Person:Robert Wormeley Carter (1)

Robert Wormeley Carter
m. 1732
  1. Robert Wormeley Carter1734 - Bef 1797
m. abt. 1753
  1. George Carter1756 - 1802
Facts and Events
Name Robert Wormeley Carter
Gender Male
Birth[1][2] 7 June 1734 Richmond County, Virginia
Marriage abt. 1753 Virginiato Winifred Travers Beale
Death[2] bef. 5 June 1797 Warsaw, Richmond County, Virginia
  1. Carter, Robert Wormeley; Paul P Hoffman; and Landon Carter. Carter family papers, 1659-1797. (Charlottesville, Virginia: University of Virginia Library Microfilm Publications, 1967).
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    !Robert Wormeley Carter, son of Colonel Landon Carter, of "Sabine Hall," was burgess for Richmond county in the last assembly, 1775-1776, and member of the conventions of 1774 and 1775. He married Winifred Travers Beale, daughter of Captain William Beale, of Richmond County. Virginia Biography, pg 205.

    !13 Nov 1762: Received 13 slaves as gift from father.

    !9 Mar 1776: Mentioned in the will of this father-in-law, William Beale.

    !1778: Mentioned in father's will: Item 11th. Reflecting with a grateful as well as Brotherly concern that the name of George would be lost in my Family from whom I had received a very comfortable part of my Estate And being persuaded that through my means my Son Robert had a Child & heir baptized by the name of George, Now, to continue such an affectionate will and grateful Benefaction to some degree and permanency There by order and direct that my tract of land adjacent and Continuous to the Town of Leesborough in the County of Loudoun shall be called and go by the name of Georgia. And if it should not be done before my death to be immediately seated with Twelve young working Slaves one half of these females to be chosen by my Trustees out of the young Slaves that I leave behind me before any division shall be made of my Slaves among my Sons as is before directed which Lands and Slaves together with their increase I hereby give unto my Grandson George Carter the Son of Robert Wormley Carter and to his heirs forever to be immediately invested in his father Robert Wormeley Carter to and for the use of the said George in the manner following (to wit) That two thirds of the profits arising annually out of the land so seated with Slaves shall be constantly accounted for by my Son Robert in the County Court of Richmond during the minority of the said George, which two thirds shall from time to time be applied according back value towards purchasing other Slaves for the said George Carter property and are to be seated on the said land. The other third part of the profits of the said land and Slaves during such his Son George's minority I hereby give to my Son Robert as an increment to his particular case in the Improving of this land and Slaves settled as before. And also to [illegible] his natural affection unto every possible endeavor for the Educating of his said Child who he has said by my leisure tho constant application as Capable of a very good Instruction and notwithstanding until lately the door of his knowledge has not been attempted to be opened back by the common faced modes of Instruction not justifiable to all my youthful {grammar?]. However this Devise to be subject to the contingency following (That is) Provided that my Grandson George shall live to the age of Twenty one years or be married by the Consent of his father. In such such case only the Division of land and slaves as willed to him[fold - half illegible] out of the profits to be made of the said Estate to him and his heirs forever. but if my Grandson George does not live to the age of twenty one years or marry as aforesaid then I give the said land and Slaves together with their Increase and addition to be made to the Estate by the profits ordered to be laid out as before to the next younger Son to George Carter that may be born to my son Robert who shall be alive at such time of the said George's death before he comes to age or marries as aforesaid, and to the heirs forever of such Child. And in case one such Child shall be born alive to take this Estate according to the articles intended them then the land so settled with Slaves and their increase together with whatever part of their profit, which shall or shall not be applied as before directed I give to be divided between the two second Sons that may be alive at that time of my Sons Landon [page 7] and John Carter and their heirs forever And in Case no such second Sons shall be alive at the intended time of their Limitation the said Land to descend one half of it to my son Robert and his heirs forever the other half to my sons Landon and John and their heirs forever & The whole Slaves as before to be divided as I have before directed Robert to have one half and Landon and John the other half.

    !1794/1797: Will Robert Wormeley Carter - Richmond Co. - 1794 / 1797. Record title Cutting & ux vs Carters Year recorded 1820? Collection CR-SC-H Record ID 52-3.

    !5 Jun 1797: Robert Wormeley Carter of Savine Hall, will; 16 Dec 1794, 5 Jun 1797. Wife Winifred Travers lands and plantations whereon I now live consisting of several tracts, also land known as the Fork Plant. in Rich. Co., together with 30 working slaves (half male and half female), after her death to go to son Landon; son George to have all lands in York and James City counties commonly known by the names of Rippon Hall and my lots in Williamsburg, tract of land in Stafford Co., known as the Park of Acquia supposed to contiain 3000 ac. more or less; waiting man Simon and his wife Polly nd their chil., except Caty (dau. of sd. Polly by a former husband); daus. Anne Beale Carter and Elizaeth Carter; and, whereas I hae heretofore given to my dau. Elizabeth during her first mrriage 1000 pounds which, although ti was nearly of eq. value to her husband with specie and was applied by him to the discharge of his specie debts, yet at is was paid in paper money when it was in a depreciated state, I do now, inorder to make up the depreciation, give to her the further sum of 500 pounds specie; dau. Fanny Lee; godson Robert Hamilton (son of Mr. Gilbert Hamilton late of Rich. Co.) lof #45 of land occupied by Benjamin Rugherford part of lands on Apeceon supposed to be in Frederick Co; fr. Richard Parker and his wife Elizabeth; ex; sons-in-law Landon Carter of Cleve, Thomas L. Lee of Loudon, and sons Landon and George; wits: William Harford, He. Harford, Solomon Abraham. Robert Kirk Headley, Wills of Richmond County, Virginia, 1699-1800, p. 184. Google Gooks.