Person:Robert Montague (2)

Robert Montague
b.abt 1505
m. by abt 1530
  1. Katherine Montagueabt 1530 -
  2. Unknown Montagueabt 1533 - bef 1575
  3. William Montagueabt 1536 - bef 1594/5
  4. Agnes Montagueabt 1539 - aft 1575
  5. Joanna Montagueabt 1542 - aft 1575
  6. Rev. Lawrence Montagueabt 1545 - 1580
Facts and Events
Name[1] Robert Montague
Gender Male
Birth[1] abt 1505
Marriage by abt 1530 Based on estimated birth of eldest child.
to Margaret Catton
Will[1] 7 Sep 1575
Burial[1] 10 Jan 1575/6 Burnham, Buckinghamshire, England
Residence[1] Boveney, Buckinghamshire, England
Probate[1] 18 May 1576

Pedigree of Robert Montague is Uncertain

"Probably the pedigree earlier than Robert Montague could be ascertained from manor court rolls, as Robert held property in the hamlet of Boveney, also in the village of Burnham, and in the parish of Dorney, but few rolls for the involved manors have been found. Indications are, however, that the Montague family was well established at Boveney before Robert's generation. Two lists of inhabitants, one in 1522 and one in 1524, probably include his father.

The first of these two lists is The Certificate of Musters for Buckinghamshire in 1522 (Buckinghamshire Record Society 17 [1973]: 246-248). As nearly as scholars can determine, the value of the real estate (lands and tenements) and of goods of all independent adults was assessed. Forty-two names are on the list for "The Hamlett of Boveney in ye parishe of Burnham." The seven Montagues among them are: Wm. Mountegue, land worth £1 6s. 8d.; Wm. Mountague senior land worth 13s. 7d.; Wm. Mountague, land worth 3s.; John Mountegue, goods worth £2; Agnes Mountegue, goods worth £3; John Mountague, land worth 1s. and goods worth £13 6s. 8d.; and Rob. Mountague, goods worth £3 6s. 8d.

The second list, Subsidy Roll for the County of Buckingham Anno 1524 (Buckinghamshire Record Society 8 [1950]:14), contains just the names of taxpayers. The returns for Burnham include Boveney, and only two Montagues appear. Robert Mountague paid £1 on wages; this was the most common amount paid in the parish. John Mountague paid £9 on goods; only a few people paid more than he.

… The authors of Montague Family claimed that Robert was the son of William Montague whose will was proved in 1550. Unfortunately, the will was not quoted. A photocopy of the original has been procured (Buckingham Record Office, Archdeaconry of Buckinghamshire Wills, March 1550/1). Dated 16 March 1550/1 and probated 21 March 1550/1, it calls him "Will'm Mountagewe the Elder of Boveny in the p'r'she of Burnh'm, Fyssherman." "Will'm Mountagewe of Bry, my eldyst sonne" was to receive the messuage at Bray where he was living, over the river northwestward in Berkshire. "Jone my wyffe duringe her lyffe" was to have the family dwelling in Boveney with ten acres and another lease of land. "Robt'e Mountagewe my yongist Sonne" was eventually to have Jone's legacy and also a messuage called "Durdants w't syxtene akers of arable lande medowe & pasture" that William had purchased. William additionally named daughters Alice and Katherine. Executors were to be his wife Jone and "Robt' Mountague my youngist sonne, Robt'e noneage [a minor]." Overseers were to be Thomas Grow and "Robt'e Mountagewe of Bovney." As William's son Robert was a minor in 1551, he cannot be the Robert born about 1505. Possibly he was William's brother.

The authors of Montague Family also declared that John Montague, will dated 1552, was a brother to the above William. This is possible, but no suggestion of a connection has been found. A photocopy of his original will (ibid., April 1553) has also been obtained. He lived at Cippenham, the hamlet adjoining Boveney in the parish of Burnham, and he had ties to the Montague family southward over the river in Berkshire. This was a numerous family who resided primarily at Winkfield. Though it is likely that John and William had common ancestry, records indicate that by 1500 the Winkfield branch was a separate family from the Montagues living in Boveney."[1]

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    Robert(C) Montague was born about 1505 (based on the fact that a daughter of his became a bride in 1550 and was thus born around 1530), and was buried in Burnham churchyard 10 January 1576/6.… Probably Robert lived all of his days in Boveney, where he was a yeoman farmer, with lands also in Burnham and Dorney.