Person:Robert Landeryou (2)

Robert Landeryou
b.Abt 1763 England
m. 1771
  1. Robert LanderyouAbt 1763 - 1842
m. 13 Sep 1793
  1. Robert LanderyouAbt 1794 - 1856
  2. William LanderyouAbt 1802 - Abt 1842
  3. John LanderyouAbt 1803 -
  4. Blanch LanderyouAbt 1805 -
  5. Peter LanderyouAbt 1807 -
  6. Joseph LanderyouAbt 1810 -
  7. Charity LanderyouBef 1817 -
  8. Elizabeth LanderyouBef 1817 -
Facts and Events
Name Robert Landeryou
Gender Male
Birth[1] Abt 1763 England
Marriage 13 Sep 1793 St. Gluvias, Cornwall, Englandto Elizabeth Trengove
Death[2][3] 1 Aug 1842 Daniel St., Kenwyn, Cornwall, England
Burial? Aug 1842
Reference Number? 8969

From Matt Ruhlig, 15 Nov. 2003: Robert Landeryou. We're not really sure who his parents were. Many resea rchers in England have come to the conclusion that he was the illegitima te son of Blanch Landeryou. Blanch later married William Warren. Unfortu nately there's nothing to prove that he was Blanch's son, and nothing to i ndicate that William Warren was the father. Interestingly, there are so me other Landeryous born in the 1760's whose parent's can't be identifie d. For example, there was a Jane Landeryou, supposedly born about 1763, w ho later married Edward Jory. This Jane Landeryou is Tony Hill's ancesto r. Tony Hill claims that she was the daughter of Peter Landeryou and Ma ry Fox. I have found no proof of this. In fact, I haven't even found any thing to suggest this. It's possible that there could be baptismal recor ds for Robert (b 1763) and Jane (b abt 1763) somewhere other than in Cornw all. I've always wanted to assign Robert (b 1763) to the family of Pet er Landeryou and Mary Fox, because they were married in 1763, but didn't h ave a child baptized until 1766. However, English researchers keep insist ing that he must have been the son of Blanch. Keep in mind too that on ly Anglican baptisms were recorded in England. If there were any Landeryo us who belonged to other denominations (such as Methodist or Catholic), th ere were be no records of them. There was a Lambert Landeryou, born 166 0, who had 2 sons, Thomas (born 1686), and John (born 1689). These 2 so ns either died without burial records, moved out of Cornwall, or left t he Anglican church. There's some stray Landeryous who start showi ng up in the mid 1700's in Cornwall. It's possible that they could be des cended from Lambert. It's also equally that the strays are illegitimate c hildren.

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