Person:Pieter Pesman (7)

Pieter Willems Pesman
m. 1 Oct 1815
  1. Klaas Willems Pesman1817 - 1872
  2. Pieter Willems Pesman1817 - 1870
  3. Jantje Willems Pesman1819 - 1850
  4. Anje Willems Pesman1822 - 1899
  5. Jan Willems Pesman1824 - 1904
  6. Trientje Willems Pesman1827 - 1843
  7. Imke Willems Pesman1829 - 1917
  8. Gepke Willems Pesman1833 - 1868
m. 20 May 1848
  1. Willem Pesman1849 - 1916
  2. Grietje Pieters Pesman1851 - 1924
Facts and Events
Name Pieter Willems Pesman
Gender Male
Birth[1][7] 3 Jun 1817 Thesinge, Ten Boer, Groningen, Netherlandstwin
Residence[2] 18 Jul 1843 Zuidwolde, Bedum, Groningen, Netherlands
Residence[3] Feb 1846 Zuidwolde, Bedum, Groningen, Netherlands
Marriage 20 May 1848 Bedum, Groningen, Netherlandsto Maria Hindriks Stedeveld
Residence[4] from 7 May 1854 to 16 May 1857 Stitswerd, Kantens, Groningen, Netherlands
Residence[5] 1870 Bedum, Groningen, Netherlands
Death[5][6][8] 21 May 1870 Bedum, Groningen, Netherlands
  1. Geboorten 1811-1820, in Ten Boer, Groningen, Netherlands. Burgerlijke Stand, FHL Film No. 109572 .

    Willem Klasen Pesman, age 22, occupation werkman, resident Thesinge
    and Grietje Pieters, age 29, his wife
    on Tuesday the 3rd of June at 5 in the evening
    two sons, Klaas and Pieter
    Signed: W. K. Pesman

  2. Deaths 1843, in Bedum, Groningen, Netherlands. Burgerlijke Stand, No. 43; (FHL Film No. 0234698).

    NWillem Klassens Pesman, age 48, occupation "schipper", resident Zuidwolde, "aun boord", as father
    and Pieter Willems Pesman, age 26, without occupation, resident of Zuidwolde, "aun boord", as brother
    say that on 18 July 1843, at 3 in the morning in Zuidwolde, died Tryntje Willems Pesman, age 16, without occupation, resident of Zuidwolde, born in ten Boer, daughter of Willem Klassens Pesman, "opgemeld" [mentioned/informant], and of Grietje Pieters, without occupation, married couple, resident Zuidwold on board their boat

  3. Births 1846, in Bedum, Groningen, Netherlands. Burgerlijke Stand, No. 25; (FHL Film No. 0234690).

    Jacob Klassens Bronssema, age 26, day labourer, resident of Zuidwolde, says that
    on 25 February 1846, at 6 in the evening, in Zuidwolde, a man child named Willem was born
    The parents are Jacob Klassen Bronssema, "opgemeld" [mentioned/the informant] and Anje Willems Pesman, day labourer, spouse "te zamen", resident in Zuidwolde
    Signed: J. K. Bronssema
    P. W. Pesman (age 28, day labourer, resident Zuidwolde)

  4. Bevolkingsregister 1850-1860, in Kantens, Groningen, Netherlands. Bevolkingsregister, p. 264 (FHL Film No. 0558239).

    Stitswert, No. 27a
    Pesman, Pieter, born 1817, Noordwolde, married, Ned. H., day laborer, arrived 7 May 1854 from Bedum, returned there 16 May 1857
    Stedeveld, Maria, born 1817, Thesinge, married, N.H. , without occupation
    Pesman, Willem, born Jan 1849, Zuidwolde, single
    Pesman, Grietje, born Feb. 1851, Zuidwold, single

  5. 5.0 5.1 Bevolkingsregister, 1870-1880, in Bedum (Groningen). Bevolkingsregister. Registers der bevolking, 1850-1900. (Salt Lake City, Utah: Genealogical Society of Utah, 1968), p. 440 (FHL Film No. 0576749).

    Pesman, Pieter, male, head, born 3 June 1817 in Ten Boer, married, Ned Hers, stroodekker, House 326, died 21 May 1870
    Stedeveld, Maria, female, wife, born 3 Dec. 1816 in Hougkerk, married, Ned Hers, no occupation
    Dijken (van), Burteld, male, nephew, born 2 June 1859, Kantens, unmarried, Ned Hers, school student, left 31 Aug. 74 for Seler[s_?]
    Dijken, Willem, male, nephew, born 4 May 1861 in Bedum, unmarried, school student
    Dijken, Grietje, female, niece, born 13 March 1866 in Bedum, unmarried, Ned Hers, school student, died 15 Nov. 1876
    [note: these are children of Pieter's sister Gepke Pesman ]

  6. Burgerlijke Stand 1867-1870, in Bedum, Groningen, Netherlands. Burgerlijke Stand, Deaths 1870, #53; (FHL Film No. 0234698).

    Hombertus Groemereti, age 30, landbouwer, resident Bedum, neighbor
    and Jacob Gyll. Klugkist, age 37, landbouwer, resident Bedum, neighbor, say that
    on 21 May 1870, at three in the afternoon in Bedum,
    died Pieter Pesman, age 53, occupation stroodekker, resident Bedum, born Thesinge gemeente Ten Boer,
    son of Willem Pesman without occupation resident Bedum, and of Grietje Pieters deceased, husband of Maria Stedevelde without occupation resident Bedum

  7. Geboorteregister Ten Boer 1817, in Ten Boer, Groningen, Netherlands. Burgerlijke Stand, Aktenummer 53 AlleGroningers.

    Aktedatum 04-06-1817
    Geboortedatum 03-06-1817
    Geboorteplaats Thesinge gem. Ten Boer

    Kind Pieter Pesman
    Geslacht m
    Vader Willem Klasen Pesman
    Leeftijd 22 jaar
    Beroep werkman
    Moeder Grietje Pieters
    Leeftijd 29 jaar

    Diversen tweeling

  8. Overlijdensregister Bedum 1870, in Bedum, Groningen, Netherlands. Burgerlijke Stand, Aktenummer 53 AlleGroningers.

    Aktedatum 23-05-1870
    21-05-1870 Bedum
    Overledene Pieter Pesman
    Geslacht m
    Beroep stroodekker
    Leeftijd 52 jaar
    Geboorteplaats Thesinge gem. Ten Boer

    Relatie Maria Stedeveld
    Relatietype echtgenote
    Vader Willem Pesman
    Moeder Grietje Pieters