr 1931 Manhattan, Riley County, Kansas
Reference Number? 5954

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From: To: Cc: Sent: Thursday, July 25, 2002 12:56 AM Subject: HULING Connection

My name is Jeanne Elaine See Dixon, daughter of Earl Huling See. (email:

I have been studying some old Huling family letters today, and in searching for the Huling surname online, I came across your site. I found some names in your site in a letter written by Alma Huling, daughter of Lewis Johnson Huling, to my grandmother, Mary Christena Huling See Hart, daughter of Walter Edward Huling (their fathers were brothers), on 1/4/32 regarding the death of Alma's sister, Meda Huling Warner. I had never heard of Kern, Rodney or Glen, but after finding your site, I now know who they are! I thought you might enjoy reading the letter:

From: Alma Huling To: Mrs. Howard Hart 823 Santa Fe St [Mary C. Huling See Hart] Larned, Kansas 2429 Scott Avenue

                                                                                        Independence, Missouri

Dated: January 4, 1932

Dear Mary:

        Was surprised to hear from you.  Yes we had a very nice christmas as good as could be expected I guess, KERN and boys were with us we were so glad to have them, I received several nice gifts.
        RODNEY stayed for longer visit KERN and GLEN went home Saturday had a fine day to go, but it is snowing today ground covered hope it wont get very bad.
        Suppose you had a Happy Christmas always is Happy where there is children they are always so happy at that time of year.
        Just hope you are all getting along fine and enjoying best of health and best there is in life. 
        Well MAMA is about as usual looks rather thin only weighs 125 lb, and think DAD looks little thin they dont look like they used to MEDA's death was such a shock to them, but I hope they will keep well for many years yet, we are a small family as it is just 6 of us.
        Well MARY it is qute a little ways to your place for a week end of course might stop sometime but dont go quite as much as we did, so awful many accidents rather dread to be on road.
        I think of you often any way.
        Was sorry to hear about EDITH's girl [Edith Huling Force is Mary's sister in Utah] I had not heard   that is very dangerous, I hope they have been able to help her and she will continue to improve.  is she the only girl, I forget when dont hear much about them.  I know EDITH has a baby boy, also HOWARD has girl
        Sorry their trouble came at Xmas  sickness is never pleasant  everyone should try to take best of care of health.
        Well if everyone has plenty to eat and keep warm are doing well this winter, sure hard on everyone.
        If your husband has steady work that is fine  more than a lot have.   [Howard Hart worked for the Kansas City Star.]
        RODNEY has been wanting work like many others but dont seem to be any prospect, so many cities are careing for the poor families have 200 families they are paying $6 to $8 a week for the work they give them to do, I hope times will soon be better, but dont look like they would.
        I would sure like to see your two babies [Jacqualyn & Jerome Hart]  I hear they are sure sweet, hope you and hubby enjoy them a lot.  My friend LAURA has a sweet baby girl year old in Oct.  a smart little thing not very large, I have lot of pleasure with her, they went to Ohio for Xmas.  Just hope you will have a Happy and prosperous New Year.  Thanks for your Xmas Greetings and letter.
                                                                                                ALMA H.

My sister, Linda Joanne See Wetherill (, in San Diego spent the better part of 1990 & 1991 transcribing by computer all letters written to Grandma Hart (she saved every one!) during our father's life, from 1928 (when he was 9) to 1954 (he died 10/8/54 here in Honolulu). Would love to hear from you, if you have any other family information that might be of interest to us!


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