Person:Robert Bailey (5)

m. 23 Jan 1896
  1. Robert Fitzsimmons Bailey1897 - 1964
  2. Lucille BAILEY1900 - 1900
  3. James Shannon Bailey1901 - 1955
  4. Marland William Bailey1903 - 1987
m. 21 Jul 1923
  1. Julia Jane Bailey1925 - 1999
Facts and Events
Name Robert Fitzsimmons Bailey
Gender Male
Birth? 5 Nov 1897 Wabash, Wabash, Indiana, United States
Marriage 21 Jul 1923 Chicago, Cook County, ILto Freda Belle Smith
Reference Number Freda Belle Smith
Death? 8 Feb 1964 Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo, Michigan, United States
Burial? Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo, Michigan, United StatesRiverside Cemetery
Soc Sec No? 366-14-0155

1900 US Federal Census, Robert F. and his Grandmother Helen, lived next door to James (21) and Amelia (20) Flynn, and children, Clarence, son age 2, and Roy, son age 5. Helen and Robert F., lived with Joseph (age 68) Gardner, and his daughter Eliza, age 34. Helen Bailey, born July 1853, age 45 and Robert F. Bailey, son, age 2, was born in Nov 1897. . Helen was a servant, and Robert is listed as a border. Helen was born in Illinois, Robert in Indiana. This could be Lillian, as Lillian did not speak English. Year: 1900;Census Place: Noble, Wabash, Indiana; Roll: T623 410;Page: 7A;Enumeration District: 124. __________________________ 1918: Robert Fitzsimmons Bailey registered for World War I on 12 September 1918, he was twenty years old. He lived at 1634 Vanzee St., Kalamazoo, Michigan with his mother, Lillian Bailey. He stated he was a laborer at the B... Paper Company. _______________________________________

A Certificate of Vaccination, Department of Health, City of Chicago, showed Robert Bailey, age 14, lived at 1256 Illinois St (Chicago), on 29 Nov 1911. He received a vaccination in February 1911, and the result was "Imperfect." On the reverse side of the Certificate, the explanation for "Imperfect" would be as follows: "The Certificate of Successful Typical Vaccination is warranted and must be issued only when the resulting scar or cicatrix is not less than one-third of an inch in diameter, characteristically pitted and perfect in outline. Any departure from this standard cannot be accepted as successfully (typical) vaccination. While an operation resulting in a scar below this standard may confer a certain degree of protection, it is advisable to revaccinate where the departure is material."

Military Order # 1739, Serial # 916. Ordered to report to City Hall on 14 Oct 1918 for military service. Was living at 1634 Van Zee St, Kalamazoo, Michigan

1920 Census Robert lived with his Mother, Lillian Lintner Bailey on Van Zee Street in Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo County, Michigan. Robert was 22 years old and his occupation was a metal worker. Also at home was James Bailey, age 19, a papermaker; & Marland Bailey, age 17, a student. Lillian listed her place of birth as Indiana and her father was German and born in Germany. Her mother, name unknown, was also born in Germany and was German.

At the time of Julia's birth, in 1925, Freda & Bob lived at 110 No. LaSalle Avenue, Chicago

1930 US Census: Robert F was 32 years of old, Freda B, was 25 and Julia J. was 5 years old. they lived at 1844 Van Zee Street, Kalamazoo. Robert F. worked as a sheet metal worker in a Sheet metal shop. The Year was: 1930;Census Place: Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo, Michigan; Roll: T626_997;Page: 16B;Enumeration District: 30;Image: 0996.

In July 1938, Robert, Freda, Julia & James lived at 210 Wilhelmina St. Kalamazoo. Julia spent the summer in Wayland, Michigan with her Grandmother Etta Smith and Aunt Velma. Letters in the archives from Mom to Freda

Robert F. Bailey was a Candidate for City Commissioner of Kalamazoo, in the November 6, 1945 election.

Robert was a Mason, and member of the Kalamazoo Lodge No. 22. He was a member of the American Legion, Post No. 36, Kalamazoo. He was a delegate to the Kalamazoo Labor Council AFL-CIO, Representing Local 388, Michigan. He was Vice-President of the Michigan Federation of Labor. He was a member of Fraternal Order of Eagles, Kalamazoo. He was an Official Member of the Last Man's Club, World War I Veterans of Jobs, Westnedge Post No. 36, Kalamazoo. He was a member of the International Molders Union, Affiliated with the American Federation of Labor, 528 Walnut St., Cincinnati. Ohio. He attended the Stockbridge Avenue Methodist Church, Kalamazoo, Michigan. He was a Member of The National Association of Foreman, granted by Oliver Management Club. Aviation Division, Battle Creek, Michigan. His Position was Tool Planner and it expired on 30 June 1954.

On 5 May 1956, Robert F. Bailey was commissioned as a Real Estate Salesmen for Abbott Realty Company In Michigan.

At the time of death of Robert, Marland and Peg were in Tokyo, per telegram sent.