Person:Phillip Brumbaugh (2)

m. 26 Dec 1852
  1. Edward D. Brumbaugh1854 - 1854
  2. Amanda M. Brumbaugh1855 - Bet 1921 & 1930
  3. Martha Ellen Brumbaugh1858 - 1908
  4. Lenora Brumbaugh1859 - 1859
  5. Sarah Annetta Brumbaugh1860 - 1931
  6. Emaline D. Brumbaugh1863 -
  7. William S BrumbaughAbt 1864 - 1874
  8. Ida May Brumbaugh1866 - 1954
  9. Phillip Grant Brumbaugh1869 - 1951
m. 23 Dec 1896
Facts and Events
Name[1][2][3][4][5] Phillip Grant Brumbaugh
Gender Male
Birth[6] 1869 , Lamoni, Decatur County, Iowa,
Alt Birth? 2 Mar 1869 , Panora, Guthrie County, Iowa,
Marriage 23 Dec 1896 to Mary DeFrance Halliburton
Alt Marriage 25 Dec 1896 to Mary DeFrance Halliburton
Census 1900 , Polk, Sullivan County, Missouri,with Mary DeFrance Halliburton
Occupation[8] 1902 , Milan, Sullivan County, Missouri,physician as reported in several entries in the 1902 Milan Standard
Occupation[9] 8 Jan 1904 Milan's oldest and most reliable dentist.
Census[10][11] 1910 , Polk Twp, Sullivan County, Missouri,
Census 1920 , Milan City, Sullivan County, Missouri,with Mary DeFrance Halliburton
Census 1930 , Kansas City, Jackson County, Missouri,with Mary DeFrance Halliburton
Death[7] May 1951 , Kansas City, Jackson County, Kansas,
Burial? May 1951 Oakwood Cemetery, Milan, Sullivan County, Missouri,
  1. Ancestral File
    # S1S1-1S.
  2. Tombstone of Philiip Grant Brumbaugh and Mary D. Halliburton. (photo from Neil S. Smith - (Brumbaugh_philipgrant_mary_tombstone_oakwood.jpg))
    imported name, birth & death data.
  3. Dorothy Brumbaugh. Query Response re Philip Grant Brumbaugh. (
    My grandfather, Phillip Grant Brumbaugh was born in 1869 in Lamoni, Iowa and died in 1951 in Kansas City, Missouri. He was the son of Phillip Brumbaugh and they resided in Browning, Missouri. His cousin, Meda Alspach married Glenn Freeland, and they resided in Browning until their deaths in the 1990's. They had two sons -- one son was killed in the service and one son was a professor in Kirksville, Missouri. My grandfather, Phillip Grant Brumbaugh, married Mary DeFrance Halliburton, and they resided in Milan, Missouri until approximately 1919, when they moved to Kansas City where they resided until their deaths. They had one daughter, Josephine, who died at birth in approximately 1905; my father, Francis (Frank) Halliburton Brumbaugh (b. 11-01-1910, d. 3-10-1988); and my uncle, Phillip Gerald Brumbaugh (b. 10-16-191?, d. 1980?). My brother (Phillip Gordon Brumbaugh, b. 6-29-41) and I (Dorothy Ann Brumbaugh, b. 10-22-47) have an very large volume of Brumbaugh geneology that goes back to when the Brumbaughs came from Germany in the 1700's - published in the 20's, however, my father made hand entries after that time until his death. Phillip Gerald Brumbaugh's daughter, Carol Francis Carpenter (b. 1940?), currently lives in Hawaii.
  4. Gaius Marcus Brumbaugh. Genealogy of the Brumbach families. (1913, Vol. II)
    [E2149] PHILIP GRANT6 BRUMBAUGH, D. D. S. ([E1833] Philip5, same ancestry as [E2142] b March 2, 1869, at Panora, Guthrie Co., Iowa; Dec. 23, 1896, m Mary De France Halliburton at Linneus, Linn Co., Mo.; b Feb. 3, 1876; dau Joseph Holman and Frances (Walkerson) Halliburton. He attended Kansas City Dental College (1893-96), graduating April, 1896, with degree of D. D. S., and is successfully engaged in the practice of dentistry at Milan, Sullivan Co., Mo. He is Repn.; Protestant; and was Chancellor Commander K. of P. Jan., 1904, to Jan., 1906.; p 695.
  5. Dorothy Brumbaugh, Frank Brumbaugh Family Outline
    [Granddaughter of Phillip Grant and Mary Haliburton Brumbaugh] Page: It is a small world after all -- the man your father met at Western Auto was my father, Frank Brumbaugh (1910-1988). Dad was born in Milan, Sullivan County, Missouri, where my grandfather, Philip Grant Brumbaugh (1869-1951), was a dentist. Dad and his family moved to Kansas City in approximately 1919 where my grandfather continued to practice dentistry. My mother [Mary Elizabeth (Betty) Hitchcock Brumbaugh] and father met when they both worked at Western Auto. My dad had a brother, Philip Gerald Brumbaugh, who I believe was born around 1914. He also had a sister, Josephine, who died at birth in 1905. (A few websites report she was born in 1897, however, to the best of my knowledge and from family documents I have, 1905 is the correct date.) My grandmother's name was Mary DeFrance Halliburton Brumbaugh, and her family lived in Milan also. I understand her family donated the land for Oak Lawn cemetery in Milan. Yes, we are about the same age. I was born 10-22-1947. I live in Prairie Village, Kansas (a suburb of Kansas City, Missouri). I have a brother, Philip Gordon Brumbaugh, born 6-29-41, who lives in Ballwin, Missouri, a suburb of St. Louis. My uncle, Philip Gerald Brumbaugh, had one daughter, Carol Francis Brumbaugh Carpenter, who now lives in Hawaii.
  6. Dorothy Brumbaugh. Query Response re Philip Grant Brumbaugh. (
  7. Missouri Death Certificates Index 1910-1955, Record Type: State Archives, Records Services, Subject: Archived Death Records, Url: (11 Sep 2006)
    Philip G. Brumbaugh May _, 1951 Jackson Kansas City 16442.
  8. GEDCOM from Neil S. Smith. (Date of Import: 10 Feb 2001).
  9. In His New Home. (Green City Press, Sullivan County Records CDROM from Steven Pfeiffer)
    "Dr. P. G. Brumbaugh, Milan's oldest and most reliable dentist, has moved his dental parlors to the handsome and elegant rooms over the Milan Bank, northwest corner square, where he will be found after this date, ready to serve the public. Dr. Brumbaugh has been in Milan so long, and his work so well established among the people of the county, that words of praise eminating from the Press would be needless eulogy. He has his office equiped with the latest improvements and prepared to do all knds of crown and bridge work that is second to no dentist in the state. It is with pleasure that we can recommed (sic) his work to the people of eastern Sullivan and guarantee them satisfaction. Remember his location, over Milan Bank, northwest corner square, and when in need of first-class dental work call and see him in his new home".
  10. 1910 Sullivan County, Missouri, Philip G Brumbaugh household, Record Type: 13th US Population Census, Record Info: Polk Twp, page 181A
    Philip Brumbaugh, m, w, 40, m1, 13 yrs, Iowa, F: PA, M: Ind, dentist, city, OA, Y, Y, O, F, H; Mary D, wife, f, w, 34, m1, 13, 0, 0, Missouri, parents b. Missouri.
  11. Philip Brumbaugh, m, w, 40, m1, 13 yrs, Iowa, F: PA, M: Ind, dentist, city, OA, Y, Y, O, F, H; Mary D, wife, f, w, 34, m1, 13, 0, 0, Missouri, parents b. Missouri