Person:Richard Nichols (13)

Richard Nichols
b.bef 1627
  • HRichard NicholsBef 1627 - 1674
  • WAnnisBef 1629 - 1692
  1. John NicholsAbt 1651 - 1721
  2. Mary NicholsBef 1655 - 1717
  3. Thomas NicholsBef 1659 - 1736/37
  4. James Nichols1658 - 1744/45
  5. Hannah NicholsEst 1662 -
Facts and Events
Name Richard Nichols
Gender Male
Birth? bef 1627 purchased land in 1648 from Edward Bragg
Death[1] 22 Nov 1674 Reading, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States
  1. Baldwin, Thomas W. Vital Records of Reading, Massachusetts, to the Year 1850. (Boston: Wright & Potter Printing Co., 1912)
    1:544 .

    Nickols: Richard, Nov. 22, 1674.

  2.   Richard Nickols 1674, in Massachusetts. Probate Court (Middlesex County). Probate records, 1648-1924. (Salt Lake City, Utah: Filmed by the Genealogical Society of Utah, 1964-1967)
    Case 15975 .

    This last will and testament of Richard Nickoles, the 19 of November
    Although weake in body, yet fitte in Mind and Memory:
    1.1 give my soul to God, that gave it and my Body to be buried by my
    Christian friends in hope of a joyful Resunection in the last days.
    2.1 make my sonn John Nickoles my full and sole Executor of this my
    will and to pay all Legasies according to this my will.
    3.1 give unto my deare wife Ann four pounds a year yearly during her
    widowhood to be yearly and payd by my sonn John Nicholes in
    com or pork or in other provisions, and in case my wife do marry
    agayne to my sonn John's content, then he pay her twenty shillings
    a year during her life.
    4.1 do give unto my sonn Thomas Nickoles my devident of land that
    was given to me by the Town of Reading that lyeth beyond Spewidy
    River with the three ackers of Meadow that belongs unto it when he
    comes to the age of twenty one years.
    5.1 do further will that my wife Ann shall have her liberty to live in
    the house as long as she lives a widow with the beads and beading
    that she usually lyes on with the use of such necessry household stuf
    as she shall need to make use of and when she dies to dispose of as
    she shall see cause to for her children.
    6.1 do give unto my sonn James ten acres of land adjoining to James
    Pike with a sledge of meadow called Lamkins sledge, and two acres
    of meadow in darty meadow thus easterly and next to Mrs. Brockes
    meadow, and this I give unto him when he comes to the age of
    twenty one years.
    7.1 do give unto my daughter Mary Nickoles thirty pounds to be
    payed her by my sonn John as followeth: Ten pounds at the day of
    marriage and five pounds a year until the twenty pounds be payd.
    8.1 do give unto my daughter Hannah Nickoles twenty pounds to be
    payed unto her by my sonn John Nickoles as follows: five pounds at
    her day of marriage and five pounds a year yearly until the twenty
    pounds be payd her.
    9. Furthermore I do give unto my wife Ann one cow out of the stock,
    which cow my son John Nicholes shall keep for his mother on the

    paster in the somer and so in winter has her for his mother so long as she
    keeps her a widow.
    The mark of Richard O Nickoles
    A true inventory of the estate of Richard Nickoles now deceased the 22
    of November in the year 1674.

    This inventory was taken the 11th of December by Jeremy Swayn, Nathaniel
    Goddin, & John Parker.

  3.   Overbo, Clara Pierce Olson. Ancestors & descendants of Clark Proctor Nichols and Sarah (Sally) Stoughton: in England and America, 1620-2001. (Decorah, Iowa: Anundsen, c2002).