Person:Peter Temple (3)

Peter Temple
m. 1515
  1. Peter Temple - 1578
m. 1541
  1. John TempleAbt 1542 - 1603
  2. Anthony Temple - Bef 1581
Facts and Events
Name[1] Peter Temple
Gender Male
Marriage 1541 Stowe, Buckinghamshire, Englandto Mylycent Jekyll
Death[2][3] 17 May 1578 Stowe, Buckinghamshire, England(year assumed from date of probate)
Burial[2] All Saints Churchyard, Burton Dassett, Warwickshire, England
Probate[1] 11 Jun 1578 London, England

Personal History

Peter Temple was the second son of Thomas Temple of Whitney, co. Oxford, by Alice, daughter of John Eritage/Heritage of Burton Dasset, co. Warwick.[3]

On 26 August 1534,[5] Peter Temple was admitted to Lincoln's Inn.[4] In the November following, he was admitted into a chamber of Lincoln's Inn by the gift of his “kin”, Thomas Heritage,[3][4] the same uncle whose debts were to be paid by the executor of Peter's will (see below). On 20 May 1568, he was made an Associate to the Bench.[4]

Death and Probate

Peter died at Stowe, co. Buckingham,[3] on 17 May,[2] probably in 1578 (the year of his probate), although a later pedigree gives his year of death as 1577.[3]

In his will dated 8 April, 13 Eliz. [1571],[1] Peter Temple of Burton Dassett, co. Warwick, Esq., “beinge whole of bodie,” bequeathed to his wife Millisent, during her life, 100 marks yearly and half of the household goods. He bequeathed money to a number of people, including £20 to “my man Townesende,” £20 apiece to the two daughters of Millisent Pultney at their marriage, £10 yearly to his cousin Joane “duringe her widowhood yf she outlive her husbande,” £20 to Thomas Wottn Esq., £20 to John Marshe Esq., £20 to Clement Throckmorton Esq., and £10 to the marriage of Besse Petyner. He instructed his executor to pay debts of his late uncle Thomas Heritage, clerk, (if still unpaid). He also bequeathed £5 to the Burton Church, £20 to the hospital at Bablake, and various amounts to the poor of the parish of Dorsett [or Dassett], the parish of Mortn[?], the town of Mollington, and the parish of Littleworth, co. Leicester. He bequeathed all of his lands and hereditaments in the county of Warwick to his son John Temple for his lifetime, and after John's death, to John's son and heir apparent, Thomas Temple. In default of such issue it was to go to his son Anthony Temple and to the heirs male of his body. He bequeathed £300 to his son Anthony and also a yearly rent of £20 to him, his wife Jane, and his heirs. The previously named John Temple and Thomas Temple were appointed his executors with John having sole execution during his lifetime. (Thomas was still a minor at the date of probate.) The will was proved 11 June 1578, in London, in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury.


Peter Temple's body was placed in an alter tomb in the north transept of All Saints Church at Burton Dassett, co. Warwick. On top of the tomb was a marble stone or slab bearing “two portraitures in brass,” and an epitaph was inscribed as follows:—[2]

“Here under this stone lyeth the body of | Peter Temple Esquier, who departed | out of this world at Stowe in the County | of Buckingham the XVII day of May Anno.

“Whose soul God hath in his blessed keeping.”
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