Person:Robert Edmonson (3)

Robert Edmonson
  • HRobert EdmonsonEst 1785 - 1865
  • W.  Mary Harris (add)
m. June 11 1813
  1. Hamilton EdmistonEst 1814 -
  2. Sarah EdmistonBet 1816 & 1817 - 1898
  3. Lewis Edmonson1816 - 1896
  4. William G EdmonsonEst 1822 - 1864
  5. Elmira EdmistonBet 1827 & 1828 -
  6. Eliza EdmistonBet 1828 & 1829 - Bet 1870 & 1880
  7. Robert A Edmiston1831 - 1914
  8. John Stevens Edmonson1834 - 1910
  9. Susannah EdmonsonEst 1836 -
  10. Minyard EdmonsonEst 1838 - 1894
Facts and Events
Name Robert Edmonson
Gender Male
Birth? ca 1785 Burke County, North Carolina
Marriage June 11 1813 Burke County, North Carolinato Mary Harris (add)
Death? Dec 5 1865 Fannin County, Georgia

Robert Edmonson is the son of William Edmiston and Margaret Suddereth. His father William Edmiston served in the Revolutionary War, or what some call the War of Independence. Robert married Mary Harris (“Polly Haress” on bond) in Burke County, North Carolina, on June 11, 1813. Robert signed his bond with “X”. Robert's first son Hamilton Edmonson, was probably known as Hamilton Edmiston in North Carolina. The date and location of his birth are unknown, but it was probably in Burke County, NC, around 1814. Robert's name appears on the December 20, 1815 marriage bond of his brother William Edmiston when he married Nancy Garner. The relationship between these brothers appears to be close as they both migrated to Wayne County, KY, where they appear near each other on the 1820 Census. Robert's sons Lewis Edmondson and William G Edmonson were pobably born there, as are Sarah (or Sally as she was called), daughter of Robert, and Elizabeth, daughter of William Edmiston. Both brothers left before 1823, William moves back to live near his father in Burke County, North Carolina, and Robert moves to Buncombe County, North Carolina, where is uncle Robert Edmiston had previously lived after selling the land he inherited from James Edmiston leaving Virginia. Robert Edmonson migrated Union County, Georgia, in about 1843, where his his two oldest unmaried son's Lewis Edmondson and William G Edmonson took an interst in the Hugh Rogers family. Lewis Edmondson married Frances (Fannie) Rogers on September 30, 1845. William G Edmonson maried Sarah E Rogers sometime prior to 1860. Land deeds recorded from 1848-1852 for Robert and his son's Lewis and William G are all listed with the last name spelled Edmiston, though Robert still signed with an "X". George C Edmondson told people later that his grandfather Robert was a "hatter," making sheep skin hats for a living. The 1850 US Census lists his ocupation as merchant. Robert purchased land in Union County (deeds unavailable) prior to the creation of Fannin County, Georgia, January 21, 1854. Robert appears as famer on the 1860 US Census, his last name is listed as Edmonson as is his son Hamilton Edmonson listed on the same page below his father's household. Robert's wife is listed as “Minny” (Polly and Minny are common nick names for Mary in this period). Robert was 75 years old in 1860. He died five years later, on December 5, 1865, not long after the learned of the death of his son William G Edmonson in the US Civil War, or what the local's had called the Second War of Independece.