Person:Robert Semple (44)

Capt. Robert Semple
m. 27 Mar 1736
  1. Capt. Robert SempleAbt 1747 - 1823
  2. John Semple
  3. Mary Semple
  • HCapt. Robert SempleAbt 1747 - 1823
m. Bef 1758
  1. Ann Sample1758 - 1830
  • HCapt. Robert SempleAbt 1747 - 1823
  • WAnn Betts1749 -
m. 1 Feb 1775
  1. James Sample1775 - 1816
  2. Sarah SampleAbt 1782 - 1850
  3. Margaret Sample1783 - 1860
  4. Mary Sample1784 - 1847
  5. William Sample1786 - 1816
  6. Eliza Sample1791 - 1827
  7. Thomas Betts Sample1793 - 1868
Facts and Events
Name Capt. Robert Semple
Gender Male
Birth? Abt 1747 Bucks, Pennsylvania, United StatesBuchingham Township
Marriage Bef 1758 to Unknown
Marriage 1 Feb 1775 Newtown, Bucks, Pennsylvania, United Statesto Ann Betts
Death? 30 Jun 1823 Davidson, Tennessee, United States
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    XLVIII. ELIZA HAMMOND, (MARY, MATTHEW, JOHN, JOHN), the youngest daughter of James and Mary Brown Hammond was born in White Deer Valley, Lycoming county, Pa., June 24, 1804, and died October 5, 1850. Being her youngest child, and but two years of age at the time her death occurred, the compiler has no recollection of her, but as a fitting tribute, a sentence, embodied in five words, which has been repeated by her pastor and by many of her acquaintances in the hearing of the writer, and which is expressive of every virtue, is here repeated: “She was a good woman.” She married, in 1832, SAMUEL SHANNON*, son of David and Ann Sample Shannon, born at the Stone Tavern, Northumberland county, Pa., August 9, 1798, and died May 2, 1880; his remains, together with those of his wife, are buried in the graveyard at the Warrior Run Church.

    *Samuel Shannon born in 1718, emigrated from the Province of Ulster, Ireland, in 1749, and settled in Bucks county, Pa. He was the father of eight children, viz.:
    1. Margaret Shannon, born April 19, 1743;
    2. Jean Shannon, born May 21, 1745;
    3. Mary Shannon, born October 25, 1747;
    4. John Shannon, born June 30, 1751;
    5. Samuel Shannon, born November 4, 1754;
    6. David Shannon, his third son, married Ann Sample, daughter of Captain Robert Sample who served in the Tenth Regiment Pennsylvania Continental Line, and who was one of the original subscribers of the Society of the Cincinnati. They had nine children, as follows:
    a. Ann Shannon, born August 1, 1780, married William Wilson;
    b. Jean Shannon, born June 30, 1783, died young;
    c. Margaret Shannon, born September 8, 1785, married Joseph McGuire;
    d. Mary Shannon, born October 27, 1787, married ____, Belles;
    e. John Shannon, born April 8, 1789, married and removed to Iowa;
    f. Elizabeth Shannon, born July 8, 1796, married ____, Scott;
    g. Samuel Shannon, born August 9, 1798, married Eliza Hammond;
    h. James Shannon, born November 2, 1800, never married;
    i. Robert Shannon, born April 18, 1802, married Maria DeFrees.

    About the year 1790, David Shannon removed to Northumberland county, locating about two miles north of Fort Freeland, where he eventually erected the Stone Tavern, which to the present time stands, a substantial and well known landmark, on the highway between Milton and Williamsport.

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    Of the 10th Regiment of Pennsylvania was captured March 7, 1778. He received his supplies from Thomas Franklin at Philadelphia, and Lewis Pintard and John Adams of New York. He was exchanged November 4, 1780, at Elizabethtown, N. J., and returned to his home, 170 miles, to Bucks county, Pa., but returned to the army, and served to the end of the war. Captain Sample was a fine scholar and meritorious officer.

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  5.   RootsWeb
    Capt. Robert Sample, 2 Dec 1998.

    Captain Robert Sample born 1747 in Bucks County, Pa Buchingham Township. He died June 30, 1823 in Davidson County Tenn. He was a Captain in the 10th Pennsylvania Regiment in the service of the US, commanded by Col Richard Humpton in the Revolutionary war. He married Ann Betts Feb ruary 1, 1775 in Newtown, Presbreyterian Church, Newton PA, Bucks county. He owned land in the Township of Buckinghan in the County of Bucks in PA and in Wrightstown. Ann Betts parents were Thomas and Sarah Smith Betts...

    Robert and Ann's children are as follows:

    1) James Sample Born February 27, 1775 in Newtown, Bucks County PA. and
    died April 2, 1816 inWilliamson county Tenn. He married Mary Bonner in 1793
    in Bucks County PA.They had 3 children. James married the second time to
    Margaret Dickey.

    2)Sarah Sample Born 1782 in Bucks County Pa and died September 24, 1850 in
    Davidson county Tenn. She married Hugh Bell April 14, 1825 in Davidson
    County Tn. They had no children. Hugh died first and Sarah left her money
    to her sister's children( Margaret Buchanan)

    3)Margaret (Peggy) Sample, born January 9,1783 Bucks County PA and died
    1860 in Nashville Tenn. She married John Buchanan II on September 9, 1805.
    His parents were Major John Buchanan and Margaret Kennedy. They had 9

    4) Mary Sample Born August 25, 1784 in Bucks County PA and died May 22,
    1847 in Huntsville , AL She married William Brandon March 4, 1812 in
    Nashville Tenn.They had six children.

    5)William Sample born October 13, 1786 in Bucks County PA and died February
    1, 1816 in williams County, TN He married Margaret Bell december 12, 1812
    in Davidson County, TN. She was a dughter of Hugh Bell. William died and
    left two children under age and Hugh Bell and John Buchanan was appointed

    6)Eliza Sample born 1791 in Bucks County PA, and died October 10, 1827 in
    Huntsville AL. She married Thomas Brandon march 9, 1811 in Nashville TN.
    they had six children.

    7)Thomas Betts Sample (my great great grandfather) born May 12, 1793 in
    Buck County PA and died March 24, 1868 in LaGrange Texas. He married Lucy
    Thornton Dodson april 27, 1825 in Nashville Tenn. they had 9 children. * of
    the children moved to Texas with the parents and only Timothy Dodson Sample
    (my great grandfather) remained in Tenn.

    The father of Captain Robert was James and Margaret McKeilan Sample They
    were married March 27, 1736 in Philadelphia PA. James and Margaret had 3
    children. Robert, John who married Agnes and died 1778 leaving 7 children;
    Mary who married John Johnson. I am searching for the parents of James
    Sample and Margaret McKeilan.

    I have verfied every generation with wills, census, birth records and ect.
    There are other sample families in Pa but I have not been able to put them
    together with mine. The key might be with James' parents. I know James had
    a brother John and I have all of his children. There was a William that
    owned a store in Philiadelphia and where he was a brother to John and James
    I don't know. I would appreciate any information of James...

    Peggy Sample Reen