Person:Norma Carroll (7)

Facts and Events
Name Norma CARROLL
Gender Female
Birth[1] Oct 1893 Texas, United States
Census[1] 12 Jun 1900 San Saba, San Saba, Texas, United States
Death[2] 1939–1949
  1. 1.0 1.1 Norma Carroll entry, 1900 US Census, in United States Federal Census. (
    12 Jun 1900.

    Year: 1900; Census Place: San Saba, San Saba, Texas; Roll: T623_1668; Page: 9B; Enumeration District: 129.

  2. listed in 1939 John Spurgeon Carroll obit- "Mrs E J Vaughn of San Antonio"?

    Nedra Bennett email
    2 Feb 2006

    "In the case of the Carroll family, I have found two connections. They are supported by a 1949 affidavit by the granddaughter of James Bennett for his probate. It took a long time to locate records because he died in 1904 in Brady, Texas, owned property in Platte Co., Wyoming and his estate was not completed until 1949 by which time all but one of his children were deceased. I think it took so long to close the estate because probate required the land to be sold for the appraised value and land prices were low in Wyoming at that time and then too his sons who were administering the estate would die and they would have to start all over again. It was finally completed by a lawyer and a long time friend of the sons. Who would ever think it would take almost 50 years to do probate.

    Anyway in this affidavit Lola Bennett Low lists all the heirs-at-law for the estate and it lists the following:

    Heirs of Mary Bennett Carroll, deceased: ( John S. Carroll)
    Mrs. Ruth Carroll Carr 1204 Denver Ave., Ft. Worth, TX
    Mrs. Irene Carroll Martin, 105 McMillian, San Antonio 3, TX
    Janie Carroll Ernest, 602 Santa Clara, San Antonio 3, TX
    Bun J. Carroll, 12111 E Powell Blvd., Portland, OR
    Thomas S. Carroll, 1207 W. WIlliams St, Breckinridge, TX"