Person:Nicolas Spoor (1)

m. 1 Aug 1727
  1. Maria SPOORAbt 1728 - 1778
  2. Nicolas SPOOR1730 -
  3. Johannes J. SPOOR1733 -
  4. Cornelis Spoor1735 -
  5. Jurrian SPOOR1740 -
m. 1756
  1. Helena SPOOR1756 -
  2. Judit(H) SPOOR1759 -
  3. Judikje SPOOR1762 -
  4. Dirrik SPOOR1765 - 1766
  5. Maria SPOOR1769 -
  6. Sara SPOOR1771 -
  7. Nicolaes SPOOR1773 -
  8. Catarina SPOOR1777 -
Facts and Events
Name[1][2][3] Nicolas SPOOR
Gender Male
Birth? 1730 Of Schen, Schen County, NY
Alt Birth? Abt 1730 Of Schen, Schen County, NY
Alt Birth? Abt 1730 Of Schen, Schen, Ny
Marriage 1756 Married Before 1756to Maria VAN VEGHTEN (VANVECHTEN)
Reference Number Maria VAN VEGHTEN (VANVECHTEN)
Death? Greene County, NY
Alt Death? Green County, NY
Reference Number? 1400

Will of father in law of Nicholas Spoor Page 64.--Following will written in Dutch. Translated extracts. May 10, 1764. DIRRIK VAN VEGTE, on the Flats in Lonenburg, Albany Co. Healthy. To oldest son, Teunis Van Vegte, the choice from among my house for his primogeniture. To my wife Helena, entire estate for her life and no longer. To my son Teunis, the Bowery where he lives at present as in the map made by Clinton, lot No. 77; if he die without heirs the same to go to my nephew, Dirreck Van Vegte, son of my son Hubartus; to my son Teunis, one half of the lot in the Beregat, being in the above said map No. 72; Also to my son Hubartis and his heirs, the other half of the lot in the Beregat, lot No. 72, and in case my son Teunis has no heirs, the same to my son Hubartis or his heirs. My Bowery where I live after my wife's death to my daughter Jannetie Van Vegte; my said daughter or her heirs are to pay to my daughter Sarah, wife of Isaac Kalier, or their heirs, and to my daughter Eve, wife of Abraham Van Valkenberg, or heir, to each 50, each one half one year after the death of the survivor of myself or my wife; the other half two years after the death of the said survivor. To my daughter Maria, wife of Nicholas Spoor, and her heirs, my five acres in the Beregats valley, marked on map of Patent of Lonenburgh by Charles Clinton, as part of lot No. 24. To my sons, Teunis and Hubartus, and my daughters, Catarina, wife of Lambert Van Valkenburg; Maria, wife of Nicholas Spoor, and Janetie, all my share in the woodland still in common with the Hallenbecks and Isaac Corlean and myself in the same Patent. Also my share in the new Patent Stigkock at the mountains west of the Patent of Lonenburg, equally. Also they shall use the same as far as they need without being prevented by the others, till the time when it shall be deemed advisable to divide it. To all my said children my personal estate equally. My son Teunis and daughters, Catarina, Sara and Eve, shall be charged for the black slave they have received according to value. To Teunis and Hubartus my clothes, woolen and linen. To my five said daughters the clothes of my wife. Executors: my son Hubartus, sons-in-law, Lambert Van Valkenburg and Nicholas Spoor. Witnesses, John Ten Broeck, Martin Lydius, Jacob Roseboom, John H. Lydius. Proved, June 16, 1784.

From The Spoor Family in America-It is probable that he lived in Greene county until about 1775 (in records of the Van Vechten family he is referred to as 'of Schenectady' at the time of his marriage) and then removed to the Mohawk valley, where he finally settled at Charlestown. Nothing is known of the time of his birth, marriage, or death. He was known as Captain Spoor and, with his son John, was a soldier in the Revolution from Tyron (now Montgomery) county. Tradition tells us that he was a pronounced and eccentric character, and numerous stories have come down concerning his life and service."

From The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution Volume 59 Nicholas Spoor served as a private in the Revolutionary War from Montgomery County, N. Y., where, in 1733, he was born.

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