Person:Oliver Taylor (6)

Rev. Oliver Swaine Taylor, LL.D.
m. 3 Nov 1767
  1. Susannah Taylor1779 - 1842
  2. Rev. Oliver Swaine Taylor, LL.D.1784 - 1885
m. 4 Nov 1816
  1. Catharine Gould Taylor1817 - aft 1874
  2. Rev. Charles Taylor1819 - aft 1874
  3. Henry Martyn Taylor1825 - aft 1874
  4. Edward Payson Taylor1827 - 1875
Facts and Events
Name[1] Rev. Oliver Swaine Taylor, LL.D.
Alt Name[6] Oliver Swayne Taylor
Gender Male
Birth[1] 17 Dec 1784 New Ipswich, Hillsborough, New Hampshire, United States
Marriage 4 Nov 1816 Belchertown, Hampshire, Massachusetts, United States(location uncertain)
to Catharine Gould Parsons
Death[2] 19 Apr 1885 Auburn, Cayuga, New York, United States
Burial[6] Auburn, Cayuga, New York, United StatesFindAGrave: Fort Hill Cemetery, Glen Haven section, lot 3, grave 12

Clues to follow up on:

  • look at All of the Above I by Richard Baldwin Cook, with ancestry of Oliver Swaine Taylor, including much bio detail, apparently from notes handed down through Oliver's son Charles
  • check out Mary Gye, an ancestor of Oliver Swaine Taylor's mother Bridget Walton (ancestry given in the Cook book referenced above), who is said to descend from Henry III of England; look for the term "gateway ancestor"; see NEHGS genealogist Gary Boyd Roberts book The Royal Descents of 600 Immigrants; see this blog
  • look into New Englanders in the 1600s by Martin Hollick, said to be authoritative modern NEHGS scholarship on colonial NE families, correcting much misinformation propagated earlier
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    at 2607: "Rev. Oliver Swaine Taylor, LL.D., b. Dec. 17, 1784 (son of Thaddeus Taylor, of New Ipswich, N.H., and Bridget Walton), grad., at Dartmouth in 1809, practiced medicine at Dover, N.H., and Belchertown, Mass., for four years (1813-7), was clerk in the Treasury Department at A.B.C.F.M. at Boston, and Asst. Editor of "The Panoplist" at Boston (1817-20). For 27 years he taught school in various places as Hadley, Mass., Homer, N.Y., Auburn, N.Y., Prattsburgh, N.Y., and Tecumseh, Mich. He was ordained an evangelist in middle life and preached as he had oppportunity, while also keeping school (1840-50). Of his pupils, several have been mayors of cities; three, judges of county courts; three, judges of the Supreme Court; six, members of Congress; two, generals in the Union Army; seven, foreign missionaries; twelve, tutors and professors in college, and five, presidents of colleges. One of these was the first U.S. embassador[sic] to Japan, and several of them have been eminent as physicians and ministers of the Gospel. Few earthly lives indeed are rounded up with any such noble record of wide-spread usefulness. He has resided of late years in Auburn, N.Y."

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    lists Oliver Swain Taylor as being "preceptor" (principal) of the New Ipswich Academy from 1808-1811. Oliver Swain Taylor, a native of this town, born December 17, 1784, died April 19, 1885, at Auburn, N.Y. "He exercised the duties of the position with much success, and the school reached an unusual degree of prosperity."

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    "Oliver S. Taylor, 76, M, clergyman N.I(?).P., value of real estate 1,500, b. New Hampshire; Catherine G. ", 68, F, b. Massachusetts."

  5.   New York: Cayuga Co: Auburn Ward 2, in US Census 1850, 18 Jul 1850, Primary quality.

    "Oliver S. Taylor, 66, M, teacher, own real estate value 2500, b. N.H.; Catherine, 59, F, b. Mi; Catherine, 32, F, b. Mass; Henry, 25, M, clerk, b. Mass; Edward, 23, M, clerk, b. N.Y."

  6. 6.0 6.1 Find A Grave.

    A photo of the Oliver and Catherine's gravestone is here, along with a very extensive biography.