Person:Priscilla Estes (1)

Priscilla 'Lila' Estes
  • HJacob Miller1765 - Bef 1836
  • WPriscilla 'Lila' EstesAbt 1772 -
m. 28 Nov 1788
  1. Mary Jane "Polly" MillerAbt 1791 - Abt 1816
  2. Mary Elizabeth "Betsy" MillerAbt 1793 - Abt 1842
  3. Nancy MillerAbt 1794 -
  4. Margaret "Peggy" Miller1801 -
  5. Sarah MillerAbt 1803 -
  6. George Washington Miller1804 - 1875
  7. Alcey MillerAbt 1806 -
  8. Priscilla MillerAbt 1812 -
Facts and Events
Name Priscilla 'Lila' Estes
Gender Female
Birth? Abt 1772 Greenville, Augusta County, Virginia
Marriage 28 Nov 1788 Madison, Kentucky, United Statesto Jacob Miller

From: Carole Bays Sent: Sunday, February 17, 2002 9:57 AM To: '' Subject: FW: [KYWOLFE-L] Fwd: Books for Sale about Wolfe Co

Hello Linda,

The Sidney that you are looking for is Sidney Maloney who married George Washington Miller.

George Washington Miller b. July 8, 1804 md. Sidney Maloney b. Jan. 13, 1804 d/o John Maloney and Susan Crawford.

George Washington Miller was the s/o Jacob Miller and Priscilla Estes. Priscilla was the lady who was captured by the Indians. The History of Wolfe County is incorrect about it being Sidney the one captured by Indians.

Donna M. Hull, 7012 Crable Street, Fraizier Park, CA 93225-7012 did a book on this family in 1998. I believe the price was $40.00 and I can't remember if that included postage. She has many family stories of the capture of Priscilla.

Marilyn Merritt has a picture of Priscilla on the net, but I can't remember what the url is.. Donna and Marilyn both are online, but I don't have their e-mail addresses. If interested subscribe to the site: and put in a query for these two ladies.

I would be very interested in which of the children of George and Sidney you descend from. My line is George Washington Miller and Louisa Shackelford. George the s/o Sidney Maloney and George Washington Miller, Sr.


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--- wrote: > From: > Date: Tue, 12 Feb 2002 02:33:31 EST > Subject: Books for Sale about Wolfe Co > To: > > Hello, My name is Linda Hascher, I live in > Cincinnati, Ohio. I have been > reaching my family history. I have had problems > getting a lot of information > on the maternal side of the family, > However there was a man that E-mailed me and told me > about the book that has > mention of my 3rd Great Grandmother. Her name was > Sidney Miller. I have no > maiden name. I have been reaching for 2 years now. > The book tells about the > abduction of her by the Indian's at the age of 8 and > not found for 8 years. I > order the book from Barnes and Nobel, Only to find > that it was Book 2 . I > believe that she was in the first book. It is the > Early and Modern Times of > Wolfe Co. I have been unsuccessful in locating the > issue. Could you please > tell me where I might be able to get a copy? He also > said the reference was > on page 399. If you can either tell me where I can > get the book or maybe > email me that page I would appreciate it very much. > As I said I have very > little information on her other than she married > George Miller and that she > was born in the state of Va. > I will await your reply. Thank You in advance. > > Best Regards, > Linda


Your inquiry and the resulting e-mail have been brought to my attention. Perhaps I can provide some additional clarification.

I wrote the genealogy piece to which you made reference about forty years ago. Carole Bays is correct, -the piece incorrectly states that it was Sidney "Ney" Maloney Miller that was captured by Indians. In fact, as Carole points out, it was "Ney's" husband's mother. The material submitted for publication in 1980 stated correctly that it was Arminta Miller Trent's grandmother, but several sentences were omitted from the piece. Mistakes do happen and that published material is incorrect.

My grandmother lived with Arminta for several years and visited the Breathitt County Miller's so she heard the story of the capture of Arminta's grandmother many times. Carol brought to my attention several years ago that a number of versions of the story exist. There is a general opinion within the family that the version told to family members when Priscilla was relatively young is the most accurate. Nevertheless, there is a basic consistency and the story mostly differs in the details, not the substance.

Regards, Dr. Bill Rice

ID: I190066 Name: Priscilla 'Lila' Estes Given Name: Priscilla 'Lila' Surname: Estes Sex: F Birth: Abt 1772 in Greenville, Augusta County, Virginia Death: Bef 1835 in Illinois

Note: Priscilla was captured by Indians as a child and was rescue d at age 18.

Lucinda Stufflebeam Eveland's cousin, John Ross, wrote a book in 1880 called "Only for Others." In this book, he devoted the first chapter to his grandmother (also Lucinda's grandmother), Priscilla Estes Miller. Although a couple of minor details in this story are slightly different than the version passed down by Lucinda, it bears most of the same elements and adds a few details. Since memories of detail tend to fade with the years, the fact that the two versions are so very similar would tend to bear out the truth of the experience itself. Also, like Lucinda, one of John's sisters was fond of combing her grandmother's hair & had the same comments about finding the scars in Priscilla's scalp that Lucinda did. Rev. John Ross' story reads as follows:

Chapter One My Great Grandmother runs the Gauntlet

My great grandmother was captured by the Indians when twelve years old, in Tennessee, and made to run the "gauntlet". That is, she was forced to run between two rows of young Indian boys, each with a tomahawk, knife or club in hand. The Indians stood just far enough apart so they would not strike one another, and everyone tried his very best to strike a blow that would kill my grandmother. Not one in a thousand ever ran one-third the distance without being killed. Since this was her only chance, and being a young robust girl, used to the frontier, grandmother made the dash for her life and succeeded in running through. Bruised, deep cuts on head, arms and body fearfully lacerated, she fell bleeding to the ground but afterward recovered. Then she was treated like a queen by these same Indians, for they believed the Great Spirit they all would meet after death in their happy hunting ground had come here on earth to protect our grandmother from her death. The writer believes that God's hand was with grandmother in saving her life, and rejoices in the fact, for, of course, if grandmother had not been spared, there never would have been the writer of this article. Having taken grandmother far from her home, the Indians gave her no chance to get away until about two years afterwards. Then, when nearing the place where she had been captured, she stole away and went home. Grandmother lived to see her children's children's children--one being the writer. I was badly afflicted for the first five years of my life. I never walked nor talked during these years, and mother being left a widow with a family to support, I was much neglected. But, during this period of my life, my great grandmother would take me in her precious, old, scarred arms (for she carried these scars on face and arms to the grave), run her dear, old wrinkled hands over my then red hair, and pray God to spare and make out of me a preacher.

Father: Richard Estes b: Abt 1732 in Orange County, Virginia Mother: Mary Stone b: Abt 1744 in Lunenburg County, Virginia

Marriage 1 Jacob Miller b: 17 Nov 1765 in Augusta (Rockingham) County, Virginia Married: 28 Nov 1788 in Madison County, Kentucky Change Date: 25 Sep 2005 Children

Mary Jane Miller b: Abt 1791 in Madison County, Kentucky
Jacob Miller b: Abt 1792 in Madison County, Kentucky
John B. Miller b: 15 Mar 1793 in Madison County, Kentucky
Nancy Miller b: Abt 1794 in Madison County, Kentucky
Elizabeth Miller b: Abt 1796 in Madison County, Kentucky
Margaret 'Peggy' Miller b: 19 Dec 1801 in Madison County, Kentucky
Delilah Miller b: 17 Apr 1802 in Madison County, Kentucky
Sarah Miller b: Abt 1803 in Madison County, Kentucky
George Washington Miller b: 8 Jul 1804 in Madison County, Kentucky
Alcey Miller b: Abt 1806 in Madison County, Kentucky
Catherine Ann Miller b: Abt 1808 in Madison County, Kentucky
Priscilla Miller b: Abt 1812 in Kentucky