Person:Peletiah Liscum (4)

m. 9 Nov 1754
  1. John Liscum1756 -
  2. Rachel Liscum1759 - 1837
  3. Nathaniel LiscumAbt 1762 - 1777
  4. Peletiah Day Liscum1764 - 1813
  5. Martha Liscumabt 1766 - 1851
  6. Gideon LiscomAbt 1769 -
  7. Samuel Liscum1772 -
m. 5 Sep 1794
  1. Sophia Liscum1795 - 1876
  2. Martha Liscum1797 - 1849
  3. Asa G. Liscum1799 - 1817
  4. Maxamila Liscum1801 - 1884
  5. Horace Sheldon Liscum1803 - 1882
  6. Sally Liscum1805 - 1858
  7. John Liscum1807 - 1883
  8. Heman Lowry Liscum1810 - 1883
Facts and Events
Name Peletiah Day Liscum
Alt Name Peletiah Day Liscumb
Alt Name Peletiah Day Liscom
Alt Name Peletiah Day Liscomb
Gender Male
Birth[4] 3 Nov 1764 Gloucester, Essex, Massachusetts, United States
Christening[2] 11 Nov 1764 Gloucester, Essex, Massachusetts, United States
Military[5] 30 Apr 1782 Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, United Statesenlisted
Residence[6] 1784 Deerfield, Hampshire, Massachusetts, United Stateson tax list
Marriage 5 Sep 1794 Norwich, New London, Connecticut, United Statesto Sally Campbell
Census[7] 1800 Washington, New York, United States
Property[8] 25 Apr 1803 Underhill, Chittenden, Vermont, United Statespurchased property
Residence[9] 18 Aug 1804 Underhill, Chittenden, Vermont, United Statesvoted
Property[10] 11 Mar 1808 Underhill, Chittenden, Vermont, United Statessold property (with mortgage)
Census[11] 1810 Underhill, Chittenden, Vermont, United States
Other[9] 1810 Underhill, Chittenden, Vermont, United Statescalled for jury duty
Property[10] 16 Apr, 3 Oct 1810 Underhill, Chittenden, Vermont, United Statespurchased property
Military[12] 24 Feb 1813 enlisted
Death[1][3][4][12] 1 Jul 1813 Sackets Harbor, Jefferson, New York, United States
Probate[13] 13 Aug 1813 Chittenden, Vermont, United StatesLetters of Administration granted to widow
Burial[1] Jericho Center Cemetery, Chittenden, Vermont, United States
  1. 1.0 1.1 Peletiah D Liscum (1765-1813), in Find A Grave, Memorial# 15102402, Created by: Barb Destromp, 31 July 2006, accessed 2 Nov 2016.

    at Cape Ann. Mass.
    Nov. 3. 1765.
    at Sackett Harbor N.Y.
    July 1. 1813
    at Lebanon. Ct.
    Feb. 10. 1767.
    Oct. 24. 1846.
    [transcription from photograph of gravestone]

    Burial: Jericho Center Cemetery, Jericho, Chittenden County, Vermont, USA
  2. Gloucester, Essex, Massachusetts, United States. Vital Records of Gloucester, Massachusetts, to the End of the Year 1849. (Salem, Massachusetts.: Essex Institute, 1917), 1:429.

    Paletiah, s. John, bp. Nov. 11, 1764. CR4
    [CR4=Fourth Parish]

  3. The Pension Roll of 1835: Report from the Secretary of War, in Obedience to Resolutions of the Senate of the 5th and 30th of June, 1834, and the 3d of March, 1835, in Relation to the Pension Establishment of the United States. (Washington, District of Columbia: Duff Green, 1835), Vol. I, p. 858;

    Vermont Pensioners
    Chittenden Co., Peletiah D. Liscum, Sergeant in 21st Reg., Infantry, d. 1 July 1813, Heirs Asa G., Mixanicle, Horrance, Sally, John, and Herman Liscum [names as in record]. Annual allowance [66 00; Sums rec’d [$]330 00; placed on pension roll 17 Oct 1817; commencement of pension 17 February 1815, end of pension 17 Feb 1820

    Note: The 21st Infantry took part in the Battle of Sackets Harbour on 29 May 1813. See also

  4. 4.0 4.1 Vital Records 1785-1866; FHL #0028396, in Jericho (Vermont). Town Clerk. Vital records of Jericho, Vermont, 1777-May 2000. (Salt Lake City, Utah: Genealogical Society of Utah, 1951-2000).

    Index of Deaths
    Liscum, Peletiah D., b. 3 November 1765, d. 1 July 1813

  5. Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors of the Revolutionary War: A compilation from the archives. (Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, United States: Secretary of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Wright and Potter Printing, 1896-1908), [p. 855?].

    Liscom, Pelatiah. Receipt dated Boston, Aug 16, 1782, signed by John Popkin Muster Master, stating that he had received said Liscom April 30, 1782, of Thomas Rice, Chairman of Class No. 1, Ward No. 10, Boston, to serve in the Continental Army for the term of 3 years.

  6. Sheldon, George. A History of Deerfield, Massachusetts: the times when and the people by whom it was settled, unsettled, and resettled, with a special study of the Indian wars in the Connecticut Valley; with genealogies. (Greenfield, Mass.: Press of E. A. Hall & Co., 1895-1896), p. 231.

    Liscomb, Peletiah, taxed 1784

  7. "Town of Westfield", in Washington, New York, United States. 1800 U.S. Census Population Schedule, p. 579.

    Pelatiah Liscomb, 1 male 0-10 yrs [Asa]; 1 male 26-45 [Peletiah]; 2 females 0-10 yrs [Sophia, Martha], 1 female 26-45 [Sally]

  8. Deeds 1805-1810, in Underhill (Vermont). Town Clerk. Deeds, town and vital records, 1795-1850. (Salt Lake City, Utah: Genealogical Society of Utah, 1951), Book 3, p. 124; FHL #0029012 .

    To all People to whom these presents shall come Greeting
    Know Ye that I Dexter Ward of Underhill, in the County of Chittenden and State of Vermont
    for and in consideration of Eighty Pounds to me in hand paid before the delivery hereof by
    Peliti[a] day Liscum of Jericho, County of Chittenden State of Vermont the Receipt whereof I do hereby acknowledge do therefore by these Presents freely give, grant, Bargain Sell alin Release Convey and Confirm unto him the said Liskum
    one Certain Tract or Parcel of Land being fifty acres Situate Lying and being in Underhill aforesaid, Bounded as follows ___
    Beginning at Stake Standing on the Easterly line of No. 17 first Division Lot then No 36 ds E Eight Rods from the Southeasterly Corner of the Lot, then 56 ds East Eighty rods to Ske and Stones thence South 36dg W one Hundred Rods to Beach []addte, then N 54 dg W eighty Rods to Beach tree, then No 36 dg E one hundred Rods to the first Bounds
    Signed 25 April 1803: Dexter Ward
    Witnesses: William Barney, Lucy Barney

  9. 9.0 9.1 Underhill Town Records, 1795-, in Underhill (Vermont). Town Clerk. Town and vital records, 1797-Sept. 1999; indexes, 1780's-Sept. 1999. (Salt Lake City, Utah: Genealogical Society of Utah, 1951-1999), p. 45, 72; FHL #029010.

    p. 45 -
    Pelethiar day Liskum voted at town election of 18 Aug 1804 for a Representative to Congress
    p. 72 -
    Town Meeting 12 [blank in original] 1810 (Monday) - Peletier Liscumb chosen as a juror

  10. 10.0 10.1 Underhill (Vermont). Town Clerk. Deeds, town and vital records, 1795-1850. (Salt Lake City, Utah: Genealogical Society of Utah, 1951), Book 4, pp. 74, 75, 212, 186, ; FHL #0029012 .

    Book 4, p. 74 -
    Peletiah D. Liscumb of Underhill, Chittenden county, VT
    for $600 paid by
    David Hardy of same place
    do sell a tract of land largely in Underhill being about 50 acres bounded as follows:
    Beginning at a Stake Standing on the Easterly line of No. 17 first Division Lot, then N 36 deg E 80 rods from the southeasterly corner of said lot then S 54 deg E 80 rods to stake and stones thence S 36 W 100 rods to Beach Stande then N 54 deg W 80 rods to Beach Tree then N 36 E 100 Rods to the first bounds
    Signed 11 March 1808
    "The express conditions of this deed is this, that the said P D Liscum is to possess and peaceably enjoy the aforesaid granted and bargained premises as his own Right as though this deed had not been given until the first day of March AD 1810 at which time this Deed is to be in effect and not until then."
    Signed Pelitiah D. Liscum
    Witness Wm Barney, John Steen
    Book 4, p. 75 -
    David Hardy of Underhill, Chittenden, Vt
    for $600 paid by Peletiah D. Liscumb
    sell to him [see land description above]
    Now the express condition of this deed is such that provided the above named David Hardy shall well and truly pay to the above named Peletiah D. Liscum Two certain Notes of hand executed by the said Hardy to him the said Liscum of even date with these presents one for Five Hundred and five Dollars payable without Interest on the tenth day of September AD 1809 in specie or Bank Bills on the Vermont State Bank, the other for Thirty Dollars payable by the first day of July next, without use, then this deed to be null and forever void the same being paid without fraud or further delay otherwise to be and remain in full force and virtue in Law
    signed 11 March 1808
    David Hardy
    Book 4, p. 212 -
    Peletiah Day Liscum of Underhill, Chittenden, VT acknowledges that David hardy paid his mortgage
    Signed 8 September 1809, Pelatiah D. Liscum
    Witnesses Wm. Barney, Wm Ru[ss]ell [Rupell]

    Book 4, p. 186 -
    Wm Ru[ss]ell of Jericho, Chittenden, Vt
    for $500
    paid by Peletiah D. Liscum of Underhill, Chittenden, VT
    a tract of land in Underhill
    S 1/2 of Lot 68th in the 1st division [orig owner = James Sackett]
    beginning at the SW corner of lot 68 & the SE corner of Lot 25 both in the 1st Division, then N 36 deg E 5[or 2 or 7] rods then N 54 deg W to the highway leading thru Underhill to Cambridge then Swardly on the E line of the Highway to the S line of Lot 25 then S 54 E to the first bounds being a part of No 25 first Division [orig. owner = James Anderson]
    signed 16 April 1810 Wm Ru[ss]ell
    Witness: Wm Barrey, L. Johnson

    Book 4, p. 118 -
    James Seely of Underhill, Chittenden, VT
    for $140
    from Peletiah D. Lyscum of Underhill
    sells a parcel of land lying in Underhill
    Beginning stake or stone on the West side of the main Border 18 rods and 11 links then South 36 deg East from the first line of sd Lot and the West line of the main Border 15 rods to a stake and fence then North 54 deg West 11 rods and Nine[?] links to a steak and stone and from thence to the place of Beginning
    containing one acre it being part of Lot No. 25 in the First Drawing of lots in Underhill and the original right of James [?]
    Signed 3 October 1810, James Seely

  11. "Underhill", in Chittenden, Vermont, United States. 1810 U.S. Census Population Schedule, p. 460.

    Peleg Liscomb, 4 m <10 [Asa, Horace, John, Heman], 1 m 26-44 [Peleg/Pelatiah?], 3 f<10 [Martha, Maxamila, Sally], 1 f 10-15 [Sophia], 1 f 26-44 [Sally]
    [Note: this is indexed as Peter Liscomb]

  12. 12.0 12.1 17 May 1798-1815, L-M, in United States. Army. Registers of enlistments in the United States Army, 1798-1914. (Washington [District of Columbia]: National Archives. Central Plains Region, 1956).
    1. 2320 Liscomb, Peletiah D., Sergt. In 21st USI [Infantry] under Capt. Grafton, enlisted 24 Feb 1813 for 5 years. Died in Service, 1 July 1813. See Pension Case. [Note: place of enlistment not given]
  13. Vermont. Probate Court (Chittenden District). Probate records, 1795-1857. (Montpelier, Vermont: Vermont Public Records Commission, 1959), 1813-1815 - p. 138, 1811-1817; FHL #0028033.

    on 13 Aug 1813 in Court of Probate for district of Chittenden, Letters of Administration on Pelatiah D. Liscums Estate to Sally Liscum, Timothy Bliss Jr. to stand bond with for $2000 to render an accounting before first Tuesday of August 1814.