Person:Robert Everett (1)

Robert I. Everett
b.10 AUG 1757 Leicester, England
d.30 MAY 1827 Blount Co., Tennessee
m. 1 APR 1741
  1. Robert I. Everett1757 - 1827
  • HRobert I. Everett1757 - 1827
  • WMargaret Cox1758 - 1832
m. 2 JUL 1783
  1. James Everett1805 - 1874
Facts and Events
Name[1][2] Robert I. Everett
Gender Male
Alt Birth[7] 1750 England
Birth[3][4] 10 AUG 1757 Leicester, England
Marriage 2 JUL 1783 Rockbridge Co., Virginiato Margaret Cox
Death[5][6] 30 MAY 1827 Blount Co., Tennessee
Burial? Piney Level Cemetery


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Buried on farm 1 mile from Piney Level Bapt. Church, Blount Co., TN., and stone is at Piney Level Cem., TN.

In Col. Haw's VA Reg. Rev. War.

Maryville Times 6-16-1941


A tablet to mark the grave of Robert Everett, a Revolutionary soldier, on the Whites Mill Road, was unveiled yesterday by two of his descendant,s Betty Louise and Marjorie Jerline Everett, daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Horace Everett.

The excercises were conducted by the Mary Blount Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution with Mrs. John C. Crawford, regent, presiding. Miss Irma Gamble acted as chaplain Raymond Dickson played the assembly call and a cornet solo. Mr. Will Parham read some remarks. A Historical sketch, prepared by Mrs. Charles Timmons, was read.

A large number of the descendant of Everett were present. Some coming from Memphis for the excercises. The oldest descendant in attendance was Mr. James Everett who is 87 years of age.

In the late 1970's at the insistance of the then owner of the property and on threat of distruction, marker was removed to Piney Level Cemetery and placed beside that of a grandson.


From Maryville Times, Thursday, October 17, 1940


Recently there has been erected between White's Mill and Law's Chapel, a marker to the grave of Robert or Robin Everett. This does not purport to be the exact spot of the grave, but is near where he was supposed to have been buried. We must go to the earlier citizens of the County for any information about this grave or graveyard. Some say there was once a graveyard and church near this place while others say there was only the one grave. Robert Everett was a soldier in the Revolutionary War. The records show that he belonged to Hawes regiment of VA., and died in 1827. There are many stories about his early life some tru an others merely rumor.

He was supposed to have come direct from England about the time of the Revolutionary War. He came over as a stowaway. It seems to have been the custom then that when a stowaway was discovered on board a ship that at landing of such boat he would be sold to some person until he payed the fare or its equivalent in work. Mr. Everett was sold to a prominent VA family. During his stay there he in some manner become acquainted with a Mr. Lockhart and lasting friendship was formed between the two. They decided to join the army with the understanding that if either did not return the other would bring the news back. Mr. Lockhart never returned. Mr. Everett according to his promise, returned with the sad news of Lockhart's death.

Some time late, Everett married Mrs. Lockhart and moved into what is now the Law's Chapel part of this County. Walker Everett lives on a part of the Old Robert Everett farm. It is understood that this land has always been in the Everett generation and that Walker is a great, great, grandson of this Robert Everett. Robert Everett was a well educated man for his day and taught school in this County. Many of the elder residents of the County was among his pupils. Dr. Gamble's father along with Dr. Anderson, the first Preisdent of Maryville College are supposed to have been his former pupils. There is a house standing near the Law's Chapel Church that was built by Robert Everett, his house however, is not on the exact spot where it was first built. It has been moved across the road and a little nearer the spring. The place now belongs to some of the Law heirs.

It is generally believed that both he and his wife were buried near the place where the marker was erected. The writer believes that is perhaps the beginning of the Everett generation in the County. We have no record of how large a family he raised. We are certain, however, that there was three or four boys and perhaps more in the family. Among the direct descendants, living are ex-mayor Sam Everett, a great grandson was named Will, also his grandfather was Will, the Son of Robert Everett. Jas. A. Everett's father was name Lorenzo Dow Everett, son of Tom, son of Robert Everett. By this we know of at least two of Robert Everett's sons. Thomas and Will. The writer believes there were others. Robert Everett must have lived to be a very old man as he lived fifty years after Revolution. Robert Everett was granted a pension after the war and accepted it for a number of years. It is believed that when he became better stationed in life that he notified the government, to discontinue his pension. If this is true, he established a record of which there has not been many cases like either before or since.

Alleen Gormley Powlus notes he served in Rev. War

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