Person:Peter Hitt (2)

m. 1682
  1. Peter HittAbt 1684 - Bef 1772
m. 1714
  1. John HittAbt 1715 - Aft 1772
  2. Joseph Hitt1717 - Bet 1782 & 1787
  3. Harmon Hitt1721 - 1820
  4. Henry Hitt1724 - 1783
  5. Peter Hitt1726 - 1810
  6. Mary Ann Hitt1727 - 1813
Facts and Events
Name Peter Hitt
Alt Name Peter Heite
Gender Male
Birth? Abt 1684 Rehbak, Nassau-Siegen, Westfalen, Prussia[date est based on given age of 80 in 1764 deposition]
Alt Birth? 1685 Rehbach, Germany
Marriage 1714 Germanna, Virginia, USAto Elizabeth Otterbach
Other[1] 18 Oct 1730 Stafford, Stafford, Virginia, United Stateswitness to Will of Joseph Cowntz [Cuntze]
Property[1] 7 Feb 1745 Prince William, Virginia, United Statesis deeded 200ac in Germantown from Harman Fishback
Other[1] 27 Oct 1746 Prince William, Virginia, United Stateswitness to deed from Henry Cuntz to Tilman Weaver
Property[1] 14 Sep 1754 Prince William, Virginia, United Statesis deeded his portion of Germantown land by John Hoffman and Jacob Holtzclaw
Other[1] Abt 1755 Fauquier, Virginia, United Statestestifies in court about division of Germantown land is suit between Jacob Spilman and his mother
Other[3] 27 Sep 1764 Fauquier, Virginia, United Statesgives deposition in court case of Jacob Holtzclaw
Property[1] 22 Apr 1771 Fauquier, Virginia, United Statesdeeds 100ac in Germantown to Tilman Martin
Burial? 1771 Germantown, Fauquier, Va
Will[2] 23 Mar 1772 Fauquier, Virginia, United States
Death? Bef 27 Jul 1772 Germantown, Fauquier, Virginia, USA[probate]
Probate[2] 27 Jul 1772 Fauquier, Virginia, United States

Peter Hitt was one of the Early Settlers of Germanna Colony

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Peter Hitt was listed among the first group of settlers to Germanna Colony in Virginia in April 1714:

  • Peter Hitt was thought to be in his young 30's.

Transcript of Copy of 1772 Will of Peter Hitt

[Note of Caution: This is a transcript of a Copy of Peter's will which has been widely published. The Copy itself was recorded in Fauquier County Will Book 1, p 200. This transcript has been found to contain discrepancies with the original Will - see notes below.]

In the name of God, Amen, this 23ed day of March in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and seventy-two: I, Peter Hitt of the County of Fauquier, being weak of body, but of perfect mind and memory, Thanks be to God for it, do make and ordain this my last Will and Testament; That is to say I give and devise in the following manner and form:

Imprimis: I give and bequest to Elizabeth, my beloved wife, all of my estate to use during her natural life.
Item: I give to my son, John Hitt, my Negro woman Judy and My Negro boy George.
Item: I give and bequeath to my son, Joseph Hitt, my Negro man called Young Tom.
Item: I give and bequeath to my son, Harman Hitt, my Negro girl Hannah and my Negro man called Old Tom.
Item: I give and bequeath to my son, Peter Hitt, my Negro boy called by the name Ben.
Item: I give and bequeath to my daughter, Mary Rector, one hundred acres of land, being the plantation where I now live, and my Negro boy named Moses.
Item: I give to my son, Henry Hitt, one hundred pounds cash, which is all he is to have of my estate.
Item: My will and desier is that after the deceas of my wife that all my estate that is not hearin mentioned be sold to the highest bidder and the money arising therefrom be equally divided amongst all my Children hearafter Named That is to say, John / Joseph / Harman / Peter & Mary and Lastly I do Nominate and appoint my eldest two sons Harman Hitt & Joseph Hitt Executors of this my Last Will and Testament in witness whereof I have hearunto set my hand and seal the day and year above written.
Signed Peter (P) Hitt
In the presence of:Harman (X) Rector
Joseph Taylor
John Morgan

Teste: H.L. Pearson, clerk, Circuit Court of Fauquier County, Virginia

In the Court of Fauquier County this 27th day of July 1772. This will was proved by the oaths of Harman Rector and Joseph Taylor witness thereto and ordered to be recorded and on the motion of Harmon Hitt and Joseph Hitt, executors thereon, who made oath and executed legal bond. The law directs certificate be granted them for a probate through in due form.
Teste: J. W. Burkett

A copy Teste: H. L. Pearson, Clerk
By Wm Harris, chief Dep. Clerk
Clerks office Circuit Court Fauquier County, VA
Copied from Original Instrument.

Notes on possible transcription errors in 1772 Will of Peter Hitt

  • In response to questions surrounding the ages of Peter's children and who was the eldest son, GaryYoung, post #27 revealed that the original will is extant and the Germanna Foundation Library has a photocopy which contains some differences from this transcript. He writes, "I obtained a copy and it does NOT include the word "ELDEST" prior to Harmon and Joseph's designation as Executors. Therefore, I think John Hitt probably was the ELDEST son as he is named first in the will. I have no idea how the word "eldest" came to be entered in later transcriptions unless it is an error in the Will Book copy itself?"

Records in Virginia

  • Northern Neck Land Grant; F-150: Herman Hitt, son of Peter Hitt, of Prince William County, 294 acres in Prince William County. Surv. Mr. Thomas Davies. Adj. Worden Pope, near Br. of Great Run of Rappanannock, Col. Lee, Peter Hitt, Rosser's line. 20 Febj 1743. [Virginia Northern Neck Land Grants, 1742-1775, Vol. 2, Gertrude E. Gray, pg. 8].
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    Peter Hitt can be found in many official Virginia documents and records, such as the following:
    1. Peter Hitt was a witness to the will of Joseph Cowntz (Cuntze, Coons) another of the 1714 immigrants (Stafford County, Virginia, Will Book 1729-1748, 18 October 1730, p. 22).
    2. Harman Fishback, in view of a marriage to be solemnized between himself and Mary Noe, widow, deeds to Peter Hitt 100 acres where Harman now lives and another 100 acres joining John Rector and Tillman Weaver in Germantown; test: Joseph Martin, William Coarns, John Kemper, George Dent. (Prince William County, Virginia, Deed Book "I", 7 February 1745, p. 12.).
    3. Peter Hitt witnessed a deed from Henry Cuntz to Tilman Weaver for 100 acres in Germantown adjoining Peter Hitt and Tilman Weaver, land which was left to Henry by the will of his father, Joseph Cuntz, dec'd. (Prince William County, Virginia, Deed Book "I", 27 October 1746, p. 233.)
    4. John Hoffman and Jacob Holtzclaw, the surviving trustees of the Germantown land, deeded the land to the twelve families on 14 September 1754 (Prince William County, Virginia, Order Book, 1754-1755, p. 137).
    5. Peter Hitt testified at court about the division of land among the 12 Germanna families at Germantown in the suit between Jacob Spilman and his mother, Mary Dent. (Fauquier County, Virginia, Miscellaneous Records (Land Causes), 1759, p. 5).
    6. Peter Hitt, Jacob Weaver, Peter Kemper, all of Fauquier County, and Harman Fishback of Culpeper County deed to Tilman Martin 100 acres in Germantown, formerly set apart for the German glebe; test. Thomas Marshall, Tilman Weaver, Joseph Martin, Josiah Holtzclaw. (Fauquier County, Virginia, Deed Book 4, 22 April 1771, p. 178).
    [cos1776 note: records have not been verified. For reference only.]

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    Peter Hitt's will (filed in Fauquier County, Virginia, Will Book 1, page 200) was written 23 March 1772 and was proved on 27 July 1772.

  3. .

    Source: Allen Wiley & wife vs. Jeremiah Darnall Executor of Estate of Jacob Holtzclaw deceased, Library of Virginia: Fauquier County Chancery Court File No. 1771-003.

    ... In the deposition of Peter Hitt aged about 80 years he stated that he heard Jacob Holtzclaw say that he would give his daughter Eve Holtzclaw a Negro girl and when Jacob Holtzclaw said that he "appeared to be very much in Liquor and believes that he did not know any thing he said or did." Peter Hitt further stated that he heard no mention of any money. Peter Hitt signed with his mark "PH."
    [Depositions taken 27 September 1764 by W. Blackwell and Jos. Hudnall and returned to the court.]