Person:Pijter Martensz (1)

Facts and Events
Name Pijter Martensz
Alt Name Pyter Martens
Alt Name Piter Martens
Gender Male
Birth? Est 1630 Sint Jacobiparochie, Het Bildt, Friesland, Netherlands
Marriage 6 Mar 1659 Sint Jacobiparochie, Het Bildt, Friesland, Netherlandsto Tjerckje Hiddes
Occupation? boerenknecht

AKA Pyter Martens

Married Thursday, 6 Mar 1659 in St. Jacobiparochie, Friesland

Generation I

     I.  Pyter Martens [4758], boerenknecht, married in church [1454] on

Thirsday 6 Mar 1659 at St.-Jacobiparochie [FR] with Tjerckje Hiddes de Vries [4757], daughter of Hidde Sjoerds [11039] and Swop Jacobs [11040], born on Monday 5 Dec 1633 at Sexbierum [FR].

       From this marriage 4 children:
       1.  Marten Pytters de Vries [4614], born around 1660 at

St.-Jacobiparochie [FR], follow IIa.

       2.  Swobeke Pieter Martensdr. [6783], born around 1665.
       3.  Attje Pyttersdr. [6745], born around 1670, follow IIb. This is

your line Edward.

       4.  Hidde Pieters [6784], born around 1675.

Generation II

     IIa.  Marten Pytters de Vries [4614], son of Pyter Martens [4758] (I)

(boerenknecht) and Tjerckje Hiddes de Vries [4757], born around 1660 at St.-Jacobiparochie [FR], boer in St.-Jacobiparochie, died in 1712 at St.-Jacobiparochie [FR], married in church [1455] on Thirsday 14 Feb 1686 at St.-Jacobiparochie [FR] with Neeltje Hendricks (Hendrikx, Hendrix) Joris [4613], daughter of Hendrick Joris [4532] and Hendrickie Jan Daems [4533], died before Tuesday 30 Jan 1720 at St.-Jacobiparochie [FR].

       Neeltje Hendricks Joris is a sister of Arien Hendrick Joris, who

married Hendrickie Jans Daems. They are most probably my gggggggparents in a straight descendancy line. There is only one question remaining to be answered positively. The hereunder in red mentioned Hendrick Arjens who married Gryttje Symens in Vrouwenparochie are most likely the same couple that appear in Harlingen in the same time. They are the only couple with these names in this timeperiod. So chances are high. From this marriage 3 children:

       1.  Jan Martens [6394], born around 1695, follow IIIa.
       2.  Tjerkje Martens [6396], born around 1690, follow IIIb.
       3.  Hendrikje Martens [6395], born around 1703.

     IIb.  Attje Pyttersdr. [6745], daughter of Pyter Martens [4758] (I)

(boerenknecht) and Tjerckje Hiddes de Vries [4757], born around 1670, married [2222] on Thirsday 3 Nov 1695 at St.-Jacobiparochie [FR] with Leendert Theeuwesz. [6746], son of Theeuwes Gerkesz. [6749] and Tetje Stevensdr. Wassenaar [6750], born at Hallum [FR], Bouwknecht.

       From this marriage 2 children:
       1.  Tjerkje Leendertsdr. [6747], born at Harlingen [FR], follow


       2.  Lysbert Leenderts [6853], born in 1706 at St.-Jacobiparochie

[FR], follow IIId.

     256.  Arien Hendricks (Hendrikx, Hendrix) Joris[F][M][128] [4617], son

of Hendrick Joris[F][M][256] [4532] and Hendrickie Jan Daems[256] [4533], born at St.-Jacobiparochie [FR], huisman en diaken van de Doopsgezinde gemeente te St.-Jacobiparochie, married in church (1) [1394] (Nederlands Hervormd) on Friday 17 Apr 1693 at St.-Jacobiparochie [FR] with Amerens Wopckes (Wopckis) [4618], born at St.-Jacobiparochie [FR], married in church (2) [1395] (Nederlands Hervormd) on Sunday 27 Feb 1701 at Vrouwenparochie [FR] with

     257.  Dirkjen Jarighs[F][M][128] [4619], daughter of Jarigh

Lammerts[F][M][257] [9677] and Maartje Sjoerdts[F][M][257] [9678], born in 1679 at St.-Jacobiparochie [FR], died after 1724 at Vrouwenparochie [FR].

       From this marriage
       128a.  Jarigh (Jaerigh) Arjens[F][M] [4763], bapt. Hervormd on

Sunday 25 Dec 1701 at Harlingen [FR].

       128b.  Hendrick Arjens[F][M][64] [4630], bapt. Hervormd on Sunday 29

Apr 1703 at Vrouwenparochie [FR], see 128.

       128c.  Maartje Arjens[F][M] [4764], bapt. Hervormd on Sunday 28 Feb

1706 at Harlingen [FR].

       128d.  Jan Arjens[F][M] [10688], bapt. Hervormd on Sunday 13 May

1708 at Vrouwenparochie [FR], died before 1806 at St.-Annaparochie [FR], banns [3832] on Thirsday 15 Apr 1745 at Vrouwenparochie [FR], married (Burgelijke Stand) with Rinske Jans [10711], daughter of Jan Jaspers [10718] and Neeltje Arjens [10719], bapt. on Sunday 5 Jan 1721 at Sint Annaparochie, died before 1806 at Sint Annaparochie.

       128e.  Hendrickie Arjens[F][M] [4766], bapt. Hervormd on Sunday 19

Jul 1711 at Harlingen [FR].

       128f.  Neeltie Arjens[F][M] [4767], bapt. Hervormd on Sunday 8 Oct

1713 at Harlingen [FR].

       128g.  Sjoerd Arjens[F][M] [10058], bapt. Hervormd on Sunday 17 Jan

1717 at Vrouwenparochie [FR], schoemaker, schoenmaker, died on Monday 2 Jan 1809 at St.-Jacobiparochie [FR], married [3590] on Sunday 20 Feb 1746 at Vrouwenparochie [FR] with Eelckjen Dircks [10059], daughter of Dirck Klaassens [10071] and Aafke Sjoukes [10072], bapt. on Sunday 23 Apr 1724 at Oudebildtzijl.

Tjerckje is getrouwd Sint Jacobiparochie 6 mrt 1659 met Piter Martens, afkomstig uit Sint Jacobiparochie in 1659, geboren ± 1630, overleden Sint Jacobiparochie.

Boerenknecht te Sint Jacobiparochie. Voor hun huwelijk waren hij en Tjerkje knecht en dienstmeid bij boer Cornelis Gerbens. BIL 9-41 met 3e pr.gerecht 21-11-1664:Pieter Martens en Tjerkjen Hiddes proclameren de koop van een huis,loods enz. te Sint Jacobiparochie van Tiedke Symens voor 715 car.gld. BIL 9-117 met 3e pr.gerecht 23-3-1668:Pieter Martens proclameert de verkoop van een huis te Sint Jacobiparochie voor 875 car.gld.