Person:Robert Worthington (8)

  1. Samuel WorthingtonBet 1714 & 1722 -
  2. Else WorthingtonBet 1714 & 1722 -
  3. Martha WorthingtonBet 1714 & 1722 -
  4. Robert Worthington1717 - 1788
  5. Sarah Worthington, "Quaker"1719 - Bef 1747
  1. William Worthington1761 - 1848
Facts and Events
Name Robert Worthington
Gender Male
Birth[1] 1717 Chester County, Pennsylvania
Death[1] Apr 1788 Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania

Records in Virginia

Frederick Co, VA Deed Books 1743-1758 FHL book 6 Jun 1745 William MITCHELL vs John RUSSELL & Robert WORTHINGTON, debt Security: Samuel WALKER.
Frederick Co, VA Deed Books 1743-1758 FHL book 3 Nov1746 Robert WORTHINGTON of Frederick Co to William McKAY of same. £75 for 435 acres being on a branch of Shenandoah River called Bullskin Run on the head of the north fork of same, and being part of a tract of 3,000 acres Granted by Patent to Robert WORTHINGTON now dec'd on 3 Oct 1734 and being part of 600 acres allotted for the said Robert WORTHINGTON out of the aforesaid 3,000 acres by an Order & Decree in Orange County Court. Witnesses: Samuel WALKER, William MITCHELL & John McCORMICK (land now in Clarke Co, VA)
Abstracts of Wills, Inventories and Administration Accounts Frederick Co, VA 1743-1800 FHL book Sarah HAYS Will written 4 Feb 1747 and probated 2 Mar 1747; Legattees: son Joseph HAYS, my mother and two sisters. son: Joseph HAYS (to receive all of the estate) Clothes to be divided between my mother and two sisters: Elsie BODINGHAM & Martha SWEAM A piece of cloth to brother Samuel WORTHINGTON. Executors: brothers Samuel WORTHINGTON & Robert WORTHINGTON; Witnesses: Samuel WALKER, John RUMSEY, Enoch PEARSON, John RUSSELL & John CONWELL
Frederick Co, VA Deed Books 1743-1758 FHL book 19 Sep 1747 Samuel WALKER of County of Frederick to Lawrence WASHINGTON of Turo Parish and County of Fairfax. £95 for 100 acres lying on west side of Shenandoah River being part of a tract of 668 formerly laid out and taken up by Jost HITE by Patent. Witnesses: John CARLYLE, Daniel HART, Gersham KEYS & Robert WORTHINGTON.
Frederick Co, VA Deed Books 1743-1758 FHL book 16 Mar 1754 Know all men by these presents that I, Hugh WALKER of Cecil County in Maryland. . . for sundry good cause and considerations, nominated, constituted and appointed in my place and stead my trusty and well beloved friend John HARDIN of Frederick County in Virginia, my true and lawfull attorney, to ask, demand, recover and receive for me in my name. . . And to my use. . . of William DAVIS & Samuel WALKER of County of Frederick the sum of £60 of good and lawfull money of Virginia oweth to me. Witnesses: Robert WORTHNGTON, George LYNCH, Richard MOUNTS, John HARDIN jr & Simon RICE
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