Person:Rebecca Dugger (4)

Rebecca Dugger
m. Before 1745
  1. Rebecca Dugger1745 -
  2. Mary Dugger1750 - 1836
  3. Benjamin DuggerBefore 1751 - 1815
  4. William Dugger1750 - 1839
  5. Hannah Duggerabt 1752 - aft 1796
  6. Julius Dugger1760 - 1838
  • HJames GuinnBefore 1746 - After 1798
  • WRebecca Dugger1745 -
m. Before 1767
  1. Rebecca Guinn1777 - 1852
Facts and Events
Name Rebecca Dugger
Gender Female
Birth? 1745 Brunswick, Virginia, United States
Marriage Before 1767 Pittsylvania, Virginia, United Statesto James Guinn

Rebecca Dugger was born ca 1745 (a guesstimate), probably in Brunswick Co., VA. There is no proof that Rebecca is a child of William Dugger Sr, but it does seem likely she is a sister or otherwise closely related to Benjamin, Julius (1760), etc., who are thought to be William's children.

Rebecca married James Gwynn (or Guinn, Gwinn, etc.) before 1777 probably in Wilkes Co., NC. It is possible they married much earlier than that and in Virginia instead.

James Guinn was listed on the 1767 Pittsylvania Co, VA tax list near William Dugger, and he was in Surry Co, NC by the 1774 tax list, listed near the Duggers.

James and Rebecca's daughter Rebecca Gwynn married William McQueen. An old family register gives some good family data.

William McQueen son of Samuel and Hannah McQueen was born on New River, North Carolina, in 1773. Rebekah Gwyn my wife, and daughter of James and Rebekah Dugger Gwyn, was born on Cove Creek, Ashe Co., NC, November 13, 1777.

The above would prove that Rebecca, wife of James Gwynn was a Dugger. It is the only proof I've ever seen on that subject. The register was made in April 1818, so it serves as a good primary source document, or at least a strong secondary source.

The family was in Carter Co., TN by 1798 when James Gwinn Sr was listed there on a tax list.

Unfortunately that is about all we know about James and Rebecca.