Person:Ralph Verney (6)

Ralph Verney
  • HRalph Verney1513 - 1546
  • W.  Elizabeth Bray (add)
m. 1528
  1. Sir Edmund Verney1528 - 1558
  2. Edward Verney1529 - 1599
  3. Francis Verney1536 -
  4. Anne Verney1539 -
Facts and Events
Name Ralph Verney
Gender Male
Birth? 1513 Pendley Manor, Tring, Hertford, England
Marriage 1528 to Elizabeth Bray (add)
Death? 1546

Sir Ralph Verney and Elizabeth Bray had 9 children according to the IGI. They were born either at Pendley Manor, Tring, Penley, Hertford or Penley Flint, Wales. and to further complicate the matter, the states that he lived at Pendley,nghamshire. The children were; Edmund b 1527, later Sir Edmund d 1599 Frances b 1529 Edward b 1529, d 1558 John b 1531 Jane b 1523 Anne b 1533 (my line) Francis b 1536 Ralph b 1537 Urian b 1538 Richard b 1539 There are numerous dates, and the order may also be different. He died very young

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