Person:Peregrine Phelps (2)

Peregrine Phelps
b.Abt 1785
m. ABT JAN 1777
  1. Ruth Phelps1778-1784 -
  2. Edward Phelps1780 - 1787
  3. Stephen Phelps, Jr.1782 - 1848
  4. Peregrine PhelpsAbt 1785 -
  5. Daughter Phelps1786-1787 -
Facts and Events
Name Peregrine Phelps
Gender Male
Birth? Abt 1785

Very tentative association as son to Stephen PHELPS, Sr. Keep for hypothesis testing only for now. (5/6/98). Listed as an offspring (no sex given) in Phelps & Servin. A woman at NGS Library told me that Peregrine is a boy’s name.

I believe Lucinda also shown as daughter in Phelps & Servin is actually a daughter-in-law to Stephen, Sr., through Stephen Jr. At one time I believed that Ruth is not from Stephen Sr’s first marriage but from his third marriage to widow Ruth Goodrich. However, I now believe that the daughter Ruth came from Stephen’s second marriage, since her name shows up in the list of children going to Pennsylvania with Stephen.

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