Person:Robert Morrow (10)

Robert Morrow
b.abt 1750 Ireland
  • HRobert Morrowabt 1750 - 1810
  • WRebecca
  1. Robert Morrowabt 1777 - 1855
  2. James Morrowabt 1780-1784 - 1841
Facts and Events
Name Robert Morrow
Alt Name Robert Murray
Gender Male
Birth? abt 1750 Ireland
Death? 1810 Tyrone, Blair, Pennsylvania, United States

From biography of grandson John H.:

“the paternal grandfather of John H. Morrow was Robert Morrow, a native of Ireland, who came, about 1770, to Path valley, in Huntingdon county, which he left about 1779 or 1780 to settle in Sinking valley, in Tyrone township, where he died about 1810.  He was annoyed frequently by Indians, and had several narrow escapes from them. With others

of the early settlers he often retired to some of the frontier forts upon the alarm of an Indian invasion, and generally went armed to the field. He was a farmer and kept a small store, and made two or more trips to Ireland to lay in a stock of goods. He was a fine penman and a good scholar, and his store ledgers, dating back to 1772, which are in the possession of John H. Morrow, are kept well, and show the unusual business ability and excellent education of Robert Morrow. He married a Miss Cochran, and reared a family of three children, two sons and one daughter: Maj. Robert; James, who married Nancy Stewart, and died in 1841, aged fifty-six years; and Rebecca, who married James E. Stewart.”[3]

From biography of great-grandson Alexander D. Morrow: “Robert Morrow, great-grandfather of our subject, was of Irish descent and was one of the pioneers of Sinking Valley, having come from Path Valley; and was living here as early as 1783. He died in Tyrone Township in 1810. Robert was father of two sons and one daughter - Robert, grandfather of our subject, lived in Tyrone Township; James, who also lived in Tyrone Township, died in 1841; and Rebecca, who married James E. Stewart of Tyrone Township. The farm settled upon by Robert Morrow is now owned by one of his descendants, Miss Margaret Morrow.”[4]

Descendant has joined the Morrow DNA Project

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