Person:Patrick Cuddahee (1)

Patrick Cuddahee
  1. Patrick Cuddahee1835 - Aft 1901
  • HPatrick Cuddahee1835 - Aft 1901
  • WRosanna Kelly1835 - 1919
m. Abt 1855
  1. James CuddaheeAbt 1857 - 1880
  2. Susan Cuddahee1857 - 1944
  3. Mary Jane Cuddahee1860 - 1938
  4. Bridget Ellen Cuddahee1863 - 1951
  5. Arthur William Cuddahee1865 - 1954
  6. Rosanna Cuddahee1869 - 1952
  7. Hannah Maggie Cuddahee1872 - 1960
Facts and Events
Name Patrick Cuddahee
Gender Male
Birth[1][2] 17 Nov 1835 Ops, Victoria, Upper Canada, Canada
Baptism[4] 10 Sep 1854 Oshawa, Ontario, Canada West, Canada"Baptized Conditionally And Received Into The Catholic Church; By J. B. Proulx.
Marriage Abt 1855 to Rosanna Kelly
Occupation? 1861 Mara, Ontario, Canada West, CanadaInn Keeper
Residence? 1883 Cleveland, Cuyahoga, Ohio, United States
Death[3] Aft Apr 1901 Kalamazoo, Michigan, United States
Reference Number? 2759

From "History of the city of Cudahy [Wisconsin]"

Probably no relation to the Mara Cuddahees, but notable.

"Back in the early 1800's the land that the city of Cudahy lies on now was Potowatomi tribal grounds. As our country expanded westward the Indians turned the land over to the Federal Government through a treaty. There was a small settlement on the land, called Buckhorn. It consisted of a railroad station called Buckhorn Station and a dirt road called Packard Avenue which had a few farms, homes, tavern and general store. Three other dirt roads led into Buckhorn. Lake Road was an Indian trail along the lake. Old Chicago Road was cut through the wilderness by the United States Army to haul supplies from Chicago to Green Bay. It is now called Whitnall Avenue. The third road ran along the railroad tracks and was called Kinnickinnic Avenue.

The Federal government began selling the land in 1839. Patrick Cudahy bought 700 acres sometime in the late 1800's to build his meat packing plant. The land boundaries of the sale were Lake Michigan on the east, the Chicago and Northwestern railroad tracks on the west, Lunham Avenue on the north and Grange Avenue on the south.

Patrick and John Cudahy built the "Cudahy Brothers" meat packing plant in 1892. That same year a new depot was built. The railroad named it "Cudahy" in honor of Patrick. Workers would take the trains to and from work. Workers could buy lots for their homes at an auction.

Cudahy cottages could be bought for $900. They were built out of wood with a high basement. The outhouse was in the back. Patrick named many of the streets after his friends.

Cudahy became a village in 1895 and was incorporated as a city in 1906 with a population of 2,556. Dr. Arthur C. Sidler was elected the first mayor. Patrick Cudahy agreed to furnish water to the new city through its pumping station. The new city also had a City Hall, built in 1902, which included a meeting room for the Common Council, city offices, a police station, a volunteer fire department, the city jail, health department and the library.

Two hotels that were built in 1893 housed plant workers and livestock dealers when they came to town. The Ponto Hotel was opened on Christmas Eve 1893 on the corner of Layton and Kinnickinnic Avenues. The Columbia Hotel, on the current site of the Cudahy Post Office, also had a pool hall, grocery store, barber shop and meat market.

Patrick Cudahy brought the streetcar into Cudahy, donated his land for churches or sold it at a low price for schools and parks to help the people of his city. He had an orphanage built as a summer home in Sheridan Park and persuaded other businesses and industry to locate in Cudahy..."

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