Person:Nathaniel Parker (11)

Nathaniel Parker, of Gloucester County, VA
d.1797 Unknown
  • HNathaniel Parker, of Gloucester County, VA1723 - 1797
  • WAnn Clayton1726 -
m. 1743
Facts and Events
Name Nathaniel Parker, of Gloucester County, VA
Gender Male
Birth? 1723
Marriage 1743 Gloucester, Virginia, United Statesto Ann Clayton
Death? 1797 Unknown



NOT to be confused with Nathaniel Parker (1724-1812) of Hampshire County, Virginia and Sumner County, Tennessee. Some researchers have confused the two Nathaniel Parkers which are not related according to DNA analysis.


The earliest document record of Nathaniel Parker being the father of Susannah (Parker) Daughhetee and the Elder John Parker is from page 16 of the 1934 book The History of the Daughhetee's. It's unknown whether the above referenced confusion of the Nathaniel Parker of Sumner Co. TN. as the father was already occurring. If so, then Nathaniel Parker as the father may be a red herring and the early Baltimore County, MD. records need to be searched for the parents of the Elder John Parker, Daniel Parker, Susannah (Parker) Daughhetee, Arron Parker.....
Per the Elder John Parker's 1833 Coles Co., IL Revolutionary War pension application he was born in Baltimore Co., MD., so his mother and father were residing in Baltimore Co., MD as of 1758. By 1777 the Elder John Parker was residing in Culpeper Co., VA. when he served his first 12 months in his revolutionary war militia unit, and another 12 month tour in 1779. The Elder John Parker's eldest son Daniel Parker was born 5 Apr. 1781 in Culpeper Co., VA. per a biography referenced below. Culpeper Co., VA. (#5 on 1751 map) is roughly 125 miles from Patterson Creek, Ft. Ashby, Hampshire Co., VA. (#6 on 1751 map) where the Nathaniel Parker and his father John Parker of Parker yDNA FG#18 were concurrently living. Roughly three days of traveling by a horse each way.
Per the University of Tennessee yDNA website for Parker yDNA Family Group #5 the oldest known ancestor was Elisha Parker born 1630 England, died 1717 Woodbridge, Middlesex County, N.J. (#1 on 1751 map) Then in the next county south is a Thomas Parker born 1737 Freehold, Monmouth Co., N.J. and died in 1832 Freehold, Monmouth Co., N.J. There's also George Parker who died in Worcestor (now Wicomico) Co., MD (#2 on 1751 map) in 1770 in southeast Maryland. The distance from Middlesex Co., N.J. to Worcestor Co., MD. may mean that these were two separate points of emigration for Parker yDNA FG#5 into the colonies. Given the proximity of Middlesex Co., N.J. (#1 on map) to Philadelphia, PA (#3 on 1751 map) and the Great Wagon Road west to Baltimore Co., MD.(#4 on 1751 map), the Middlesex Co., N.J. Parker's may be the origin point to the colonies for the Elder John Parker and his siblings ancestors.
Per the Elder John Parker's pension application, he resided in Culpeper Co., VA. (#5 on 1751 map) as of the time he entered Revolutionary War service. The Elder John Parker's son Daniel Parker, Daniel was born in 1781 Culpeper Co., VA, migrated with his parents to Elbert Co. GA. in 1785. then to Franklin Co., Georgia where Daniel Parker was baptized, then in 1804 to Turnbull Creek, Dickson Co., TN. The Elder John Parker's brother Daniel Parker also migrated from Georgia to Dickson Co. TN and was the first preacher at the Turnbull Primitive Baptist Church in 1806.


It's unproven if the Elder John Parker's father Nathaniel Parker was ever in Hampshire County, VA. (#6 on 1751 map).
The 1730 and 1803 dates found in most family trees for the Elder John Parker's father Nathaniel Parker seem to have been taken from Jay Guy Cisco's 1909 Book 'Historic Sumner County, TN. and apply to Nathaniel Parker (1724-1811) of Parker yDNA Family Group #18 who was previously merged with the Nathaniel Parker who may have married Ann Clayton as stated in this profile.
If the 1934 'The Daughhetee Family of Estill County, Kentucky' is correct in that Susannah (Parker) Daughhetee's father was a Nathaniel Parker, and if the Elder John Parker's father migrated to Baltimore County, MD. from the Middlesex County, N.J. area, then a possible candidate for her father is a Nathaniel Parker born in Plainfield, N.J. the 4 Dec 1735 (PDF p. 174)(Ancestry), son of a George Parker who married a Elizabeth Laing the 20th Jan 1734/35 at the same location. (See Quaker Meeting Records - Rahway and Plainfield, N.J. (PDF p. 181) (Ancestry) However this is unlikely as this Nathaniel Parker born 4 Dec 1735 would have only been 13.5 years old when the Elder John Parker's brother Daniel Parker was conceived so he could be born the 15 Mar 1750. Not impossible, but unlikely. See Parker Heritage discussion.


There is a 1919 Daughters of the American Revolution Magazine, Vol. 53, R.R. Bowker Company, page 575 query for a John Parker as the son of Nathaniel Parker and his wife, Ann Clayton, but it does not say he is the Elder John Parker. This query says she's supposed to be a daughter of John Clayton and Elizabeth Whiting of Gloucester Co., VA. John Clayton was born in England, 1685, and died in Gloucester Co., Va. 1773. He was an eminent botanist and had a botanical garden on his estate, which he called "Windsor". He married Elizabeth Whiting, 1723, and had several sons and daughters.
Generally daughters married in the county that their parents lived in, so if that holds, then their daughter Ann Clayton married in Gloucester Co., VA. Gloucester Co. , VA is roughly 170 miles away from Baltimore Co. MD. where the Elder John Parker per his 1833 Coles County, IL. Revolutionary War pension application was born. This raises the question of whether two different Ann Claytons have been merged over time. One in Baltimore County, MD. and the other in Gloucester Co., VA.


Using Wikipedia's female fertility chart and Ann Clayton's estimated birth year of 1726, then she would have been able to bear children between 1744 and 1771. Any child associated with her after 1771 is statistically unlikely to be a child of Ann Clayton.
Children currently assigned to this Nathaniel Parker are:
01 Daniel Parker born 15 Mar 1750 (Baltimore Co., MD. ??); died bef. 6 Apr 1818 Dickson Co., TN.
02 Elder John Parker born 6 Sep 1758 Baltimore County, MD. per his 22 Oct 1833 Coles County, IL Revolutionary War Pension application. Died 6 Sep 1836 Fort Parker, TX.
03 Susannah Parker born btwn. 1762-64; died 1816 Estill County, KY.; married John Haughhetee, Estill County, KY. abt. 1781. Her first child, Rachel was born 12 July 1782. See the 1934 book The Daughhetee Family of Estill County, Kentucky.
04 Aaron Parker born by/before 1770 Baltimore Co. MD.; died 1833 Copiah County, Mississippi
Other children confused as to belong to Parker yDNA Family Group #5, but actually belong to another Parker yDNA Family Group are:
01 Moses Parker born 26 Aug 1744; died 12 Nov 1830 Marlboro Co., S.C. belongs to Parker yDNA Family Group #7
02 Thomas Parker born 8 Jan 1757, died 18 Dec 1819 (will dated 1810) Sumner Co. TN.; married Juda Renfro. He belongs to Parker yDNA FG #15.
03 John Parker born abt. 1760 died 1825 Sumner Co. TN.; married Rhoda Renfro. He belongs to Parker yDNA FG#15.
And several of the children of the Nathaniel Parker 1724-1811 who died at Greenfield, Sumner Co., TN. with burial near the old Fort Morgan of Parker yDNA FG#18.


The only Will for a Nathaniel Parker in Sumner County, TN is the will of the Nathaniel Parker in Parker yDNA Family Group #18 who died after June of 1811. The only other documents in the will/probate records section related to Nathaniel Parker is a 1790 Power of Attorney for the purchase of land, and a 1803 Bond record for Nathaniel Parker, Jr. of Parker yDNA Family Group #18 to be a constable. This suggests that the Nathaniel Parker in Parker yDNA Family Group # 5 died elsewhere..
  1.   There were 2 Nathaniel Parkers in Hampshire County, VA, but only 1 migrated to Sumner County, TN.

    The DAR and Parker yDNA Family Group #18 both indicate that the Nathaniel Parker of Hampshire County, VA migrated to Sumner County, TN and married Ann Clayton. The Sumner County, TN. Nathaniel Parker marriage to Ann Clayton is KUDZU and has been disproved. See:

    A separate Nathaniel Parker may have married Ann Clayton, but he did not migrate and settle at Bethpage / Gallatin, Sumner County, TN. in the area known as Rogana, nor is he buried near the old Fort Morgan.

    And if your genealogy includes the names Daniel or Moses and the statement below :

    The first Parker came over from England in about the second ship after the Mayflower, landing at Boston. One of the Parkers, Thomas espoused the cause of Roger Williams and went to the Hartford Plantation, Conn., and one of the descendants of Tomas emigrated to Pennsylvania, and he or one of his descendants of Thomas emigrated to Pennsylvania, and he or one of his descendants went to Hampshire County, VA., from whose line comes John (1), father of Nathaniel (2).
    The oldest son, John never came to Tennessee; the three oldest sons married three sisters, the Miss Rogers. John married ____ Rogers; Richard married Nancy Rogers; Thomas married Susie Rogers..

    Read the text at this link including the questions below the table: