Person:Richard Sebree (2)

Richard Sebree, Jr
b.Abt 1769 Orange, Virginia
m. Abt 1768
  1. Sarah Sebree
  2. Thomas Sebree
  3. Richard Sebree, JrAbt 1769 - Abt 1834
  4. John SebreeAbt 1773 -
  5. Reuben Sebree1775 -
  6. Elizabeth SebreeAbt 1777 -
  7. James B. Sebree1781 -
  8. Laban SebreeAbt 1782 -
  9. Fanny SebreeAbt 1792 -
  10. Uriel SebreeAbt 1799 -
  • HRichard Sebree, JrAbt 1769 - Abt 1834
  • WLydia Watts1781 - Abt 1850
m. 28 Sep 1802
  1. Nimrod B. Sebree1803 -
  2. Thomas Jefferson Sebree1805 - 1859
  3. James K. Sebree1808 -
  4. Fanny Sebree1810 -
  5. Henry Sebree1812 -
  6. Barnett Sebree1814 -
  7. Howard Sebree1817 -
  8. Noah Sebree1820 -
Facts and Events
Name Richard Sebree, Jr
Gender Male
Birth? Abt 1769 Orange, Virginia
Marriage 28 Sep 1802 Madison, Virginiato Lydia Watts
Death? Abt 1834 Stamping Grounds, Franklin, Ky

Richard Sebree was born in Orange Co., Va to Richard Sebree and Esther Watts. Comparison of Owen Co., Ky, census figures for 1820 and 1830 indicates a birthdate between 1769 and 1775. William Ellis Sebree spoke of Richard's" age of 12 years, July 2nd, 1783". His death occurred between 7 May 1832, when he was named an heir of Thomas Watts {Madison Co., Ky, Deed Bk. U, p. 411; A-12} and 6 Dec. 1834, when his heirs sold a lot in Owenton, Ky {Owen Co., Ky, Deed Bk. E, p. 490; A-15}. According to Wes Richard was buried on the "Owen Home" property.

Richard married in Sept. 1802, Madison Co., Va, his cousin Lydia Watts, daughter of Barnett Watts and Frances Hord of Madison Co. Two dates are associated with the marriage, 13 Sept. being the signing of the bond {Madison Co., Va, Mar. Reg. 1, p.252} and 28 Sept., assumed to be the date of marriage {Gen. Soc. Ut, Index temple Records, No. 1605, Book 62, p. 75}. Lydia's parentage is documented in an 1819 Madison Co. deed recording the sale by Richard Sebree, Jr., and Lydia his wife to William Bradley of Orange Co., Va, and Nelly his wife of a tract of land willed to Lydia by her father Barnett Watts {Madison Co., Va, Deed Bk. 7, p. 58; A-14}.

Lydia's birthdate is inferred to have been after Sept. 1781 by the fact that her mother Fanny Watts gave written conssent for her marriage {A-15} on the day th bond was signed. The date of Lydia's death has not been found. She was siving in the household of John Hollowell and her dauther Fanny Hollowell in Boone Co., Ky, at the time of the 1850 census, when she as said to be 67 years old.

Richard was living at McConnell's Run, Scott Co., Ky, in 1799, before his marriage, and also in 1810. The census record in the latter year showed; 3 males, 0-10 years; 1 male, 26-45; and 1 female, 26-45. In Scott Co. Richard and Lydia were members of the Stamping Ground Baptist Church, where he was baptised in 1811. He and his wife were given letters of dismissal {formal permission to transfer membership to another Baptist church} in Oct. 1819. At the time they sold Lydia's Virginia property to the Bradley's, 12 Nov. 1819, they were living in Owen Co. The 1820 census then showed the composition of their family group to be; 5 males, 0-10 yrs. old; 3 males 10-15, 1 male over 45; 1 female, 0-10 years; 1 female, 10-16; and 1 female over 45.

Richard was involved in the following transfers of property; 12 July 1820- Thomas A Marshall deed to Richard Sebree, 100 a. on the waters of Eagle creek for $100 {Owen Co. , Ky Deed Bk. A, p. 38; A-14} 25 Mar. 1823- Richard Sebree, Jr. of Owen County, Ky. To Belfield Glass, for $300, one sorrel horse, a small colt, 3 beds and sides and furniture, nine chairs, one cupboard and furniture, bureau, one woman's saddle, one table, 2 small tables, 2 chests, 8 head of cattle, 18 head of hogs, one man's saddle, 4 kettles, 2 pair of fire dogs, 2 spinning wheels, 4 axes and 8 head of sheep, witnessed by E. Cobb and Francis Goddard [Owen Co., Ky Deed Bk. A, p. 314] 24 Apr. 1823- Richard Sebree and Lydia his wife to Belfield Glass, 100 a. for $400 of Eagle Creek, beginning at 2 beech and a hickory of the east side of Richland creek, thence s 45W 126 1/2 poles to a beech and blue ash, thence n 45 e 126 1/2 poles to a black ash, hickory and sugar, thence s 45 e to the beginning. Also furniture, cattle and sheep. [Owen Co.,m Ky, Deed Bk. D, p.2; 12 Aug. 1830] 12 Aug. 1830 - John O'Head of Scott Co., Ky to Richard Sebree of Owen Co., lot number 4 in the town of Owenton for $30 1/4 acre on Stephens creek [Owen Co., Ky, Deed Bk. D, p.2; rec. 12 Aug. 1830] By the time of 1830 census their family count was; 1 male, 5-10 years; 1 male, 10-15, 2 males, 15-20; 1 male, 50-60; 1 female, 5-10, and 1 female, 40-50.

It was the property on Stephens creek, Lot No. 4 in Owenton, which Richard's heirs, Lydia and children, sold 6 Dec. 1834 [Owen Co., Ky, Deed Bk. E. p 490, made 6 Dec. 1834; A-15]. By signatures or witnessed marks on the deed, or by subsequent acknowledgement in the office of the Owen Co. clerk, J.C. Bacon, who appeared to be also John C. Bacon, grantee, these heirs were discerned; Lydia Sebree, widow, Richard B. Sebree, Henry Sebree, James Sebree and Leucilia his wife, N.B. Sebree and Par Sebree his wife, Jefferson Sebree and Delphia his wife, Riddle Wilson and wife [Fanny], and Barnett Sebree. It is assumed that the two youngest children, Howard and Noah B., were not named tn the deed becausse they were under age.

Noah sold his one-eighth share of the lot for $5 in 1843 [Owen Co., Ky, Deed Bk. H, p.299; A-17], the deed for which specifically identifies Noah as " of the children and heirs of Richard Sebree deceased...". From this it appears that there were eight heirs of Richard who divided the estate. The way th deed was drawn and signed leaves some questions, such as; were Richard B. Sebree and Barnett Sebree the same person? Did Howard get his share? And did Lydia get a share? There appear to be more than eight people who qualified as legatees.