Person:Peleg Slocum (4)

Rev. Peleg Slocum
d.bef 7 Feb 1732/33
m. 1635
  1. Johanna Slocum1642 - 1727/28
  2. Capt. John Slocum1645 - bef 1702
  3. Hon. Giles Slocum1647 - 1683
  4. Rev. Ebenezer Slocum1650 - 1715
  5. Nathaniel Slocum1652 - bef 1703
  6. Rev. Peleg Slocum1654 - bef 1732/33
  7. Samuel Slocumest 1657 - 1700
  8. Mary Slocum1660 - 1689
  9. Eliezer Slocum1664 - bef 1727
  • HRev. Peleg Slocum1654 - bef 1732/33
  • WMary Holder1662 - 1737
m. ABT 1680
  1. Holden Slocum1680 - 1690
  2. Mary Slocum1682 - 1705
  3. Deliverance Slocum1684 - 1711
  4. Content Slocum1687 - 1740
  5. Elizabeth Slocum1689 - 1774
  6. Peleg Slocum1692 - 1728
  7. Giles Slocum1694/5 - 1695
  8. Holder Slocum1697 - 1758
  9. Giles Slocum1699 - 1720
  10. Joseph Slocum1701 - 1740
  11. Silvester Slocum1704 -
Facts and Events
Name Rev. Peleg Slocum
Gender Male
Birth[1][2] 16 or 17 Aug 1654 Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island, United States
Marriage ABT 1680 Newport, Newport, Rhode Island, USAper Slocum history
to Mary Holder
Property? 1682 Dartmouth, Bristol, Massachusetts, United Stateswilled land from father
Residence[1] bef 1684 Dartmouth, Bristol, Massachusetts, United StatesProprietor of Darmouth
Other? Sep 1698 Dartmouth, Bristol, Massachusetts, United Statesdonated 6 acres to Friends for meeting house and burying ground Land Donation
Will[1] 13 Jan 1731/32 Dartmouth, Bristol, Massachusetts, United States
Death[1] bef 7 Feb 1732/33
Probate[1] 7 Feb 1732/33 Taunton, Bristol, Massachusetts, United Stateswill proved
Occupation? Reverand

From A short history of the Slocums... comes the following profile of Rev. Peleg Slocum:

"Rev. Peleg Slocum (Giles, Anthony) was born in Portsmouth Township, Rhode Island, the 17th day of Sixth month, 1654. He married Mary Holder, of Providence, probably in the year 1680 and became a resident of Dartmouth Township, New Plymouth, previous to the year 1684.* He is named as one of the proprietors of Dartmouth in the confirmatory deed of Governor William Bradford 13 November, 1694, and he claimed, according to the records of Benjamin Crane, the surveyor, one-fourth of John Faunce's share—-excepting nine acres meadow and fifty acres upland—-by deed from Thomas Eaton 12 June, 1686; also forty acres of Stephen Tracy's share by deed from Hugh Mosher 9 May, 1698, which included one-eighth of a share after the 800 acre division among the proprietors. Six acres of this forty he gave to the Society of Friends for meeting-house and burying-ground uses-—the deed of which is now in the keeping of Jesse Tucker of Dartmouth, Mass...

"Peleg Slocum is recorded in the Friends' records for Dartmouth as a minister; and Richardson in his Journal wrote under date of 1701 that 'Peleg Slocum, an honest public Friend, carried us in his sloop to Nantucket.' The celebrated Thomas Story — one of the original Friends — was entertained at his house in First month, 1703-4, and once or twice later in 1704.

"His will is a long document bearing the date of 'Dartmouth the 13th day of the month called January, in the fifth year of his Majesties Reign, George the Second, King of Great Britain...A. D. 1731;' and it was proved 7 February, 1732/33, at Taunton, Mass., where it can yet be seen."

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    "Peleg, born 17th of 6th mo., 1654; married Mary Holder."

  2. Rhode Island Friends Record, in Arnold, James N. Vital Record of Rhode Island, 1636–1850: First series, births, marriages and deaths. A family register for the people. (Narragansett Hist. Publ. Co., 1891), 7:75.

    SLOCUM, Peleg, of Giles and Joanna, Portsmouth, Aug. 16, 1654