Person:Pierre Thibodeau (2)

Pierre Thibodeau
m. BET 1616 AND 1648
  1. Pierre Thibodeau1631 - 1704
m. ABT 1660
  1. Marie ThibodeauABT 1661 - BEF 1711
  2. Marie ThibodeauABT 1663 -
  3. Marie ThibodeauABT 1664 - BEF 1703
  4. Marie Thibodeau1665 -
  5. Anne Marie ThibodeauABT 1666 - Bet 1698-1700
  6. Marie Catherine ThibodeauABT 1668 - BEF 1721
  7. Pierre l'ainé ThibodeauABT 1670 - AFT 1719
  8. Jeanne ThibodeauABT 1672 - 1741
  9. Jean ThibodeauABT 1674 - 1746
  10. Antoine ThibodeauABT 1676 - 1753
  11. Pierre le jeune ThibodeauABT 1678 - BEF 1734
  12. Michel ThibodeauABT 1680 - 1734
  13. Cecile ThibodeauABT 1681 -
  14. Anne Marie ThibodeauABT 1683 - 1720
  15. Claude ThibodeauABT 1685 -
  16. Catherine Josephe ThibodeauABT 1687 -
  17. Charles ThibodeauABT 1689 - 1756
Facts and Events
Name[2][14] Pierre Thibodeau
Alt Name Thiboudeaux
Alt Name[2] Thibaudeau
Alt Name[2] Tibaudeau
Gender Male
Birth[2] 1631 Poitou, France
Alt Birth? 1631 Poitu, Fr.
Alt Birth[7] C1631
Alt Birth[6] ABT 1635 France
Immigration[2] ABT 1654 Acadia, Canada
Marriage ABT 1660 Port Royal, , , Acadiato Jeanne Theriot
Census[1] 1671 Port Royal, Acadie
Occupation[1] 1671 Port Royal, AcadieLaboureur
Census 1671 Port Royal, Acadiawith Jeanne Theriot
Alt Death? BET 1682 AND 1727
Death[2] 26 Dec 1704 Prée Ronde, , , Acadia
Alt Death[8] 26 DEC 1704 Port Royal, AcadiePrée-Ronde
Burial[3] 27 Dec 1704 Port Royal, , , Acadia
Occupation[4] Plowman, Miller, Colonizer
Other[5] Thibodeau Village, , , AcadiaLand
Alt Burial? 27 Dec 1704 Port-Royal, , Acadie, Canada


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!BIRTH-IMMIGRATION-OCCUPATION-MARRIAGE-CHILDREN-RESIDENCES-DEATH: Web page of Univ. of Moncton, Centre d'etudes acadiennes, by Stephen White, on the 37 Acadian families hosting the 1994 World Congress; orig. published by La Societe historique acadienne, CAHIERS; vol. 25, no. 2&3 (Apr-Sep 1994), at <>. Pierre was a miller, colonist who founded Chipoudy. He died at Port-Royal on 26 Dec 1704.

!PARENTS: Listed father Mathurin RHIBAUDA (THIBODEAUX), mother Marie DEBEAU, on Ancestor Chart of Arthur O. KOHN, sent in Jan 1995.

!PARENTS: Web page of Cyndie DUPUIS, found by doing an Altavista--Hobbies--Genealogy--T surnames--THIBODEAUX search in Jan 1998. She lists parents of Pierre THIOBODEAUX (1631-1704) as Mathurin RHIBAUDA THIBODEAUX, who married about 1660 [?] to Marie DOLBEAU.

!BIRTH-IMMIGRATION-MARRIAGE-CHILDREN-RESIDENCES-OCCUPATION-DEATH: Reginald L. Olivier, YOUR ANCIENT CANADIAN FAMILY TIES; p. 311; Sutro. Pierre THIBODEAU, born 1631, settled at Port-Royal, Acadia where he married in 1660 to to Jeanne TERRIOT, daughter of Jean & Perrine REAU; fourteen children on 1671 [sic, on the 1686] census. He was the founder of Chipody (today Shipody, Albert county, New Brunswick). He died at his mill in Port-Royal known as Pree-Ronde on 26 Dec 1704.

!OCCUPATION: According to translation of Arsenault, "he was a miller at the Pree Ronde near the source of the river Port Royal."

!CENSUS: 1678, Clarence J. d'Entremont, "Recensement de Port-Royal," in MEMOIRES DE LA SOCIETE GENEALOGIQUE CANADIENNE-FRANCAISE; vol. 22, no. 4; p. 233; sent by PERSI in Jun 1999. On Folio 20: Pierre THIBAUDEAU & Jeanne TERRIOT, with three boys and five girls. They have 12 arpents of land, with 30 head of cattle.

!CENSUS: 1686, Port Royal, Acadia, age 55 years. Pierre TIBAUDEAU with wife Jeanne TERIOT, 43 and their 14 children. They owned 1 gun, 10 arpents of workable land, 14 horned animals, 5 sheep, and 7 pigs.

!CENSUS: 1693, Port Royal, Acadia, age 59 years (sic), name spelled TIBAUDEAU. Living with wife Jeanne TERRIOT, age 50, and 8 children, age 17 to 4. They have 20 cattle, 30 sheep, 12 pigs, on 30 arpents of land, with 2 guns.

!CENSUS: 1698, Port Royal, Acadia, age 65 years.

!RESIDENCES: "In 1698 he founded Chiboudy, according to Hopewell N.M. . . came to Acadia with Emmanuel Le BORGNE of Belle Isle in 1654." "1698--Pierre Thibaudeau, a miller, persuades members of the Blanchard family to join him in establishing settlements along the Petitcodiac estuary in what is now New Brunswick. In a well-protected cove of the Bay of Fundy, these settlements eventually grow into what is now metropolitan the center of Canadian Acadian culture." (Rushton, The Cajuns, p. 311.)

!CENSUS: 1700, Port Royal, Acadia, age 66 years (sic).

!CENSUS: 1701, age 71 years.

!DEATH-FATHER-BIRTH: Bulletin Board posting on AOL "T" surnames by ( Pierre THIBODEAUX, son of Mathurin RHIBAUDA, born in 1630 in Marans near La Rochelle, France, came to Acadia in 1654. He died in Dec 1704 in Pre-Ronde [sic], Canada; buried 26 Dec [sic] at Port Royal, Acadia.


Considered the founder of Chipoudy ( Hopewell Hill ) in the Memramcook River Valley, N.B.

(Research):4522. Pierre THIBODEAU was born about 1630 in Marans, La Rochelle, France.(3284) He immigrated about 1654 to Acadia.(3285) He died about Dec 1704.(3286) (Th√©riault gives death date as 27 Dec, at Grand-Pr√©.) He was buried on 26 Dec 1704 in Port-Royal, Acadia.(3287) He was married to Jeanne TH√[per mille]RIAULT about 1660 in Port-Royal, Acadia. (3288)(3289) (In Droiun spelled "Terriot".) Had 17 children. 3284. Fid√[diaeresis]le Th√©riault. Telegraph-Journal. St. John, New Brunswick. "Thibodeau Family," August 10, 1994, p. A8. 3285. Bona Arsenault. Histoire et G√©n√©alogie des Acadiens. Qu√©bec, 1965. p.518. 3286. Fid√[diaeresis]le Th√©riault. Telegraph-Journal. St. John, New Brunswick. "Thibodeau Family," August 10, 1994, p. A8. 3287. Bona Arsenault. Histoire et G√©n√©alogie des Acadiens. Qu√©bec, 1965. p.518.

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    Recensement 1671, Port Royal, Acadie
    "Laboureur - PIERRE THIBEAUDEAU aagé de quarante ans, sa femme Jeanne Terriau aagée de 27 ans, Leurs enfans six, Marie aagée de dix ans, Marie âgée de huict à neuf ans, Marie aagée de sept ans, Anne Marie six ans, Catherine quattre ans, Pierre aagé d'un an, Leurs bestiaux a cornes dousce et onsce brebis. Leurs terres labourables sept arpans."

    !CENSUS-NAME: 1671, Port Royal, Acadia, Pierre THIBEAUDEAU, "Laboureur," age 40 years, living with wife Jeanne TERRIAU and 6 children. They have 12 cattle and 11 sheep, on 7 arpents workable land. Karen Theriot Reader

  2. 2.0 2.1 2.2 2.3 2.4 2.5 Dictionary of Canadian Biography Online, Volume II, 1701-1740.

    "TIBAUDEAU (Thibaudeau, Thibodeau), PIERRE, miller, settler, founder of the Acadian family of that name; b. 1631 in the province of Poitou; d. 26 Dec. 1704 at Prée-Ronde.

    Tibaudeau arrived in 1654 in Acadia and married Jeanne Terriot around 1660. Being a miller, he settled and built a mill near Port-Royal (Annapolis Royal, N.S.), in a canton called Prée-Ronde, and soon became prosperous.

    Tibaudeau is noteworthy particularly as the founder of Chipoudy (Shepody, N.B.). At an advanced age, he decided to acquire a seigneurial domain, and in the spring of 1698, with four of his sons and a comrade, he chose his site at Chipoudy. Guillaume Blanchard and two of his sons accompanied them there, then settled on the Petitcodiac.

    A legal dispute arose which threatened his plan when an officer from Port-Royal, Claude-Sébastien de Villieu, asserted that the domains claimed by Tibaudeau and Blanchard formed part of the fief belonging to his father-in-law, Michel Leneuf de La Vallière (the elder). The case was referred to Paris, but this did not stop Pierre Tibaudeau from carrying on with the task of beginning a settlement. The final verdict did not reach Acadia until after the pioneer’s death. A decree of the Conseil d’État dated 2 June 1705, defining more precisely that of 20 March 1703, confirmed La Vallière’s claims. The dream of a seigneury at Chipoudy was dispelled. Nevertheless, the pioneers retained possession of their “lands and inheritances,” and the settlement was able to develop: the 1706 census listed 55 persons at Chipoudy, and that of 1752, 359.

    A daughter of the founder, Jeanne, had married the Sieur Mathieu de Goutin, naval commissary at Port-Royal and civil administrator; he wrote several letters or reports about the litigation between La Vallière and the Chipoudy settlers, and they constitute a valuable source of documentation concerning Pierre Tibaudeau. Clément Cormier

    [Historians have used as one of their main sources for this period Rameau de Saint-Père’s work, Une colonie féodale, which contains an interesting chapter on Pierre Tibaudeau. After years of genealogical research Placide Gaudet pointed out some errors in the family relationships described in the chapter in question. In a letter to Msgr Louis-A. Richard of Trois-Rivières, he stigmatized them as “pure invention concerning the old miller’s children.” Gaudet attributed these errors to the fact that Rameau had only the censuses to guide him. In preparing this biography and that of Jean-François Brossard errors in Rameau have been indicated, for example the two alleged marriages of Brossard’s daughters, the first one with Pierre Tibaudeau, the other with Jacques Martin, neither of which took place. c.c.]

    AN, Col., B, 27, f.153; C11D, 2, f.126; 3, ff.225–26; 4, ff.178–83; 5, ff.81–83; Section Outre-Mer, G1, 466 (Recensements de l’Acadie, 1671, 1686, 1693, 1698, 1700, 1703). PANS, MS docs., XXVI (parish register of Port-Royal, 26 Dec. 1704). P.-G. Roy, Inv. concessions, IV, 108.

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  3. Stephen A. White. Dictionnaire Généalogique des Familles Acadiennes. (2 vols., Moncton, New Brunswick: Centre d'Études Acadiennes, 1999), p. 1508.

    Age 80 years (sic), resident and Miller on the upper river, called prarie La Ronde.

  4. Stephen A. White. Dictionnaire Généalogique des Familles Acadiennes. (2 vols., Moncton, New Brunswick: Centre d'Études Acadiennes, 1999), p. 1508.
  5. E-mail message.

    During Congres Mondial Acadien 2004 (World Wide Congress of Acadians) held in Nova Scotia, Canada, a highlight for the hundreds of Louisiana Thibodeau(x)s who attended was learning of the existence of a “Thibodeau Village” in Nova Scotia, prior to the deportation of Acadians in 1755. Thibodeau Village, located in Nova Scotia on the St. Croix River about twenty-five miles west of the Grand-Pré National Historic Site, stood on land that is today owned by the Shaw family,"New England Planters", who acquired the land six years after the deportation by a British Crown Land Grant in 1761. The Thibodeau and the Shaw family are the only families to have ever occupied the land since Europeans arrived in the region. Since 2004, the two families have formed a bond. When Dick Thibodeau, of Maine, first identified the Thibodeau site, he contacted the Shaw family to inform them they occupied what had once been Thibodeau Village in Acadian times. Dick and Sara Beanlands (archeologist and daughter, niece of the Shaw family land owners) collaborated for nearly two years in preparation for their joint presentation during the Thibodeau(x) reunion. The demonstration of emotion and appreciation on the part of the 150 Thibodeau(x)'s who accepted an invitation from Sara to visit the original Thibodeau farm, has not been forgotten and the memory, of all who attended, will be cherished forever. On Sunday, April 23, [2006] at 2:00 p.m., the Acadian Memorial Foundation will host a presentation of the Nova Scotian Thibodeau / Shaw family homestead by Sara Beanlands and Dick Thibodeau, who will explain what it has meant to the Shaw family to learn that their land, at one time during the Acadian era, was "Thibodeau Village". Sara has directed archeological digs on the property and has discovered many artifacts such as coins, belt buckles, and pieces of pottery from that era. Dick Thibodeau will express his experience about his discovery that the family’s land was once a site of the historical home of the Thibodeau family and village.

  6. .

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    No parents or place of birth listed for Pierre THIBODEAU.

  10.   White, Stephen A; Hector-J Hébert; and Patrice Gallant. Dictionnaire généalogique des familles acadiennes. (Moncton, Westmorland, New Brunswick, Canada: Centre d'études acadiennes, Université de Moncton, 1999), p. 150.
    1. 1: Pierre THIBODEAU, born around 1631, laborer, miller, coloniser. He married around 1660 (Tanguay; vol. VII, p.290) to Jeanne THÉRIOT, daughter of Jean & Perrine RAU; sixteen children. He died/was buried (Port Royal Register) on 26/27 Dec 1704, at age 80 years (sic). He was "habitant et Meunier en haut de la riviere, appele' prée La Ronde."
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    (Port Royal), Originally from Poitou [where found?], he arrived in Acadia in 1654, in the company of Emmanuel LE BORGNE of Belle-Isle. He married around 1660, was buried at Port Royal.

  12.   Arsenault, Bona. Histoire et généalogie des Acadiens. (Quebec: Le Conseil de la Vie française en Amérique, 1965), pg. 50.

    (Lemeac Edition) Chipoudy (today Hopewell Hill) was founded by Pierre THIBODEAU around 1698. Pierre had come to Acadia with Emmanuel LeBORGNE. He arrived with five sons and a number of other citizens from Port-Royal, built a church on a site known today as Church Creek, and a flour mill at a place now called Mill Creek.

  13.   Martin, Lucien T. Remember Us: Thibodeau. (Remember Us).

    Remember Us by Lucien T. Martin states: "Pierre Thibodeau was about 23 when he came to Acadia in 1654. He was indentured to Emmanual LeBargne, a rich merchant of La Rochelle, France, who as one of Charles d'Aulnay's creditors, had come to Acadia seeking a judgment against d'Aulnay's estate. After Pierre's term of indentured service was over, he married Jeanne Terriau in 1660, daughter of Jean and Perrine Bourg of Port Royal."

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