Person:Ola Huggins (1)

b.9 Aug 1891
d.20 Jul 1980
m. 1880
  1. Ola HUGGINS1891 - 1980
  1. Lorraine Collier1921 - 2000
  2. James Robert Collier, M.D.1924 - 1973
  • WOla HUGGINS1891 - 1980
m. 1903
Facts and Events
Gender Female
Birth? 9 Aug 1891
Marriage to Charles Wesley Collier
Marriage 1903 to Unknown
Death? 20 Jul 1980
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Ola was listed in one file as a school teacher.

       a.  Ola Huggins married Charles Collier.  They had six children:  (1) R. David Collier (m. Mildred Gilliland--five children, Ferrell, Carolyn, Doris, Linda and Vivian).  Drew Collier (m. Lois Lawrence--one daughter:  Diane); (3) Faye Collier first married a Mr. Baker and they had two daughters:  Virginia (m. Monroe Cook, Jr.) and Betty.  Faye Collier later married D. S.  Campbell and they have two daughters Janice Carol and Nancy Sue.  (4) Lois Collier (m. Keith Williams--one daughter:  Sandra).  (5) Evelyn Collier (m. Donald Mosher--three children:  Dale, Susie and Jimmie). (6) James Robert Collier (m. Virdie Mae Nichols -- four sons:  Craig, Robert, Jr., Nathan and Stewart).  

Corrected, Revised and Updated, letter from Elizabeth Mintz July 2004.