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Robert Wilson
m. 28 Oct 1778
  1. Robert Wilson1779 - 1851
  2. Elizabeth Wilson1780 -
  3. Pvt. John M. Wilson1782 - 1851
  4. Mary 'Polly' Wilson1786 - 1844
  5. Thomas Wilson1788 -
  6. William Wilson1792 - 1814
  7. Sarah Wilson1795 - 1876
  8. Jane Wilson1799 -
  9. Samuel M. Wilson, III1803 - Aft 1860
  10. James Wilson1807 - 1807
m. 10 Jan 1801
  1. Dr. Hugh Wilson1801 - 1857
  2. Mary L. 'Polly' WilsonAbt 1803 -
  3. Sarah 'Sally' Wilson1808 - 1850
  4. John WilsonAbt 1815 - 1853
  5. Elizabeth L. Wilson1817 - 1875
Facts and Events
Name Robert Wilson
Alt Name Robert Willson
Gender Male
Birth? 10 Mar 1779 Rockbridge County, Virginia
Marriage 10 Jan 1801 Rockbridge County, Virginiato Elizabeth Wilson
Death? 6 Aug 1851 Rockbridge County, Virginia

Will Abstract

Will of Robert Willson:
Robert Willson of Rockbridge County and State of Virginia made his last will and testament.
First: I direct that all my just debts and funeral expenses be paid.
Next, the plantation lying next to the house mountain where Dennis Conner now resides, also the tract purchased of Sly John Agner, and "my undivided interest in the Ruley place" to be sold with such other property both real and personal as not devised in this document.
To "my grandchildren, the children of my son Doctor Hugh Willson of Texas, to wit: Robert the sum of two hundred dollars, and to Augustus, Virginia, Norvell, and Sarah Rebecca each one hundred dollars."
To "my grandchildren, the children of my daughter Polly Moore, wife of Samuel R. Moore, to wit: Virginia Willson, Mary Ruff, Sarah Jane Barton, John Moore, and Hannah Moore each one hundred dollars, and the said John I also give my stock in the Lexington and Covington Turnpike road and Valley Plank road."
To "my grandchildren, the children of my deceased daughter Sally Hamilton, wife of Samuel Hamilton of Monroe County, to wit: Robert the sum of four hundred dollars, and to Hannah Porter, William, and Houston, each the sum of three hundred dollars."
To "my grandchildren, the children of Elizabeth L. Moore, wife of Thomas S. Moore, to wit: to Robert Willson, the sum of two hundred dollars, also my stock in the James River improvement and to Sarah Elizabeth, Samuel, and Henry Estill each the sum of one hundred dollars."
To "my great grandson Samuel Wilson, son of Virginia Willson the sum of fifty dollars."
To "my neice Peggy Johnston" $300.00, a horse, saddle, and bridle, a bed and one mahogany bureau.
"My son John Willson" is to receive the plantation "on which I live." This included the whole back meadow, the line between the place on which Conner now resides and which has been directed to be sold, and "my homeplace/ which I give as aforesaid to my son John." The line was to run along the fence on the far side of the back meadow from "my house". If John Willson were to die without "lawful heirs" the entire land mentioned in the will was to be equally divided between "my son Doct. Hugh Willson, my daughter Polly Moore, wife of Samuel R. Moore, and my daughter Elizabeth L. Moore, wife of Thomas S. Moore."
"My son John" to have the negro boy named Isaac, and the negro boy named George as well as two beds and their furniture, "my clock, my sideboard and secretary, my two waggons (sic), blacksmiths tools, farming utensils, and kitchen furniture."
To "my daughter Polly Moore" one set of "cain bottom chairs," and "my daughter Elizabeth L. Moore" the next best "sett" of chairs.
Daughters Polly Moore, Elizabeth L. Moore, and son John Willson were to equally divide "my books" and the rest of the furniture.
He directed the rest of his slaves be sold by his executors.
The money from the sale was to be divided equally to "my daughter Polly Moore, wife of Samuel R. Moore, and my daughter Elizabeth L. Moore, wife of Thomas S. Moore."
All the residue of the estate both real and personal including bonds and accounts, and all money which was due him was to be sold. Bonds and accounts were to be collected. This was then to be divided equally among "Doct. Hugh Willson of Texas, my daughter Polly Moore, wife of Samuel R. Moore, and my daughter Elizabeth L. Moore, wife of Thomas S. Moore."
The legacies left to "my grandchildren" were to be paid when they came of age, and to the guardian or proper representative by his executors.
"I hereby appoint my sons-in-law Samuel R. Moore, Thomas S. Moore, and my son John Willson Executors of this my last will and testament, as witness my hand and seal this 3rd day of June 1850."
(Signed) Robert Wilson (seal).
John Letcher and Wm. C. Lewis were witnesses to this document.
At Rockbridge County Court 6 Oct 1851, the last Will and Testament of Robert Willson deceased was produced in Court, proved by the oath of William C. Lewis.
On the 3 Nov 1851, it was proven by the oath of John Letcher. On the motion of Samuel R. Moore and Thomas S. Moore, two of the executors named in the will, with John Ruff, Madison Dunlap, Hugh W. Mackey, William J. Tardy, and Alexander Tardy, their securities entered into and acknowledged a bond of $40,000.00.
Certificate was granted to them to obtain probate.
[Source: Rockbridge County, Virginia Will Book 12, pp. 68-70]
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    Family Data Collection - Individual Records
    Name: Robert Willson
    Spouse: Elizabeth Wilson
    Parents: Samuel Willson, Mary Mackey
    Birth Place: Rockbridge Co, VA
    Birth Date: 10 Mar 1779
    Marriage Place: Rockbridge Co, VA
    Marriage Date: 15 Jan 1801
    Death Place: Rockbridge Co, VA
    Death Date: 6 Sep 1851