Person:Nathaniel Shrewsbury (2)

Rev. Nathaniel Shrewsbury
m. bef. 1735
  1. Samuel ShrewsburyAbt 1738 - 1782
  2. Rev. Nathaniel Shrewsbury1739 - 1825
  • HRev. Nathaniel Shrewsbury1739 - 1825
  • WMary Ellis
  1. Ruel Shrewsbury1765 -
Facts and Events
Name Rev. Nathaniel Shrewsbury
Gender Male
Birth? 1739 Hanover County, Virginia
Death? 1825 Wayne County, Kentucky

Records of Nathaniel Shrewsbury in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Vol. 1 - William Morris of Kanawha vs. John Dickenson's heirs--O. S. 12; N. S. 4--Bill filed 18th November, 1802. About year ____, John Dickenson being owner of lands in Kenawha and desiring to locate his family thereon and to introduce the preaching of the Gospel, and William, also so desirous, it was agreed between them that they would give each 50 acres to a certain Nathaniel Shrewsberry, a preacher of the Baptist denomination, who was then inclined to remove to the Kenawha County. If Shrewsberry did come or died on the way, the land was to be conveyed to his children; if neither happened, then conveyance was to be to the first Baptist preacher who came. Shrewsberry chose 100 acres of Dickenson's land. But Shrewsberry did not come, and then Morris persuaded James Johnston, a Baptist preacher, to remove from Rockingham County to Kenawha. Dickinson refused to convey to Johnston, but either by deed or will, (he is dead), conveyed same to Saml. & John Shrewsberry, who intermarried with two of the daughters of Dickinson.

Nathaniel Shrewsbury was the youngest of two known children born to Ruel Shrewsbury and Elizabeth Poindexter Payne Shrewsbury of Bedford County, Virginia. Nathaniel married:

1) Mary Ellis in 1758 Hanover VA; she died bef 1792. 2) Nancy Board on 15 Mar 1792 in Bedford Co VA.

Known and Children with Mary: Mildred Shrewsbury Bramlett (1761-1849), Drury Shrewsbury (1763-1849), Allen Shrewsbury (1764-1843), Ruel Shrewsbury (b: 1765), Abel Shrewsbury (b: 1769), Benjamin Shrewsbury (b: 1772), Nancy Shrewsbury Bratcher (1773-1872) and Sarah "Sally" Shrewsbury (1781-1824).

Known Children with Nancy: Nathaniel Shrewsbury Jr (1808-1875)

Known Child, Mother not verified: Mary "Polly" Shrewsbury Board

Nathaniel was a Baptist Minister. In 1766, he moved from Hanover County, Virginia to Bedford County, Virginia with his brother Samuel, who was also a Baptist Minister. In 1771, Nathaniel was one of 24 people who constituted Goose Creek Church (now called Morgan's Baptist Church). He performed many marriages there until he moved to Adair County, Kentucky in 1798. Nathaniel served in the Revolutionary War, possibly as an Ensign in the 1st Battalion, 10th VA Regiment (verify).

On 20 Nov 1818, Nathaniel wrote a letter from Wayne County, Kentucky to the Goose Creek Church in Bedford County, Virginia, in which it he describes his advanced age: "My voice, it is gone, my hearing is greatly gone, my teeth is so gone that I can hardly speak plain, so that I am of but little use. I can hardly ride any distance." He ended the letter with: "Written from the banks of Cumberland to the Church of Christ in Bedford. So fare well to my old Church and to all my old friends and acquaintances. Nathaniel Shrewsbury."

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