Person:Robert Goldstone (1)

Robert Goldstone
d.Bef 16 May 1637 Tonbridge, Kent, England
  1. Robert GoldstoneAbt 1600 - Bef 1637
  2. Roger GoldstoneAbt 1602 -
  3. Sarah GoldstoneAbt 1604 - 1670/71
  4. Jane GoldstoneAbt 1604 -
  5. Elizabeth GoldstoneAbt 1606 - Bef 1637
  6. Frances GoldstoneAbt 1608 -
Facts and Events
Name Robert Goldstone
Gender Male
Birth? Abt 1600 Of Tonbridge, Kent, England
Death? Bef 16 May 1637 Tonbridge, Kent, Englandwill proved

Last Will & Testament

Abstract as appeared in "Genealogical Gleanings in England," in The New England Historical and Genealogical Register (Boston: New England Historic Genealogical Society), 50 (1896):507

Robert Goldston of Tonbridge, Kent, 10 Aprl 1637, proved 16 May 1637. The poor of Tunbridge, Tewdly and Capell. Loving friend Mr. Joel Callys. To Elizabeth the wife of William Howe twenty shillings or a ring of that value for testimony of my thankfulness for her great pains taken with me. William Dyker. Thomas and Francis the sons of Sara the daughter of Waller Thompson. William Howard and Robert Rootes the apprentices of Thomas Diker. Elizabeth Goldstone, the late wife of William Goldstone of Brenchley, deceased, and Elizabeth, Frances and Anne Goldstone his three daughters. Frances my loving mother, now the wife of Thomas Dyker of Tonbridge, taylor. My sister in law Elizabeth the daughter of the said Thomas Diker. Francys, Anne and William Diker the three children of the said Thomas Diker.

Item, I give and bequeath unto Jane the wife of Thomas Howe of Tonbridge, clothier, and to Sara the wife of Joseph Merryam of Tewdly, clothier, my sisters, ten shillings apiece, to be paid them within one month next after my decease. I will and give to Hanna Mirriam, my god daughter, the daughter of the said Joseph, one pair of fine sheets which are in the house of Richard Kipping of Tewdly, tanner. Anne Tanner the wife of James Tanner. My god daughter ____ the daughter of Stephen Bennett late of Tewdly deceased. The four children of Roger Thomsett of Brenchly my uncle. William Howe, Sara the wife of Nathaniel Weller, Elizabeth the wife of Josias Johnson, Mary, Susan and Thomas How the children of the said Thomas How. John, William, Jane, Martha and Susan the five children of William Jeffrey of London. Simon, John and Thomas Jeffrey the three sons of Thomas Jeffrey of Tonbridge and the two children of Nicholas Jeffry. John Baldock, Jane the wife of Christopher Constable and Martha Harborough. To Francys, John and Mary Johnson, the three children of the said Jane my sister by Benjamin Johnson her late deceased husband, and to Alice and Francys, the two other children of the said Jane by the said Thomas How her now husband, six pounds apiece.

Item, I give and bequeath to William, Sara, Joseph, Thomas, Elizabeth and Hanna, the six children of the said Joseph Mirriam by the said Sara his now wife, to either of them the like sum of six pounds apiece, to be paid them within five years next after my decease. Thomas Dan the son of Thomas Dan by Elizabeth my sister deceased. My brother Roger Goldston certain household stuff &c. in the now dwelling house of Richard Kipping. The residue I wholly give to the said Thomas How and Joseph Merriam whom I make and ordain full and sole executors.

Then follows the disposition of the lands and tenements in Brenchley, which are to go to brother Roger Goldston at the end of five years (the executors receiving the rents &c. during that period). If Roger die before the end of the said term then all these lands and tenements to go to sisters Jane the wife of Thomas How and Sara the wife of Joseph Mirriam &c., provided the said Roger have no issue. And the said Francys my mother, if then living, shall have the use and occupation of that part of the said lands &c. which is now in the occupation of one William Turner, containing by estimation fourteen acres more or less."

Citing Rochester Wills, vol. xxii (1631-44), fol. 248.