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Phineas Johnson Bresee
m. 26 Dec 1905
  1. Phineas Johnson Bresee1907 - 1990
Facts and Events
Name[1] Phineas Johnson Bresee
Gender Male
Birth? 24 Feb 1907 Los Angeles, California, United States
Death? 17 Jan 1990 Los Angeles, California, United States

P.J. was very active in the Masonic Order and was the Past High Priest of his temple.

1990 - At the time of his death, he owned several 1.5" to the foot model trains that were kept at the LA Live Steamers in Griffith Park. The Lionel train collection in the attic of his home included 23 steam type models alone. His grandson Phineas Scott Bresee has the best parts of the Lionel collection. The Griffith Park train collection is now cared for by his son, Mel.

1988 - Listen to a recording dated 6 July 1988 by PJ Bresee covering his life, recorded by Frank Bresee.

1943 - That year they purchased a home at 940 West 20th St., LA, where he lived until death.

1933 - After marriage, they lived in the funeral home on South Figueroa St. Albert A. & Rebecca Webb (his half sister) were witnesses to the wedding. Soon after, with the help of a loan from Mel Bresee, they purchased a duplex at 4516 Maplewood Ave., LA which was north of Melrose Ave. near Hollywood. At the time of PJ's marriage in 1933, Albert A. Web, his brother-in-law and sister, Rebecca, were living at 1006 So. Lake St, the old home.

1931 - When he graduated from the California College of Embalming on 3 March 1931, his uncle P.W. Bresee signed the certificate as Secretary. He passed the State Board of Embalming and Funeral Directing on 9 June 1931.

1926 - He attended the San Diego Army and Navy Academy and made the rank of corporal on 15 March 1926, and was made First Lieutenant on 3December 1926.

1920 census shows his father, E. H. Bresee, age 57 (born 1863) living on Lake St., Los Angeles, CA, with his wife, Grace J. age 42, daughter Rebecca age 19, son Phineas J. age 12 and daughter Ruth J. age 6.

1917 - About this time the family moved to 434 Ave. 66, Los Angeles.

1910 census shows him as age 3 living with his parents at 1006 S. Lake St., Los Angeles.

1907 birth date and location is based on his birth certificate which establishes his parents. PJ was born in the Good Samaritan Hospital when it was at 9th and Figueroa St. in downtown Los Angeles. Dr. Paul Bresee signed the birth certificate. The family lived at 1006 S. Lake St., LA near Olympic Blvd., west of downtown until around 1916.

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