Person:Robert Peck (1)

Robert Peck
b.Est 1544
d.Bef 10 Nov 1598
m. Est 1540
  1. John PeckEst 1542 - Bef 1573/74
  2. Robert PeckEst 1544 - Bef 1598
  3. Margaret PeckEst 1546 - Bef 1573/74
  4. Olive PeckEst 1548 -
  5. Anne PeckEst 1550 -
  6. Thomas PeckEst 1552 - Aft 1573/74
  • HRobert PeckEst 1544 - Bef 1598
  • WHelen Babbs1546 - 1614
m. Est 1572
  1. Richard PeckCal 1574 - 1615
  2. Nicholas PeckCal 1576 - 1648
  3. Rev. Robert PeckEst 1580 - 1656
  4. Margaret PeckEst 1582 -
  5. Martha PeckEst 1584 -
  6. Joseph Peck1587 - 1663
  7. Samuel PeckEst 1589 - Est 1619
Facts and Events
Name[1] Robert Peck
Gender Male
Birth[1] Est 1544
Marriage Est 1572 to Helen Babbs
Will[1] 22 Mar 1592/93
Death[1] Bef 10 Nov 1598
Probate[1] 10 Nov 1598 Beccles, Suffolk, England


Class of society known as “gentry”, prior to establishment of title of “Baronet.” Or 1546 ?

From: A Genealogical History of the Decendents of Joseph Peck, who emigrated with his family to this country in 1638; and records of his father's and grandfather's families in England; with the pedigree extending back from son to father for twenty generations; with their coat of arms and copies of wills, By Ira B. Peck, Printed by ALfred Mudge & sons, Boston, 1868

Robert Peck, the father of Joseph the ancestor, was also the son of Robert as wil lbe seen by the chart. He was of Beccles, Suffolk County; born in 1546 and died in 1593, aged forty seven. The position which he occupied in society was that known in England as gentleman or gentry entitled to coat-armor, etc. and at that time, before the title of Baronet* was given, next to the nobility, or the title honored.

Last Will & Testament

He was a man of wealth, consisting of lands, houses, etc. His will was found at Ipswich after a tedious search. It was written with his own hand. The following is a copy :

In the name of God Amen The xxu day of March in the year of or Lord God according to the computation of the church of England 1592 and in the XXXVth yere of the Reigne of o* moste gratious sover-aigne Lady Elizabeth by the grace of god of England ffrance and Irelande Quene Defend o* of the faith etc.
I Robert Feck of Beccles in the countye of Suff hole of mynd and perfect of Remembrance thanks be to the maiestye of god therefore Although sick and weake of body at chemisfforde in the cowntye of Essex at this pr sente of a pluresye not knowinge whither it will please god to take me awaye here or not, do for the better orderinge and dispocision of such goods cattels chattells plate lands tenements and other heriditaments wia the appertences do make and dispose them as followeth
ffirst I bequeath my sowle to the Infinite mercye of Almightye Gode trustinge assorealye to be saved by the meritts death and passion of Jesus Christ his dere sonne, and my bodye to be buried where it shall please god to call me
Item I give and bequeath to Hellen my welle loved wife (in consideration of the paiment of my debts the bringinge up of my children and the finishings of the houses w*h I am now in build-Inge) All my houses Lands Tenements medowes pastures fedings aswell free hold as coppeholde and all other my leases plate goods and catties whatsoev' or wheresoev' ling wtt in the townes of Beccles, Barshm Ingate or else where to haue and to hold all and singular the pr raises w"1 the apprtens to the said Hellen or her assignes for and daringe her natural life in concinderacion of the things above men¬tioned and also paienge such legacies unto my children as I shall appointe or otherwise leave it for want of tyme to her godly consider¬ation where in I desire her in gods behalf to provide for them acoord-inge to her abillitye.
And for the better accomplishinge here of I do give unto her full power and authoritye to sell my woods in Barshm" or my medows in Barshm" or both if neede shall so require And I doe hartelye desire my very good ffriends Mr Bartholomew Stiles and Mr John Talbot to be aidinge and assistinge my said wife w* there good counsell advice and labo* about the execution of this my last will and Testa¬ment.
Item I give unto Richard Peck my sonne all that my houses where in I dwell in Blibergate street my close at Ingate church, my pightill in the same field to have and to hold to him and to his heres forever And olso all the lease lands adioyinge to the said close for and dur-inge the numbers of yeres y* to come yf his mother will vouchsafe him such favo* uppon condicon that he paye such legacies as his mother shall think good to appoint him to doe
Item whereas Thomas Peck my brother deceased by his last will and Tistament did give unto the said Richard my sonne two tenne-ments ine Balligate street lately burnt and now againe one of them bnilded upon the same grownde and the other upon pcell of the said grownde and upon pcell of other free grownde w** I purchased of mine uncle Wm Waters I will therefore that the said Richard my sonne w^in one month after that he shall be of his age of xx j* years shall make over astate in fee simple to such of my sonnes and there heirs as I shall hereafter bequeath the said tennements unto and also surrendo' my coppeholde if it come to his handes for want of surrendo'.
And yf my saide sonne Richard shall not pform theise things before assigned him I will that he shall loose the benefit of such houses landes and leases as I have before assigned unto him and the same to be to thoese of my twoe sonnes to whoeme I shall geve the foresaide newe tenements and to there heires and assignes forever
Item I give to Nicholas Peck my sonne my newe tenement ptely builded uppon the Tenement late Wm Waters and my medowes lienge in Barshm (if his mother shall spare the saide medowes) To have and To holde to him the said Nicholas and his heires for evr paienge out of the same such somes of money as his mother shall assigne him to doe.
Item I geve tmto Samuell Peck my sonne the other newe tenement and little coppiholde yard to have and to holde to him & his heires forev* paienge oat thereof to such of his brothers and sisters such money as his mother shall assigne him to doe
Item I will yf for the benefit of paienge my debtes bringinge up my children findinge my sone Robert* at Cambridge and providinge legacies for my twoe daughters and my sone Joseph That if my saide wife shall make a lease of all or any pcell of my sayde landes and Tenements That the same shall continue for so many years as she shall lease the same her saide death or any other legacies what soev' before given or appointed to the contrary in any wise notw^tandinge.
The Residewe of all my goodes and chattells whatsoever. I give them whoelye to the saide Hellen my wife whoerae I make my sole executrix desiringe her in godes behalf to have care of thoese my children whoese legacies I have lefte to her consideracon. And also of Joane Babb & Elisabeth Babb and Robert Meriman & my sister Note as she may
Item I ordain Mr Bartholomewe Stiles clerk, Mr Roger Feirson and Mr John Talbot supervisoer hartelie desiringe them to Aide my wief w* there beste helpe counsel! and advice aboute the Execution hereof Written w* myne owne hande The day and yere above saide By me Robert Peck (signature)
Proved at Beccles, Nov 10, 1598
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