Person:Peter Fäth (1)

  1. Peter Fäth1832 - 1894
m. 1 Oct 1860
  1. Johann Raphael Fäth1860 - 1874
  2. Heinrich F. Faeth1863 - 1947
  3. Genaveta Elisabetha Faeth1865 - ABT 1939
  4. Veronica Faeth1868 - 1930
  5. John Paul Faeth1871 - 1951
Facts and Events
Name Peter Fäth
Gender Male
Alt Birth? Jul 1832 Alsace-Lorraine, France
Birth? 4 Jul 1832 Wintersbach, Bavaria, Germany
Marriage 1 Oct 1860 Hessenthal, Unterfranken, Bayern, Germanyto Anna Maria Aloysia Diener
Residence[1] 1890 85 Ley, Allegheny City, Pennsylvania
Death? 4 Jul 1894 Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania, United StatesTroy Hill
Reference Number? 13
Occupation? baker in Germany; farmer in PA
Burial? Most Holy Name Cemetery, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

According to Irma Faeth, Peter Fäth was from Alsace-Lorraine which was part of France at the time of his birth in 1832 until 1871 when it became part of the German Empire. He was a world traveler and believed one should not need a passport to travel. He travelled to a hotel and small bakery owned by Louisa Diener, a widow, in Aschaffenburg, Bavaria. The hotel was next to a Catholic church and very close to a famous castle. The hotel was prosperous as many people came to visit the church to make pilgrimages and for cures. Peter married Louisa and worked as a baker at her hotel. Eventually, Peter made her sell the hotel to come to America with him (perhaps with their children or her children) in 1881, one of the heaviest years of German migration to the United States. They settled on a farm on Mt. Troy (Troy Hill) in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (a predominately German neighborhood at the time) and changed the spelling of their name to Faeth. His son, John Paul, was nine years old when he came to the US and began attending school on Mt. Troy. Peter died on Troy Hill on July 04, 1894 and is buried at St. Mary's Cemetary on Troy Hill.

Fath's found in the Pittsburgh City Directory, 1890.

Geo Fath laborer 82 Perry, Allegheny City Pittsburgh Pennsylvania 1890 Henry Fath candy maker 85 Ley, Allegheny City Pittsburgh Pennsylvania 1890 John Fath printer 85 Ley, Allegheny City Pittsburgh Pennsylvania 18 John V Fath barber 67 Chartiers, Allegheny City Pittsburgh Pennsylvania 1890 Martin Fath driver Cabinet, n Thirty-ninth Pittsburgh Pennsylvania 1890 Peter Fath gardnr 85 Ley, Allegheny City Pittsburgh Pennsylvania 1890

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Thanks for your quick reply! Every bit of information helps. I can look up the Fath names on the internet. Could you please tell me where I can find the German telephone directly online?

Thanks again.


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Sorry I cannot solve the question.Geiselbach and Omersbach obviously had several Fath families, which married with some of my relatives, and the Geiselbach area claims some influx from families from Alsace-Lorraine, probably during the 17th century (e.g. Dedio, Giron etc.). So a relationship between Fath families from Alsace-Lorraine and Geiselbach cannot be excluded. Geiselbach is pretty close to Aschaffenburg.

he present-day German phone directory lists the family name Fath 1111 times, if you are interested, I can send you a copy of name, town (incl. ZIP) and phone number, or you can look it up in the internet, as well as the French one.

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Hallo Shaun,

Peter Fäth ist in Wintersbach, ca. 10 Km von Hessenthal entfernt geboren. Er war von Beruf Bäcker. Einige Daten habe ich vervollständigt, weitere folgen. (Peter Faeth was born in Wintersbach, approx.. 10 km from Hessenthal. He was by occupation a baker. I completed some data, more to follow.)

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Willi Diener

  1. Pittsburgh City Directory, 1890. (Name: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: J. F. Diffenbacher, 1890;).